Working in Teams

A Practical Guide

Teamwork is an essential component of most professional activities in the modern world. But what makes an effective team?

This course is an introduction to teamwork skills for all disciplines that will help you improve your own performance and that of your team.

It covers why teams are important, the roles of individuals in a team, systems and processes for effective teamwork and communication, and methods for addressing team conflict.

Throughout the course you will be provided with a range of tools and templates that you will be able to use with any team.

Join us and learn how to make teams work for everyone.

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Institution The University of Queensland
Instructors Lydia Kavanagh, David Neil
Effort 6 - 8 hours, self-paced
Availability Current
Language English (English)
Subjects Business & Management Social Sciences Humanities
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great learning experience

Great learning experience!Perfect content that enrich my knowledge and understanding…

beyond simply reading

Because of that practice, this goes well beyond simply reading a book.