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Angular & NodeJS - The MEAN Stack Guide [2020 Edition]

Create modern, scalable and high-speed Web Applications with Angular (formerly named Angular 2, now just "Angular") and Node.js + Express + MongoDB.

Angular 1 and NodeJS, together with ExpressJS (a NodeJS Framework) and MongoDB formed the very popular MEAN stack. Now is the time to dive into MEAN 2.0 and replace Angular 1 with Angular 2+.

Benefit from the many improvements and advantages Angular offers you: Speed, ease of development, highly reactive, awesome support for asynchronous operations, great scalability and more. And combine these advantages with the power of a NodeJS + Express + MongoDB backend.

Learn or refresh the Angular Basics.

This course is no Angular course, but it includes detailed explanations of the core concepts used as well as about Angular in general. However, keep in mind that, as this course is no Angular course, having additional resources like my "Angular - The Complete Guide" course is recommended.

In this course, Maximilian, experienced web developer as well as author of many 5-star rated Udemy courses and host of the "Academind" coding channel on YouTube, will take you on a hands-on journey to get you to build your own Angular + NodeJS Applications in no time.

This course follows a hands-on approach, which means that the whole course is structured around one big application and the different concepts will be explained detailedly as they are introduced in this application.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Set up a NodeJS + Express + MongoDB + Angular Application with the help of the Angular CLI

  • Use NodeJS and Express efficiently

  • Build reusable Components in Angular and create a reactive User Experience with the Tools provided by Angular

  • Connect your NodeJS (or any other language. ) backend with your Angular App through Angular’s HttpClient service

  • Provide appropriate endpoints on your Backend, for your Frontend to consume

  • Add advanced features like file upload and pagination

  • Make your Application more secure by implementing Users, Authentication as well as Authorization

  • Handle Errors gracefully

  • And much more....

This hands-on concept allows you to not get stuck in the theory, but instantly see real implementation examples.

Hear what students of other courses as well as viewers of my YouTube channel have to say

Max has gone through great lengths to create great content and this course has been great. His teaching style covers everything from basic to advanced topics, and his explanations have been thorough on each topic

Max demonstrates very good knowledge of the subject matter and great enthusiasm in delivering the lectures.

Max does a wonderful job making the core concepts of Angular approachable and accessible.

Don’t stop at the basics.

Do you know those courses which show you a "Hello World“ example and then call it an end? That won’t happen to you in this course. While beginning with a very basic app and basic features, you will quickly be able to incorporate many different Routes, Observables, Events, Authentication and Authorization, Error Handling and much more into your applications.The best thing is: You’ll learn all that by putting it into practice immediately. No wall of powerpoint slides, no unrealistic mini-examples – this is the real deal.

Who should take this course?

  • Basic NodeJS/Express and Angular Experience is strongly recommended

  • You should be familiar with

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Rating 4.6 based on 2,183 ratings
Length 13 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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What people are saying

step by step

Max is really great at breaking down each part and giving a step by step instruction.

Very good step by step modules, detailed explanations.

Nice step by step progression, easy to understand.

BR Easy operation step by step tutorial.

I like how Max explains step by step all the different parts of an application and their relationships, create one and be able to see everything fall into place.

Great step by step course 's which explains the entire process.

Like Max step by step explanations of both working system and solving potential errors during in development of MEAN apps The was a solid course on how to use Angular2 and Node.js with a mongoDb data store.

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real world

However, would request if more real world examples could be given such as Shopping cart in Amazon or downloading pdf file or music files?

Learnt how to develop MEAN stack application by implementing Authorization and Authentication and deployment of application Good concise explanation... not needed for experienced devs but good for noobs... not overwhelming The part of improving the node server was completely skipped which is necessary to understand for coding in real world, apart from making us understand the basic bridge code between all the layers.

Schöne Grüße, Steff Everything inside this course was aplicable to the real world , in my daily jobs project still use Max's approach.

Both have equipped me with not only a sound inroad/jump-start into the Angular world ( and Mean stack), but indeed a solid foundation that has instilled confidence in me to develop ( and also deploy) real world Angular apps as i seek to venture into freelancing.

Maximilian, thank you for everything you have taught me with your Udemy course, because of it, I was able to build real world applications used by thousands of people (no joke).

Do yourself a favor and take this course if you're looking to learn MEAN Stack, Angular 2+ and building real world RESTful web apps!

So all in this gives you all the basic know how to build your own Crud application what this application does not give you is a feeling of working in a real world application .

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looking forward

I am really looking forward for your feedback and I already enrolled to your Node and Mongo courses as well.

Looking forward to more such interesting and useful courses from you.

Other than that, great course, and I'm really looking forward to learning here.. Really like the way that Max presents the material.

Really looking forward to see how he brings it all together :) I have been through the courses of this instructor he teaches right from scratch to advance he is great.

Looking forward for more exercises ahead.

Thank you Max , looking forward for your new courses.

Looking forward to the latest updates on stable angular 2 in the series.

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as usual

As usual, everything is awesome.

Amazing as usual!

As usual, I am learning a lot from Maximilian courses.

Hi Teacher, As usual, it is a great course!

I'm also doing a project for a mean app and this course has been invaluable so far Great course, great explanations, I would recomend it 100% Nothing to add, as usual, perfectly clear.

As usual from Maximiliam, every little detail has been explained, througoutly shown, not skipping any code.

Consiglio vivamente seguire questo corso perfect course as usual.

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complete guide

Learned a lot... as usual, and also have a nice app to use a reference if i ever forget something The complete guide for MEAN stack development.

I have gone through Max's courses on "Angular 6 (formerly Angular 2) - The Complete Guide" and "Angular & NodeJS - The MEAN Stack Guide" in the order listed.

A perfect course to accompany his 'Complete Guide to Angular' course.

I really enjoyed this MEAN course which followed the Angular Complete Guide course I did previously.

I took his course "Angular 2: The complete guide".

Having been out of development for many years and being completely new to the MEAN Stack I first did Max’s other course ‘The Complete Guide to Angular 2’ and another course on udemy called ‘Learn and Understand NodeJS’.

Max really successfully explains all you need for simple Angular 4 apps with NodeJS and MongoDB backend, but if you really want to deaply understand Angular, I suggest looking for Angular 4 - The Complete Guide, also one of Max's tutorials.

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highly recommended

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended!!!

Great course Great course introducing topics practically Excellent Course, highly recommended I've taken Maximilian Schwarzmuller's courses before and I love his teaching style.

Highly recommended.

Highly recommended if you need to get up to speed quickly.

Great course, highly recommended Max is a great instructor.

Highly recommended The presenter is easy to understand and his presentation is excellent.

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Front End Software Engineer - Angular, Node.js, .Net $48k

Angular JS, CSS, Javascript $53k

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Great Lakes Safety Coordinator Manager $79k

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HTML5 JavaScript / NodeJS Software Engineer $115k

HTML5 JavaScript / NodeJS Software Engineer $115k

Systems Engineer Latin America, Caribbean and US Great Lakes $140k

Angular Material Design Team Member $153k

Principal HTML5 JavaScript / NodeJS Software Engineer $161k

Principal HTML5 JavaScript / NodeJS Software Engineer $161k

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Rating 4.6 based on 2,183 ratings
Length 13 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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