Origins of Beer Flavors and Styles Two-Day Course

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Our Origins of Beer Flavors and Styles workshop is an experiential sensory course that will guide you through the brewing process from raw materials to finished beer. Through hands-on instruction, participants will learn how the main raw materials used in brewing process (malt, water, hops, and yeast) impact beer flavor and aroma. Participants will work through standards and exercises with the goal of highlighting how each of these materials impacts beer flavor. Guiding tastings, focused with a historical lens, will also walk participants through on how these raw materials have impacted beer styles historically overtime. Over this two-day course, participants will evaluate 8 beer styles and over 35 beers. 

This course is designed for novice and advance beer enthusiasts, as well as professionals who are interested in gaining a broad view on the origins of beer flavor. It is also well-suited for Cicerone training, beer enthusiasts, avid home brewers, BJCP preparation, people in the beer distribution trades, and workers/servers in brew pubs.

Whether you are an avid brewer, distributor or beer enthusiast, you won't find a more complete, enjoyable or informative way to learn about beer flavor. You'll spend this weekend course with America's leading craft brewing experts, including:

We look forward to seeing you in Portland!

What you'll learn:
  • An overview of the beer industry and the brewing process.
  • The origins of flavor in beer including influences from raw materials and brewing techniques.
  • Beer proficiency as it relates to the use of hops, yeast, malt, water and other ingredients.
  • The characteristics of various beer styles.
  • Aroma reference standards for beer quality and aroma defects.
  • Methodology used by professionals in the brewing industry.
  • How to develop your palate through tastings and discussion.
  • How beer can work with food and understand beer and food pairing principles.
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    From Oregon State University
    Instructors Tom Shellhammer, Jeff Clawson, Scott Lafontaine
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    Language English (English)
    Subjects Food and Drink

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