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Selenium WebDriver with Java -Basics to Advanced+Frameworks

Course last updated on Nov 16th with Latest Selenium 4.0 Version +Framework Interview questions

  • Have a Passion of learning Selenium but have no coding knowledge ? I will fulfill your wish with my easy teaching and life time query support  through QA Forum , Skype and Teamviewer

  • The one and only Selenium course (350+Lectures) in Udemy which conferred with the official Please be aware of them

    On course completion You will be Mastered in Selenium Automation Testing and implementing Successfully in your work place or you will land on High Paying Job 

          So what makes this course Unique in the Market?

    We assume that students have no experience in automation / coding and start every topic from scratch and basics.

    Examples are taken from  

      Topics includes:  Complete Core java

  • Selenium Webdriver- Major focus (20 hours+ content)

  •  Live Examples in Automating Web applications in all supported Browsers

  •  Strategy to handle Rich Web UI using Advanced WebDriver

  •  Real time challenges we face in WebDriver and solutions to handle it

  • Selenium Grid

  • Live projects on Selenium 

  • Interview questions discussion with solutions

  • TestNG

  • Maven

  • ANT

  • Jenkins

  • Log4j

  • Test Execution reports

  • Cucumber

  • Data driven framework

  • Hybrid Framework

  • Page object Model Framework

  • DataBase testing with Selenium

  • Performance testing with Selenium

  • Mobile Automation basics only.

  • CLoud Automation with Sauce labs

  • Framework Design from scratch (       Test Happy Testing :)

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Rating 4.6 based on 8,352 ratings
Length 55.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Rahul Shetty
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Development Software Testing

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What people are saying

real time

All video lectures are designed very well and also the way to describe the topic with real time cases helps a lot to get the concepts clearly I'm working in large company where this whole setup is already existing, this creating it from scratch helped me a lot to better understand everything.

Teaching methods were very good neat clean clear and precise and it will be helpful in kick starting my journey with Automation going forward I found course content so well designed and updated on a regular basis to meet current industry demands.Plus focus on real time scenario and lots of practical examples.

The concepts were real time and helpful.

Real time examples is an additional content and the method of explanation is also very good.

Yes I liked the detailed explanation and real time issues scenarios!!

You explain us in such a way that we can handle real time scenario's so confidently.

Looking forward to have a real time experience to make use of the knowledge gained by doing this course.

This course is excellent and certainly helping me in learning selenium with best real time examples that indeed will be useful in real world.

All the concepts are being covered very well from the basic to advanced level and real time scenarios were also explained.

The instructor has taken real time examples in explaining the topics which is really needed when learning new things as its easier to remember.

Excellent course for even beginners.I had no knowledge in coding before I started this course but that didn't stop me from learning selenium, Instructors helps in simplifying concepts with real time examples.

Thanks Rahul for helping me understand the topics clearly with real time scenarios and examples Amazing trainer.

Because of his experience he has also made us aware of the challenges we could face in real time projects,which were really useful.Thanks Rahul for being one of the best trainers i have come across.

The e2e project template created in this course is great for building a real time framework from scratch or pick up and understand an already built framework and make good improvements to it.

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web driver

It's better to read the API documentation for Selenium Web Driver than watching this lengthy video.

I completed the selenium web driver course .All concepts are explained thoroughly.

Very helpful for qa people Web Driver Architecture was explained in simplified way the video sound changes for videos, sometimes becomes too low and then becomes too high for next video explanation is really very good.

Got to learn selenium web driver from scratch as well as got clear understanding of Maven, Jenkins , Log4j and TestNg annotations through this course.

After watching the first 4 to 5 videos of this Selenium web driver course, I purchased his other 4 related courses .

i saw so many videos about selenium web driver architecture but none of them was not clear as this Good Best ever english and the way he speaks could be better glad i choosen this course.

From this video I can learned how to create object and cleared my confusion also understood small things like what are web driver class, property and why we are using this all basic thing I have not got anywhere This guy is very brilliant in explaining and puts everything simply, hope i should complete my course without any issues as he goes on.

course to get value and stored to array from database , lets say i wanted get 5 results, so i can call variable 1 until 5 when i need it for expected result Excellent course for beginner and refresh selenium Web driver Knowledge, explained in depth with practical example.

Starting with java Classes, Methods and slowing getting in understanding Selenium Web driver concepts and hands on Selenium Scripting learning journey was awesome.

This is very awesome Journey of learning Selenium Web Driver.

