Wireless Communications for Everybody

This course will provide an introduction and history of cellular communication systems that have changed our lives during the recent four decades and will become an essential and inseparable part of human life. The principles of wireless communication theory are covered with emphasis on the essential concept delivery to non-major learners in the easiest way. Then, it will be covered how such principles are realized and how multimedia services can be delivered in practical LTE cellular systems by which learners are connected and enjoys together in their lives.

After completing this course, learners will be able to understand

1. What a cellular system is and how it has been developed so far

2. The very basic principles how information can be delivered efficiently using radio

3. How such principles are realized in LTE systems.

4. How people can be connected and multimedia services can be delivered in LTE systems

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From Coursera
Institution Yonsei University
Instructors Song-Kuk Kim, Chan-Byoung Chae, Kwang-Soon Kim, Seong-Lyun Kim, Dae-Sik Hong
Length 6 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week
Price Free (with limitations) or $49 for a Verified Certificate
Language English (English)
Subjects Physical Science And Engineering Electrical Engineering
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