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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams

These AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C02 practice tests are patterned after the latest exam format and were crafted based on the feedback of our 100,000+ students on what appeared in the actual exam. Our AWS Certified Solutions Architect practice tests are TOP-NOTCH and the CLOSEST to the actual exam, as demonstrated by over 20,000++ reviews on our course.

-  Each question has detailed explanations at the end of each set that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the AWS services. 

- The explanation provides an overview of the topic, reference links to AWS docs and a rationale on why the option is correct or incorrect


  • Yes, you can. AWS announced last March 2020 that you can the new SAA-C02 exam, as well as the other AWS certification exams at the comforts of your home. Take note that this is only supported by Pearson Vue, and not PSI.

How can I schedule my SAA-C02 exam?

  • You can go to the official AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certification page and then click the “Schedule Exam” button to book your SAA-C02 test. Alternatively, you can directly login to your AWS Certification account to schedule the exam.

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is consistently among the top-paying IT certifications, considering that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud services platform in the world with almost 50% market share. Earn over $150,000 per year with an AWS Solutions Architect certification.

But before you become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional, it is recommended for you to pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification exam first, and this is where AWS practice tests come in. It is possible that you have read all of the available AWS documentation online yet still fail the exam. These AWS practice tests simulate the actual certification exam and ensure that you indeed understand the subject matter.

This AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate ( SAA-C02 ) Practice Exam course offers the following features:

  • FULLY UPDATED TO THE NEW SAA-C02 version -  Most practice tests out there are already obsolete and advertised as "updated", but in reality, they are not. We have already integrated the new SAA-C02 topics such as AWS Global Accelerator, Amazon FSx for Lustre, Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA), Direct Connect Gateway, HPC and many more in our sets.

  • 390 TOP-NOTCH Questions - has 6 sets of AWS Practice Tests with

  • It also has a bonus FlashCards set to help you with your learning. This is an optional feature and registration is required to access the simulator (using your name and email address). Kindly send us a direct message here on Udemy to request for access.

  • Plus bonus cheat sheets to help you better understand the concepts.


  • This prevents the unconscious memorization of the answers and ensures that you fully understand the concepts.

  • Prepared by an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional who has actually passed the actual SAA-C02 exam. (Please see my LinkedIn profile to view my AWS Certificate)

  • In addition to these 6 practice test sets, we also offer FREE access to the Exam Simulator in our Tutorials Dojo portal just as mentioned above. This unique Exam Simulator contains additional features that are currently not present in the Udemy platform including a Review Mode where you can see the answers right away as you go through each question, plus BONUS flashcards which are visual aids containing some important concepts that you need to know before taking the exam.

    NOTE: You will find the link to the exam simulator as well as the access details via our Welcome Message, which you will receive once you enroll in our course. If you can't see our Welcome Message, kindly send us a direct/private message here on Udemy to request access. Someone from our team will respond with details on how to access the Exam Simulator within 3-5 business days. Also note that this is just an optional feature and registration is required in the Tutorials Dojo portal (using your name and email address) once you receive your access details.

    These AWS Solutions Architect practice exams are designed to focus on the important exam topics (such as The number of questions on each topic is carefully selected based on the 4 domains of the actual AWS certification exam.

    Some people are using brain dumps for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification exam which is totally absurd and highly unprofessional because these dumps will not only hinder you to attain an in-depth AWS knowledge, these can also result with you failing the actual AWS certification exam since Amazon regularly updates the exam coverage.

    Please also note that these AWS Certified Solutions Architect practice tests are not exam dumps and since Amazon shuffles the actual exam content from a question bank with hundreds to thousands of questions, it is nearly impossible to match what you can see here with the actual tests. Again, the key to passing the exam is a good understanding of AWS services and this is what our AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate practice tests are meant to do.

    There are a lot of existing AWS Practice Tests in the market however, most of them contain both technical and grammatical errors that may cause you to fail the actual exam. There are also official certification practice exams provided by AWS but these only have 20 or 40 questions and cost 20 or 30 USD a price that is comparable with having these 390 Unique and Timed Amazon Web Services practice questions.

    When I was reviewing for my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam, I had a hard time finding comprehensive practice tests to help me pass my exam. I bought some of them in the market but I was disappointed because there are a lot of technical and grammatical errors in the questions. This is why I created these AWS practice tests to help my fellow IT professionals in the industry.

    We gave a considerable amount of effort to create and publish these AWS practice tests, including the laborious task of checking each item for any errors. We are confident that this will significantly help you pass your CSA-Associate exam. And we don't need to trash or slander other AWS practice test courses here on Udemy just to make a sale because we are confident that our AWS practice tests are simply the BEST.

