Recycling 101

How Recycling Works

Even if you do your best to sort your recycled goods into bins and ensure they're picked up by waste management professionals, how much do you know about what happens next?

Take this self-paced online course and discover the life cycle of recyclables and learn the facts about what processes are used to turn an item into a recycled product. Video tours of recycling plants show how recyclables are separated and processed and how curbside sorting impacts the recycling process. You'll learn how everyday paper and plastic products become new products and to identify what you can and can't recycle. More than just information about recycling, the course gives you in-depth information about a product's life cycle so you can make smart decisions on how you reduce, reuse and recycle.

What you'll learn:
  • Differentiation of recyclables and nonrecyclables.
  • Steps in the material stream process and product life cycle.
  • Manufacturing and packaging of recyclable products.
  • Life cycle of metals, tires, steel cans and other items after they leave your curb.
  • From Oregon State University
    Length 1 - 3 hours
    Price $20
    Language English (English)
    Subjects Recycling 101
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