This is the best course about selenium web driver, little long, but covers everything.

Thanks Rahul :) very clear, detail explanation and understanding Till now, I have covered Selenium web driver concepts.

Any Layman could get to know about selenium web driver and Testing easily by watching these lectures.

I strongly recommend this course for people who want to be an expert in Selenium Web Driver.

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hats off

Till now all my query has been responded in time.Hats off to Rahul sir and entire academy.

hats off to you dear sir Easy and detailed truly and honesty Teacher and he know the drawbacks of freshers.

Hats off Mr.Rahul Very Good explanation about the topics This fellow is amazing in explaining the concepts.

Hats off to this trainer who has a unique style of teaching.

Hats off The way of teaching is above expectations.

It is greatly appreciated and hats off to you.

Hats off to his patience & deligence..

Hats off for you.

Hats off to the trainer Rahul Shetty, I have learned a lot till this half way and Hope I can implement the learning very soon.

Very good explanation and have the urge to make others learn from the simplest.Hats off to you sir!Thank you for all your efforts!!!

Hats off to Rahul sir!!!

Hats off!

it will be better if you have one complex framework design as well Hats off to Rahul.

I am more than satisfied with his teaching and would recommend to anyone who is wanting gain in depth knowledge of Selenium WebDriver one of the best structured course for selenium, Rahul, the instructor is having unique way to teaching wont feel bored rather will get inspired to explore more by yourself...hats off to u guys..keep rocking :-) He always replies for the queries u mail to him, this makes me feel that I am not alone at all and every time he is there to clear our doubts.

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within 24 hours

Should give exercises to practice instead of doing yourself I sent an email asking for more challenge assignments and i got a reply within 24 hours.

The responses to questions were prompt as described, within 24 hours.

Good so for I work as manual tester and i wanted to change job to automation and started looking for selenium coaching.later i took this course .this guy teaches selenium from scratch ,covered all the topic with interview questions ,if any doubt he responses within 24 hours.... Selenium has been explained really well by the instructor Rahul.

I got all my replies within 24 hours.

I have also noticed that the tutor responds to the queries raised within 24 hours, which helps to resolve our doubts and queries at the earliest.

The last but not least, it is an interactive course though not real time but the tutor is available to respond within 24 hours.

Plus, if you get stuck somewhere while working, his trainer and he himself response you wiith solution within 24 hours.

Questions on discussion board are also answered within 24 hours.

All the questions are answered within 24 hours.

Its surprising how quickly he response back within 24 hours.

Trainer is very responsive and probably you will get your answer within 24 hours.

His responses are within 24 hours.

I did my bachelors in B pharmacy but I am really interested to pursue a career as test engineer and am really glad that i found this course in my learning process..I am absolutely beginner in this and this course is helping me a lot.The instructor engages you in each and every topic and responds to your doubts within 24 hours which is a very good thing.materials are provided to every section so that you can have a overlook of what you have studied in will never have fear about anything like how to crack an interview etc..once you finish this course.i personally suggest to take this course especially if you are a beginner..thank you so much Based on 50 lectures completed till now, I can say this is the best course for beginners in automation like me.

Also, if you need help, help is always available within 24 hours or less.

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step by step instructions

it has in-depth material and training Please give information also about the version of browser and driver file which is supported for it the content was good but you miss it very clear step by step instructions.

If you have no experience in Selenium no need to worry this course is step by step instructions.

Thanks The course so far is a great place to start learning automation as it provides step by step instructions with videos to allow anyone to follow along and start automating from scratch.

Simple and Step by Step Instructions 2. Review the chapter frequently 3.

Furthermore, with the step by step instructions, the onus is the individual to really learn the material that is being handed to you on a silver platter.

Instructor has clear and in-depth-knowledge about the course.If you have no experience in Selenium no need to worry this course is step by step instructions.

He is giving very clear step by step instructions.

Great The course clearly explain step by step instructions to understand and learn.

good Good Explanation It's really awesome in learning step by step instructions.

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short period of time

You can mail him for extra contexts and he response back in a short period of time.

Thankyou so much I got to gain more knowledge in a very short period of time.

I am really happy with my decision as this course has helped me a lot in a short period of time to brush up all my Testing concepts that I had learnt years back.

Rahul is just amazing in the way he teaches and he makes sure you grasp all the concepts in his videos.Just try working out the exercises as he demonstrates and you can learn Selenium in a short period of time.!

I mastered Selenium in a very short period of time because of Rahul's course.

