To learn is to be young, however old.

- Aeschylus

A Compass for Learners

OpenCourser helps people find online courses that are useful to them.

You can use OpenCourser to:

  • Study for other courses you're taking already (from Algebra to U.S. History)
  • Ace that really important exam (including the AP's, SAT's, GRE's, MCAT's, and others)
  • Develop and expand your professional skills
  • Build a lifelong habit of learning

Our catalog includes courses spanning 15 different languages and over 120 different subjects taught by leading instructors, many backed by the world's top universities and institutions.

Best of all, the vast majority of the courses are free.

Some things you can do here

  • Get course recommendations
  • Read course descriptions, at-a-glance details, and reviews
  • Ask the community questions about courses you're interested in
  • Save and share your favorite courses

How do online courses work, exactly?

Like courses that happen in a physical classroom, online courses have lectures, assignments, quizzes, and exams. You'll also be able to talk to other classmates through discussion forums.

Active courses. Some courses follow a fixed schedule with due dates for homework and tests, which makes it easier for students to get help from instructors (in the form of office hours) or to help each other through the forums.

Archived courses.Other courses make their material available, but do not set a schedule, either by design or because their instructors archived a previously active session. They are just as rigorous to complete. In exchange for an active forum, you gain greater flexibility as you set your own pace.

A couple of other notes.

Advanced courses will list other courses you should complete before you attempt them. Make sure you knock out any prerequisites before taking on advanced courses head on.

Finally, if you can't find the right course for you, try searching for courses in another language. Learning online is now a worldwide phenomena and most courses have subtitles and translations available. We've built langauge filtering for this exact purpose.

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From OpenCourser's founder

I grew up passionate about technology, especially software. For most of my life, I consumed programs and apps. But creating software that others might enjoy seemed out of reach. I barely knew where to start!

That changed in 2011 when I first heard about, a platform started by MIT and Harvard. It put courses from the very best universities in the hands of anyone with an internet connection. Among them were intro-level programming courses.

Knowing that universities like MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley were serious about teaching the masses beyond their campus grounds got me thinking: could I actually learn an entirely new skill online?

As it turns out, yes. Not only is it possible, but it's arguably life changing!

These courses supercharged my self-learning efforts. They gave me the structure and support I needed to climb the learning curve and build to what I know, bit by bit. OpenCourser is a product of that learning!

Of course, online courses aren't limited to just computer science. As you browse here, you'll find courses on just about every topic conceivable. Some of my favorites are about jazz, architecture, global poverty, Chinese history, typography, and literature! ...

And that's just the surface.

There are now thousands of fantastic courses online. But as it's impossible to read every great book to have been published, it's impossible to complete the ever-growing list of courses. With OpenCourser, it'll be that much easier and enjoyable to discover the courses you'll love.

Happy learning!

- Denton

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