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Focus And Flow State

Regardless if you are a very focused or distracted person, this course will help you reach the next level.

We all have this inherent capacity to focus ... but at the same time, attention is a limited resource. Not only should we be aware of this, but treat it as such: something most valuable.

In this course we will be looking at our capacity to Focus from a whole variety of angles. From brain systems and neurochemicals, over the impact of survival instincts and emotions, to the different types of distractions we're facing. There will be a whole pallet of advice and insights, as well as tips, tricks and strategies presented to help you gain substantial improvement in your capacity to focus.

And we're not even speaking about the many experiments, and mind-twisting tests included in this course, which you will be subject to. We won't be talking about focus. You will be experimenting it for yourself.

Bonus Material

You're in for a treat. We've updated this already fantastic course, and added a whole section about the flow state. Thoroughly researched. Top notch.

And Flow. Aahh Flow... a personal favourite. This altered state of consciousness let's us tap into the subconscious resources our brain has at its disposal ... and yet... it seems so hard to get there... 

Well not anymore. We will be looking at the Flow state from the original flow state theory from Csickzentmichalyi back in the 70ies, to the latest neuroscience available. We will be looking at flow from different perspectives. What is it? How to recognize it? The difference with Focus. But most importantly, we'll share a five step process to reach this Flow state yourself.

What you'll find in the course:

This little gem, just as with all our other courses, has been thoroughly researched to bring you the best in brain insights. In this course, among others, there will be a particular emphasis on the dual brain theory (backed by D. Kahneman, Nobel Prize winner and one of world's leading psychologists), and Mihail Csickzentmihalyi, the pioneer when it comes to the Flow Theory.

The tests and experiments have been designed by leading experts in the field of psychology. So you don't have to worry about lasting damage done to your brain or mind ;)

After this course, you will be able to focus as never before. On top of the research and studies, I will be sharing my own experience, insights and strategies that have helped me significantly improve my own productivity and quality.

The course is packed with concrete tools, so you can apply this immediately in your own life: 

  • Improve your Focus - by applying a whole set of strategies

  • Find your Flow - by following a simple 5 steps process

  • Understand the mechanism driving Focus and Flow - by exploring theories and scientific studies

  • Explore why and how we loose our focus - by participating in mindbending tests and experiments

  • Create the right conditions - both internally and externally, to have your brain operate in optimal conditions and at full speed

  • And So Much More... such as multi-tasking, survival skills, network of neurons, ego depletion, dopamine, quality control, wine tasting, salsa dancing, and so on ... 

Just as the subject of this course, the content will be focused and to the point. Now regardless if you are a very focused or distracted person, this course will help you reach the next level. It's very hands-on and packed with tips and strategies that will benefit the novice as well as the more advanced. 

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Rating 4.5 based on 373 ratings
Length 2 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Gregory Caremans - Brain Academy
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Language English
Tags Personal Development Productivity Personal Productivity

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What people are saying

easy to understand

It is easy to understand .

I read books about the mind and focus, this course helped simplify what I already known and I have learned some useful tips about mindfulness The information has been presented clearly and in a manner that is interesting and informative The instructor presented easy to understand material which was quite enjoyable.

Also the course is not long and is very easy to understand.

The lessons are easy to understand.

The course is entertaining and easy to understand.

One of the most valuable compliments I can give any instructor/teacher is how well they did at making something complex easy to understand.

This course was well put together in an easy to understand, usable application format.

Easy to understand and simple tips and tricks that can be taken into use immediately.

Easy to understand.

It is an interesting, relatable approach the course is really a good match for me Well explained with examples and also audience participation - easy to understand and very interesting.

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enjoyed this course

Definitely enjoyed this course.

I really enjoyed this course, thank you Gregory.

I really enjoyed this course and am looking forward to developing a strategy based on the learnings of this course.

Thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it very helpful.

I really enjoyed this course he is very clear,interesting the content helped a lot Happy to continue learning thru Gregorys courses Sooo useful information Engaging and entertaining lecture, but the practical instructions for how to improve focus remain too superficial.

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gregory caremans

Enlightening, to-the-point, and actionable -- Gregory Caremans' presentation of brain mechanics and factors that affect focus is both entertaining and easy to follow.

Gregory Caremans - You have nailed it to perfection!

FOCUS is an undisputed criteria for success and Gregory Caremans' course is almost edibly delectable in provision of enough information in a clear and yet concise manner that excites, enlightens and educates.

Je suis toujours captivée par la facon qu'a Gregory Caremans de rendre si simple ce qui pourrait être compliqué.

clear and concise very didatic Nice course Very usful tips It was great to take this course, short & enlightening:) Another great course from Gregory Caremans Good course

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brain works

I've known much about how our brain works and what should I do to train my focus Its too lengthy, to much of expressions and hand gestures cause it might loose focus.

I would recommend this course to everyone who is interested in how the brain works.

The instructor gave simple tools for managing time and explained how the brain works.

Gave me some background on how the brain works and how to focus.

Helped me to better understand how the brain works & gave me usable tips that you can apply right away to increase your focus.

Knowing how the brain works and how this explains cognition and behaviors provides valuable information to make positive changes.

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improve my

I'm still waiting for hints and tools to improve my own experience with focus.

Picked up some new tools for my toolbox, on how to improve my life.

usefull, attrctive, helpful Essential and very well explained course As someone with a lot of issues with focusing, this course helped give me a lot of tips to use to increase my focus and really helped me become more aware with what may be distracting me so I can improve my focus.

I like finding new ways to improve my focus as consuming less sugar Thank you!

However, I had a notion that I'll get better tools to improve my focus, which of course is not what the course is about it doesn't promise tricks and tips to improve memory, but it does give an understanding of how things work and yes it does say being mindful and aware will help one focus better.

This course has helped me to improve my Awareness and focus on whats important and shut out distraction Excellent course.

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really enjoyed

Nothing revolutionary but the whole thing was short and to the point, I really enjoyed it.

I am guilty of overworking so really enjoyed the part about stepping aside, taking a break, walk, quick nap.

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so much

Thank you so much for showing me how to focus.

Thank you so much for this amazing content I learned so much about the brain.

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much!

Read more

well presented

everything was perfect, I would like to give us some more strategies or spend more time with those you gave us, thank you very much Very good, interesting subject and very well presented.

Well presented, engaging and insightful.

The course is interesting and well presented.

Very well presented.

Very informative and well presented !

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other courses

Like his other courses, Gregory is on target.

I look forward to learning more from Gregory through his TED talks and other courses.

I bought all his other courses.

I did not do 5 out of 5, as I still feel he is leaving things out due to time and he has other courses.

I am taking other courses of his to get a better understanding of how my mind works.

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Flow Control Agent $56k

Data Flow $61k

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Flow of Goods Analyst $73k

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State Officer, State Exchanges $84k

Flow Improvement Engineer $91k

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Senior flow assurance $162k

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Rating 4.5 based on 373 ratings
Length 2 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Gregory Caremans - Brain Academy
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Personal Development Productivity Personal Productivity

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