Propel Your Career with These 6 Online Courses

Are you making the right impression on people? Do you carry your presence into a professional setting that makes you stand apart from everyone else?

Whether you're a recent grad or a veteran of the workforce, you'll benefit from re-evaluating yourself on these questions and making sure your answer to each is in the affirmative.

To help, we've sifted through hundreds of business and personal development courses. The end result is a list of six that you'll be able to benefit from, whether you're a recent grad or a seasoned professional.

Networking, Resumes, and Interviews

Few are naturally good at writing strong resumes and cover letters. Even fewer are interviewing and networking in a professional setting.

Thankfully, these are skills anyone can develop with coaching and practice.

The four courses we picked each thoroughly cover these topics. More importantly, they leverage the latest research conducted on the hiring process. You'll learn how to network, create resumes, and interview in a way that's most effective for closing on an offer.

And if you haven't developed a professional social media profile yet—on LinkedIn, for example—these courses will help you set one up.

Presence, Pitch, and Professionalism

How you walk into your workplace, into a meeting, and into a client presentation means more than how you shuffle your feet. It's how you listen, how you carry a conversation forward, and how you command attention when you need it.

These skills—soft skills—are what most professionals gain on the job, but we could all spend some time honing them more consciously.

Lynda's learning path, Master In-Demand Professional Soft Skills, is a series of courses that will help you do just that. It's a 12-hour course, with well regarded experts brought in to teach crucial topics like productivity management, being an effective team leader, learning to communicate, and fine-tuning your listening skills.

Nailing down these soft skills can turn you into a more effective colleague and leader. Who wouldn't want that?

Core Skills Every New Professional Needs

Lynda's Become an Administrative Assistant learning path is one we almost missed because of its name. It certainly does teach skills that a successful administrative assistant needs, but we think its targeted audience should be much larger.

Indeed, Become an Administrative Assistant teaches critical skills that almost every new professional should have. It offers a suite of short course modules touching on everything from note-taking to communication to basic Microsoft Office skills.

If you're well versed in these topics, skip this learning path for something more in depth, but if you're short on confidence in any of these, consider watching a few modules (you can probably complete them within your free trial period from Lynda!).

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