People Management

Do you aspire to be an ideal people manager? The journey from being an individual contributor to a people manager requires significant personal development and growth. If you are a first time manager, you may have asked yourself:

  • Where did I go wrong in managing this particular employee?
  • How should I give feedback to my subordinates?
  • How do I handle potential assessments?
  • How should I motivate people who report to me?

The objective of this business and management course is to smoothen the transition for newly appointed people managers, motivate and guide people who are aspiring to become one and to think back and reflect for seasoned managers.

The course will provide learners with an enhanced understanding of the role of people management in organizational context.

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Institution Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
Instructor Vasanthi Srinivasan
Length 6 weeks
Effort 4 hours per week
Availability Upcoming
Price Free, or get a Verified Certificate for $150
Language English (English)
Subjects Business & Management
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easy to understand

Lovely experience to learning.the content was very easy to understand and enriching…

The course content is easy to understand and translate into day to day activities.

Language and interface is easy to understand and relate.…

vasanthi srinivasan

… this is the "Unique" feature of the Provider.Thank you Professor Vasanthi Srinivasan.

...I have been in industry for long…

discussion forum

The discussion forums also helped to understand other viewpoints.The Professor and her team are fantastic…

The discussion forums was utilized by many co-participants that I looked forward interacting with…

people management

!I had no experience in people management when starting this course.

time manager

The content is very useful for the first time manager.