    Remember that using this product alone does not guarantee you will pass the AWS exam as you still need to do your own readings and hands-on exercises in AWS. Nonetheless, these Amazon Web Services practice exams provide a comprehensive assessment on which knowledge area you need improvement on and even help you achieve a higher score.

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    Rating 4.6 based on 2,129 ratings
    Length 390 questions
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $12
    From Udemy
    Instructors Jon Bonso, Tutorials Dojo, Jon Bonso • AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Certified Developer, Tutorials Dojo • AWS Certification Practice Exams, Jon Bonso | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer Associate, Tutorials Dojo | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, SysOps, Jon Bonso | AWS Solutions Architect,AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Tutorials Dojo | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer
    Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
    Language English
    Subjects IT & Networking
    Tags IT & Software IT Certification Other IT Certifications

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    What people are saying

    cloud guru

    I did A Cloud Guru course first, but I would not have passed without Tutorial Dojo's practice test.

    I took my exam and passed it by a combination of watching the A Cloud Guru material for an overview and taking these exams to supplement..

    I followed DOLFIN ED(best for theory),RYAN(cloud guru)(best for Labs) materials.and without this Tests, for me it is impossible to PASS the exam and the questions in the exam was very Difficult and Different as well.

    I did the A Cloud Guru course which helped me learned the majority content, but the practice exams did a great job of both exposing my knowledge gap and filling in those knowledge gaps with their detailed question explanations.

    Before acquiring this course I studied the a cloud guru course which was a good entry point for the topics in the exam and then spend some time reading the white papers.

    I used this course to complement AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate from A Cloud Guru and passed the exam successfully.

    :) This Udemy course in combination with the A Cloud Guru training is a powerhouse combo to knock out the CSAA exam.

    In preparation for the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam I subscribed to these practice tests along with A Cloud Guru AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate 2019 Course.

    Note: you will still need to undertake additional study - AWS docs, faqs, whitepapers and courses like those offered by cloud guru.

    I just finished the certification exam (and passed), I can tell you that without these tests I would probably have failed, I think the Cloud Guru course is the first thing you must do, but it will only get you 50-55%, This Course is what gets you the extra 20% needed to pass the certification, thank you very much!

    from guru).

    I passed the exam after completing these test in combination with the course on A cloud guru.

    My resources were Cloud Guru Course on Udemy and DOJO Tests and Certpro tests.

    But then i appeared for cloud guru test and my score was only 55%.

    Read more

    certified solutions architect associate

    I passed the exam with 875, going through " Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 2020 By Stephane Maarek" and this will be enough to pass the exam with good score.

    This AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams helped me to pass the exam.

    Today I passed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam on my first try using these Practice Tests.

    Wouldn't have passed the Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam without including this as part of my preparation.

    Questions are well prepared, although they are not the same like exam, studying them along with explanation and Cheat sheet gives a solid foundation and required knowledge to pass the exam..Good Luck This is a great course, and i strongly recommend this course to any one who is planning to attempt AWS Certified Solutions Architect associate exam.

    This is an excellent material in preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam, with proper explanations and illustrations for each question to easily understand the AWS concepts.

    Excellent source for preparing AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam.

    One month ago, I could barely spell AWS, and yesterday I passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam on my first attempt with a score of 881.

    Your course is simple and better :) It is one of the best, most suitable questions I passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate examps using this guide!

    I got a PASS in the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate course today and it wouldn't have been possible without this course.

    Highly recommend this practise exams to anyone who wants to clear the AWS certified solutions architect associate exam successfully.

    I recently completed the Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam on May 2019.

    Then I found AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams by Jon Bonso, Tutorials Dojo Although I had previously studied with someone else's Practice Tests materials that are still useful enough these materials contain something not covered in the former one.

    I passed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam in thanks to this course.

    Read more

    white papers

    acloudguru is great for learning the basics and hands on work but Jon's questions really put your knowledge to the test and provides links to AWS materials, white papers, and guides as well as providing a clear explanation why each answer was right or wrong.

    The explanations here helped me a whole lot more in understanding even more than white papers.

    I read through AWS white papers and Documentation too.

    For me, reading the explanation for each questions was a substitute of reading 20 pages of FAQs and White papers on a single topic.

    I used ACloudGuru video course, AWS FAQs, some white papers, AWS practice exam and finally this Jon Bonso exam set.

    White papers: Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Best Practices, Architecting for the Cloud: AWS Best Practices, AWS Storage Services Overview: A look at Storage Services offered by AWS The questions and the detailed explanation later helped to brush my knowledge on AWS topics.

    Use the acloudguru course also and white papers for when you need a bit more insight or understanding on a topic.