In terms of communication, he is also very responsive within short period of time.

so far it is good Good explanation in short period of time I am just done with 30 lectures and I am super excited!!

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ever come across

I must tell that for all such students, this is definitely the best course that they can ever come across.

I have never come across anyone as dedicated as Rahul Shetty for the end to end support he provides, right from answering queries to keeping the course up to date to actually building few websites so as to practice automation concepts taught during the lessons.

This is one of the Best course I have ever come across on Selenium in Udemy.

Selenium concepts were explained in great detail covering a wide range of scenarios This is by far the best Selenium Tutorial i have ever come across .

This is the best Selenium training I have ever come across.... Amazing!

One of the best tutorial I have ever come across...

Earlier I used to think that I shall never be able to Automate, this course has given me hope :) Rahul shetty is a amazing instructor, I have never come across such a trainer like him who really takes pain and that in depth explanations he give , and especially targeting all beginners like me, I had enrolled previously also in his other courses such as mobile appium automation and api testing related ..his teaching style is very unique and authentic, I have still not completed this course yet as there are lot of things still pending to coverand practice on and I am expecting that Rahul and ramesh will continue to give us the best experience and explainations ever when ever we put across our questions in QnA section and also expecting that they keep updating their course material as per the latest sites and tools as do they now :) Thanks again rahul keep going like this, May God bless you Really useful course.

The best lectures i have ever come across.

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worth every penny

Worth every penny..!

Highly highly recommended as this course is worth every penny spend.

Overall, its worth every penny :) Note: I haven't completed the course yet but 2/5 way through the course!

The course is absolutely brilliant and it is worth every penny I paid for it.

Worth every penny..

Well worth every penny I am really loving the course.


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god bless

God bless you.

May god bless you video by video im getting confidence on selenium testing, thank u very much sir,because of u only It is good to take this course.I am satisfied.Thanks for covering all the concepts of selenium from basics.

God bless.

Thank you Rahul God Bless You Always.

I got the good knowledge in Selenium testing because of his hardwork and dedication towards the quality teaching it makes me to learn & gain more knowledge in technology so i am wishing him all the best and happy success in his career and god bless him....

Cover almost all Rahul keep up the good work,God Bless....

God bless you Rahul Sir.

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discussion board

Its having detailed explanations and every doubt which is come to mind before you can go to discussion board you will clear in your lecture, whats the possible way if someone seriously watch you lecture what doubts comes in minds you will clear before we do anything to say anything..

Individual questions are taken care of in the discussion board and also notes are being shared on topics.

Discussion board(QA) is very elaborate and most of the time you find answers to your questions in there it self.

Pros: - Comprehensive syallus - More real time examples - Codes and Examples are available for download - Active discussion board with prompt response from tutor Cons: - Some lectures could have been short & crisp.

Also he is very responsive to all the queries posted on the discussion board.

I have completed this course and i found it as flawless to me.The best course on java and selenium, i have started from scratch here and i have learnt a lot.It was so useful for completing my project.i could see instructor is very active in the discussion board and many of my doubts were got solved after seeing the instructor's response to the other student queries.thank you.

There are tons of Q&A's listed in the discussion board and just browsing through this forum solved most of my errors and I was able proceed through!

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less than 24

I am impressed with the level of assistance, most of my queries are resolved in less than 24 hours as promised.

He always respond to the queries in less than 24 hours.

they reply to any question in less than 24 hrs.

This is the best course ever i highly recommend it, and the best thing is that Rahul will answer ant question with less than 24 hrs.

Instructor Rahul always answers student queries with in less than 24 hours.

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side by side

The material itself is in detail but you need to work side by side on any live project so that you can take advantage of the material and the lectures.

If you start as a beginner in automation and follow sincerely and do all the things practically side by side and complete all the assignments, at the end of the course you will get a confidence of a strong experienced professional QA automation Engineer.

It was very useful for me... Because very well knowledge for this Selenium watch videos as well as working side by side...

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Selenium/Automation Tester $60k

Selenium Test Automation Instructor $60k

Selenium Testing $61k

Java/Selenium Tester $65k

Java Selenium Automation Engineer $70k

Automation Selenium, Protractor $70k

Automation Engineer 1 2 $72k

Automation Foreman 3 $76k

Research Automation $87k

IT Automation Engineer 2 $95k

Industrial Automation $106k

Selenium QA Engineer $112k

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Rating 4.6 based on 8,352 ratings
Length 55.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Rahul Shetty
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Development Software Testing

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