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AZ-204 Developing for Microsoft Azure Exam Prep (fmr AZ-203)



FREE UPGRADE: This course was upgraded for free for students of my AZ-203 and 70-532 courses.

Get your questions answered inside the course. A great value, since this course is updated as Microsoft changes the exam requirements over time. This course will be ready for you when you are ready to take the exam.

What students are saying:

  • 5 stars, “Great in-depth coverage, easy to understand, good examples to practice.” - Andy K.

  • 5 stars, “Good explanation, easy to catch up.” - Paul C.

  • 5 stars, “Seems up to date and thorough, and is a really good bargain” - Stephen I.

Welcome to this course.

Fully captioned in English. Spanish captions being added.

This course has been continually improved and covers the AZ-204 Azure developer topics.

Microsoft Azure is a skill in high demand in today's large business marketplace.

If you're a developer, you know as well as I do that change is always happening. It's not possible for all of us to be up-to-date on every piece of new technology out there, but this is not one of those times. Cloud-hosting has changed the way all applications are developed—from websites, to web applications, to mobile apps, and traditional backend applications as well. The rapid adoption of the cloud has touched everything. 

The next time your resume is on someone's desk—be it a promotion at work or a new job opportunity—you cannot afford to have such an obvious gap in knowledge. Can you imagine being a front-end web developer today and not being able to talk about mobile-first or responsive design? Industry trends show that developing applications that have cloud-hosted components is becoming the in-demand skill of tomorrow. Having Azure skills on your resume will only help you get in front of more hiring managers, and land more jobs.

This course goes through all of the requirements of the Microsoft exam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure exam. While other online resources cover bits and pieces of the topic, I can confidently say this course goes deep on everything you need to know for this exam. Multiple videos are devoted to each sub-objective, and this course also includes a full sample test so you can see how ready you are to take the real test.

If you don't have much previous exposure to Azure, this course will cover each core section in detail. If you ARE already an expert at many Azure topics, you can easily skip the sections that you already know and focus on the sections that are new to you.

This Azure exam is tough. But these videos will guide you through the Azure interface, and through your own practice and experience with the platform.

You get lifetime access to the course, and so there are no silly "30-day" countdowns that require you to pay more to extend access. This course will be here when you need it.

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Version history

Version 1 - Launched the 70-532 course in January 2017, 8 updates to the course along the way.

Version 2 - Launched the AZ-203 course in January 2019. Free upgrade for students of the old course.

Version 3 - Launched the AZ-204 course in August 2020. Free upgrade for students of the old course.

Microsoft, Windows, and Microsoft Azure are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. This course is not certified, accredited, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Microsoft Corporation.

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Rating 4.0 based on 896 ratings
Length 8 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructors Scott Duffy, Software Architect, Software, Scott Duffy • 200,000+ Students, Scott Duffy • 300000+ Students, Scott Duffy • 400.000+ Students
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software IT Certification

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What people are saying

so far so

making it halfway, so far so great!

Thanks So far so good.

I may change the rating once we get to the real material Great Course and coverage Good Session So far So far so good Yes, I found interesting.. was expecting to download & watch offline also.

So far so good, early in the course still, but I get the feeling it will be worth it This has been a great experience to get started with azure.

Align to the speed of teaching that I was expecting I feel much better about my chances So far so good As course has been explained by focusing on each kind of audiences.

easy to follow it clears basic ideas starting and told me how it is done So far so good The course is very interesting and discrptive it would have been better if a vm creation with ssh authentication was showed, but over all its well described.

detailed but in easy to understand way So far so good.

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easy to follow

Excellent course, well structured and well presented, easy to follow and lots of useful tips and recommendation provided by Scott that helps understanding the contents.

The course is well structured and easy to follow.

Easy to follow.

It's clear, well structured, easy to follow.

Yes, easy to follow.

It would have been good if you could have explained how to use SAS and Stored Access Policy in detail with implementation in C# Finally after completing course with you, it feels good that i learnt important things which will help me to achieve my goals.. A good and easy to follow course for quickly getting across the breadth of material that this exam requires.

Nice paced and with broken up segments that are easy to follow and understand.

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high level

Too high level... not much explanation of technologies, implementation and use cases Good course, giving explanations and examples of many Azure services.

If this course was titled "Introduction to Developing with Azure" or "A High Level Overview of Azure", I'd give it five stars.

If you're looking for a well delivered high level overview to get you started, this is the course for you.

There are a lot of objectives not included in the course and, others included are explained in a very high level, far away from the requirements of the exam.

Really disappointed about this course, sorry :( Looks very high level.

passed the exam today but found this training very very high level.

Course content was on a high level, not relevant to beginner.

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service fabric

If I had to be very critical then only point of improvement would be a bit more details or a deployment example on offerings such as Service Fabric, containers etc.

Few to mention Azure Search, API Management, etc., Azure Service Fabric cluster can be used in the development environment too which is not covered.

There are few improvements i suggest though : 1) some of the topics are barely skimmed through(service fabric , azure search , azure functions , logic apps , mobile apps..) , at the very least provide links to azure documentation or tutorials where concept can be covered further in detail.

Few concepts needs more explanation like Shared Access Signature, policies, Service fabric and few more.

exam now envolved: - Mobile app (NOT covered) - Service fabric (was only explained what it is, without creating an example) Also a few things were rushed over without giving a good explaination of what it could be used for.

it does cover 85-90% of the course content & missing last few topics on 'Develop Azure App Service Logic Apps & Mobile Apps & Azure Service Fabric apps' , other than that course is thorough with great examples in a simpler way.

I am waiting for more details to be added, especially on Azure Service Fabric Apps and containerization.

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go through

I may go through same slide multiple times to understand the concepts, and based on my comfort, i will be undergoing more courses on Azure.

You will have to go through the microsoft azure docs.

Take the advice and go through the student exercises to really reinforce the information.

He just go through and show different options on Azure Portal.

He would go through and hover over the ?

If you go through exam objectives there are quite a few ones that are not covered.

I really like how Scott organized the introduction It was really good to go through the obejective In a planned way to study this course I feel more content could be covered We are starting....

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recommend this course

I passed the AZ-203 exam today, and unfortunately I can't recommend this course as a useful preparation resource.

I am very satisfied with the course content and would recommend this course to everyone wanting to pass AZ-203.

I highly recommend this course if you are willing to earn azure certification.

I definitely recommend this course.

I highly recommend this course if you're taking the 70-532 exam.

Would recommend this course to anyone!

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

.Net with Azure $55k

Microsoft Azure $58k

Cloud Engineer - Azure $65k

Azure Development Engineer $68k

Azure Engineer $69k

Cloud Engineer (Azure) $78k

Azure Web Architect $85k

Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect $98k

Microsoft Azure Architect $108k

Microsoft Practice Leader Consultant $139k

Microsoft Practice Leader Lead $168k

Chairman Council of Governors MD 23 $331k

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Rating 4.0 based on 896 ratings
Length 8 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructors Scott Duffy, Software Architect, Software, Scott Duffy • 200,000+ Students, Scott Duffy • 300000+ Students, Scott Duffy • 400.000+ Students
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software IT Certification

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