Beer Quality and Analysis Series

Microbiology and Beer Analysis for the Brewer

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Designed for professional and advanced hobbyist brewers, Microbiology and Beer Analysis for the Brewer is an intensive, hands-on experience, covering the fundamental techniques & microbiology essential to making the perfect brew.

Dive into six weeks of online course material and then join OSU's fermentation science experts for four days onsite in Corvallis, Ore. Comprehensive course material emphasizes yeast, yeast handling, identification of wort/beer spoilage organisms using microscopy, staining and differential media.

Once you have a handle on the microbiology, you'll craft your capability to analyze beer quality by evaluating the aspects of quality control in packaged beer. Additionally, data analysis and interpretation will be addressed where it pertains to a production brewery setting.

Microbiology and Beer Analysis for the Brewer is the first course in OSU's Beer Quality and Analysis Series

Below is the expected learning topics for the onsite portion of the course: 







Microbiology and Beer Analysis for the Brewer is a part of the Beer Quality and Analysis Series. Take both courses and receive a digital badge, which you can show off on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms for friends, colleagues and potential employers to see! 


What you'll learn:
  • Official methods used to evaluate beer production in a QA/QC lab
  • How to use modern equipment to analyze wort/beer and evaluate process quality
  • Scientific principles behind packaged beer quality and analysis
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    From Oregon State University
    Instructors Tom Shellhammer, Jeff Clawson, Daniel Vollmer
    Length Online: Six weeks
    Price $2,200
    Language English (English)
    Subjects Food and Drink

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