    These practice tests were referred by my colleagues to me as all of them have passed the exam by taking this (on top of months of reviewing white papers).

    I started with a online course + labs+ faqs and white papers.

    I never read the white papers or the FAQs and honestly I don't know if that would've even helped.

    I should of read the white papers though.


    would recommend along with reading white papers.

    Read more

    tutorials dojo team

    Thanks to Tutorials Dojo team for keeping the questions up to date.

    Thank you Jon & Tutorials dojo Team for your efforts.

    Thank you Jon and Tutorials Dojo team for awesome practise tests.

    A big thank you to Jon Bonso and Tutorials Dojo team!

    Thanks Tutorials Dojo Team!!

    All the best to Jon Bonso & Tutorials Dojo Team.

    I passed the CSAA exam yesterday, and I would like to Thank the Tutorials Dojo Team for putting together these practice tests and the detailed explanation for each Q&A.

    Thanks so much Jon and Tutorials Dojo Team!

    Thanks again to Jon and the whole Tutorials Dojo team for this awesome course.

    Thanks a lot Jon and Tutorials Dojo team!

    Explanations section is just superb - the Tutorials Dojo team has put a great amount of effort coming up with these very comprehensive, very detailed explanations for each question.

    Read more

    linux academy

    Probably not Do these mock tests replace extensive training offered by Linux Academy or ACG?

    I've gone through Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru and I'm sure it helped to pass the exam but I believe the true value was added through the 6 practice exams.

    My suggestion for a complete beginner 1> aws-concepts by linux academy (free) 2> AWS Essentials by linux academy (free) 3> A cloud guru - Ryan 4> Practice tests by jon bosco (attempt the tests at least 3 times until you get all concepts and make your notes if possible :) ).

    Thank you for the Practice Exam and the explanations, I've used sites like Linux Academy to help mold my foundation, but your exams really nailed the point home as to what was needed to pass and move forward with my Cloud Career.

    I supplemented the Linux Academy training and the study guide book with these tests, and nailed the SA Associate Exam.

    I spent one week studying for my AWS SAA exam using Linux Academy material and then a second week practicing with these exams on Udemy.

    Thanks Linux Academy Yes, it was.

    Thanks again These tests are more useful for getting the certification than any other course from Linux Academy or CloudGuru.

    I used this as well as Linux Academy's course.

    Did both Linux Academy, and ACG, however this was by far the best time I spent getting ready.

    Apart from doing a good course like 'A Cloud Guru' or 'Linux Academy' and reviewing the F.A.Q.

    These practice exams are a good addition to other material, such as A Cloud Guru, Linux Academy, AWS white papers and FAQ's.

    I took this practice test course after finishing Linux academy videos and I am very satisfied with the way these practice tests have prepped me for the real exam.

    Read more

    looking forward

    Thanks for your help, Looking forward to any practice papers from your side for Developer Certification next.

    Looking forward to the next Cert!!!

    Looking forward to exploring what you have in store for professionals.

    Looking forward to crushing the Solutions Architect Associate!

    Looking forward for Professional one...

    Looking forward to using your other courses in the future.

    Thanks and looking forward to pro cert Fantastic practice test material.

    I'm looking forward to using Jon's practice exams on the SysOps and Arch Professional exams.

    Looking forward to seeing the actual results, but big thanks to Jon and team for these practices test.

    Planning to take the Professional level in a few months and looking forward to take your professional level tests soon.

    looking forward to the professional practice tests.

    Well done and I'm looking forward to seeing your SysOps practice papers soon.

    Read more

    my weak points

    It helped me a lot to understand my weak points and work on them.

    Then i just focused on my weak points by going back to AWS resources and doing more practicals.

    I know now my weak points.

    Again, your practice test are really helpful and has been a good diagnostic for me to evaluate my weak points.

    Love the fact that there are 6 practice tests in this course as it allows me to address my weak points allowing me to do further reading on these topics.

    You have done a wonderful job explaining the concepts at the end of the exams and I have discovered all my weak points and topics that I need to really focus on.

    It also showed me all my weak points which enabled me to do further studying and thus prepared me in tackling the very hard scenario based questions.

    Many thanks to these practice tests for showing my weak points.

    Read more

    api gateway

    Also spent considerable time doing hands on especially on VPCs, Auto scaling, ELBs, API Gateway, Lambda and databases.

    Question were mainly mainly from ELB (approx 6 question) ,MQ ,lifecycle of storage service related, aurora read replica related, various question involving features of dynamodb,scenario based question involving cloudfront lambda api gateway,database backup .these were few topic which i still remember .

