Aerial Robotics

How can we create agile micro aerial vehicles that are able to operate autonomously in cluttered indoor and outdoor environments? You will gain an introduction to the mechanics of flight and the design of quadrotor flying robots and will be able to develop dynamic models, derive controllers, and synthesize planners for operating in three dimensional environments. You will be exposed to the challenges of using noisy sensors for localization and maneuvering in complex, three-dimensional environments. Finally, you will gain insights through seeing real world examples of the possible applications and challenges for the rapidly-growing drone industry.

Mathematical prerequisites: Students taking this course are expected to have some familiarity linear algebra, single variable calculus, and differential equations

Programming prerequisites: Some experience programming with MATLAB or Octave is recommended (we will use MATLAB in this course.) MATLAB will require the use of a 64-bit computer.

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Institution University of Pennsylvania
Instructor Vijay Kumar
Price Free (with limitations) or $49 for a Verified Certificate
Language English (English)
Subjects Physical Science And Engineering Mechanical Engineering Math And Logic
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What people say about RoboticsBETA

trial and error

...unfortunately involved a lot of tedious trial and error.

...otherwise it takes quite some time;-the grade is not set properly…

a lot of

A lot of typos in the formulas of the last part of the guide.

linear algebra

It didn't list any pre-reqs when linear algebra and calculus 2 (or 3) were required…

...i think it needs some more focus on the coding of path plannes taught theoretically…

I found myself dusting off my old linear algebra texts and matrix math notes.

aerial robotics

Aerial Robotics is a great course for me to learn more about quadrotor control.

:)Very nice introductory course on aerial robotics.Very interesting…

A huge disappointment :(Some good material and I good introduction to aerial robotics…

pd controllers

2) all assignments entail some tuning of coefficients for PD controllers.

Really recommended to those who are interested in robotics!excellent…

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