Gamification of Learning

This course is part of a Learning Path (series of courses) called Become an Instructional Developer.

Gamification is an underutilized element in instructional design, but it's crucial to engaging today's learners and enabling content mastery. In this course, professor, instructional game designer, and author Karl Kapp lays the foundations of the theory, provides examples of gamification in three real-world learning scenarios, and breaks down the dynamics of gamification (aka what makes games fun. ): escape, collection, discovery, pattern recognition, and other risk/reward activities. Plus, learn to put the different elements of gamification—from setting goals to providing multidimensional feedback and leveling up—to work for your classroom. If you don't have experience gaming, don't worry. Professor Kapp focuses on gamification as a design sensibility, making the principles clear to gamers and nongamers alike.

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    Rating Not enough ratings
    Length 2h 16m
    Starts On Demand (None)
    Cost $29
    From LinkedIn Learning
    Instructor Karl Kapp
    Free Limited Content
    Language English
    Subjects Education
    Tags Education + Elearning Higher Education

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    An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

    Assistant Instructional Design $39k

    Curriculum and Instructional Design $57k

    Instructional Design Consultant $58k

    Training and Instructional Design $60k

    Instructional Design Cnslt $63k

    Instructional Design Developer $67k

    Instructional Design Writer $75k

    Instructional Design and Development $76k

    Assistant Instructional Professor $77k

    Finite Element Analysis Engineer $97k

    Structural Finite Element Analyst $99k

    Marketing and Gamification Analyst $104k

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