    I spent many months building up and tearing down VPCs, EC2s, S3 buckets, databases, API Gateways, etc.

    A good amount of questions involved Dynamodb and API gateway in some way, shape or form, and a few included Cloudformation.

    As far as I remember: There were about 3-4 questions between Nat Gateway and egress – only Internet Gateway 3-4 questions about Lambda – API Gateway A lot of questions on DynamoDB and RDS in general including failover and high availability solutions.

    Suggest to include one more practice test with more questions on Lambda, ECS, API Gateway and EFS.

    With existing topic need to give importance for API Gateway, Lambda & ECS.

    I cleared Certification Yesterday (CSAA), for those preparing =>Please do cover additional overview on Kenesis, OpsWork, Docker, API Gateway, SWF.

    The practice exams were very helpful but I did experience several questions on API Gateways and ECS that were very different from any study material or tests.

    (Clear and detailed explanations, updated URLs, etc) The are many questions related to the new services such as Lambda, ECS, API Gateway, etc.

    Read more

    feb 2018

    Initially I thought it the questions were a bit too straight forward, but having subsequently sat the exam I found them to be quite comparable to the real thing (Feb 2018 version).

    I attempted the new Examination (Feb 2018) yesterday (7/23) and failed in first attempt.

    I have passed the exam (Feb 2018 version) a few days ago.

    I passed the Feb 2018 release test.

    It helped me pass the certification (feb 2018) with 882.

    Gone through all exams, the questions relates to older version of the exam and not the new one released Feb 2018.

    UPDATE - I took the Feb 2018 version and passed the exam today!

    It will point out all your weaknesses and get you ready for the exam Just passed the Solutions architect associate with the Feb 2018 update.

    I took the new version (Feb 2018 one) and there are so many scenario based questions in the real exam and I really think these practice tests have prepared me the most among all reviewers online.

    Took FEB 2018 exam version with total of 65 questions.

    I just passed my AWS SAA exam(Feb 2018 version)!

    Read more

    with flying colors

    I passed my exam yesterday with flying colors!

    Also note that Jon's questions are more complex than the actual exam where I found questions to be more pragmatic and at first it threw me but once you lean on what you have learned you will pass with flying colors!

    I gave the exam today and passed it with flying colors.

    After you pass the quizzes with flying colors in A Cloud Guru, BUY THESE TESTS!

    Update - I successfully passed the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification exam with flying colors!

    April 2018 Update - Passed the certification exam with flying colors!

    Read more

    stephane maarek

    Went through Stephane Maarek's course and learnt the fundamentals.

    I followed Stephane Maarek's training and studied Jon Bonso's Practise tests.

    Extremely great resource in tandem with Stephane Maarek and

    I wrote my exam last week and passed decently thanks to these tests, and the prep course by Stephane Maarek!

    My prep (10 days) - Udemy course by Stephane Maarek - 1 attempt of each practice exam in this course - On the day before 1) review all wrong answers 2) review all cheat notes (only the text in bold) Huge thanks to Jon Bonso & Tutorials Dojo!!

    Questions match the complexity and tone of the actual exam, and I found the material to be an excellent companion to the "A Cloud Guru" and the Stephane Maarek "Ultimate CSA" courses!

    Read more

    grammatical errors

    Thank you for checking for grammatical errors!

    Questions are well constructed with no grammatical errors.

    Anyone sitting in the exam must do this first, really thorough questions and explanations These are good practice tests; great to see that there are no annoying grammatical errors At first I did not realize all the advanced features.

    I highly recommend it Quality questions with no typographical or grammatical errors.

    Read more


    An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

    HPC Solutions Architect $136k

    Solutions Architect Manager 1 $137k

    R&D Solutions Architect $142k

    Clinical Solutions Architect $143k

    Systems Architect and Solutions Architect $154k

    Solutions Architect 4 5 $156k

    Solutions Architect/Data Architect $159k

    Solutions Architect / Middleware Architect $162k

    Magento Solutions Architect $167k

    Cloud Solutions Architect 4 $174k

    Solutions Architect / Software Architect $175k

    Vice Solutions Architect $391k

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    Your opinion matters. Tell us what you think.

    Rating 4.6 based on 2,129 ratings
    Length 390 questions
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $12
    From Udemy
    Instructors Jon Bonso, Tutorials Dojo, Jon Bonso • AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Certified Developer, Tutorials Dojo • AWS Certification Practice Exams, Jon Bonso | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer Associate, Tutorials Dojo | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, SysOps, Jon Bonso | AWS Solutions Architect,AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Tutorials Dojo | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer
    Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
    Language English
    Subjects IT & Networking
    Tags IT & Software IT Certification Other IT Certifications

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