Aerial Drone Cinematography and Photography Certificate Program

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) is a fast growing field with countless application possibilities. One of the fastest growing uses of UAS is the industry of aerial videography and photography.  The demand for aerial cinematography can be found throughout a diverse array of industries including media and cinema, real estate, scientific research, and the government and private sectors. As part of this growing industry in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon State will have many opportunities to establish itself as a center of unmanned systems science, research and commercialization.

The Aerial Cinematography and Photography certificate program will expose students to the vast array of skills in aerial cinematography and photography with the use of small system UAVs. The course are based on current technology and regulations, and the certificate will be updated as necessary to comply with any changes in FAA policy.

This single-course certificate program is offered online in a 8-week format consisting of 40-hours of instructor-led interactive course material and virtual assignments. Below is an outline of the weekly topics:

Week 1:  Developing a drone video/photo business  |  History of aerial videography

Week 2:  Cinematography and editing techniques

Week 3:  Creating Professional Panoramas

Week 4:  3D Mapping and Inspection

Week 5:  Cinematography 2 and Flight Night

Week 6:  Real Estate Videos and Photos

Week 7:  Content Creation and Editing 1 (portfolio project)

Week 8:  Content Creation and Editing 2 (portfolio project)


Our instructor, Josh Friedman, is a professional film maker, video producer, photographer, and composer who specializes in aerial cinematography and photography. He is the founder, creator, coordinator, and a presenter at the National Drone Educators Conference. Check out the video below to see some of Josh's work:


What you'll learn:
  • Understand how to develop a drone video and photo business
  • Demonstrate editing skills of the non-linear editing and photography
  • Create a professional aerial panorama
  • Develop a 3D map
  • Tell a story with a professional video using aerial videography
  • Create an original professional real estate video
  • View and Enroll at Oregon State
    From Oregon State University
    Instructor Josh Friedman
    Length Eight Weeks (5 hours per week)
    Price $675 for full certificate
    Language English (English)
    Subjects Business, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership

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    This course teaches valuable skills*


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    Aerial Tram Tender


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    Camera Operator


    Motion Picture Projectionist


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