Recycling 101

Sustainable Materials Management

Learn how to think ahead and maximize how you use materials throughout their life cycle with Sustainable Materials Management, a framework for examining how we use, make, transport and dispose of our goods. The approach examines product life cycles and their environmental impact. Sustainable Materials Management also helps us make smart choices in our homes and workplaces that can lessen environmental impact and slow climate change.

Enroll in this self-paced online course and learn how to use this powerful tool and make decisions encouraging environmental sustainability. You'll gain perspective on environmental resource management and understand the environmental impact of your choices as a consumer and a citizen.

What you'll learn:
  • Use of Sustainable Materials Management by policy makers, planners and elected officials.
  • Philosophical frameworks for understanding environmental resource management.
  • Processes behind product life cycles and other analytical tools that help us make decisions about natural resources.
  • Ways to minimize your personal environmental impact by utilizing the lens of sustainable materials management.
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    Length 1 - 3 hours
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    Language English (English)
    Subjects Recycling 101

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    Materials Director


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