Flask Basics

Flask is one of the easiest ways to bring your Python skills online. It's a great microframework used by thousands of people to create prototypes and small web apps.

What you'll learn:

  • Creating and controlling views and routes in Flask
  • Setting and reading from cookies
  • Rendering templates
  • Template inheritance
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From Treehouse
Instructor Kenneth Love
Length 189-minute Python Course
Availability Current
Price $$25/month, Free Trial Available
Language English (English)
Subjects Python

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Denton recommends this course:

When you browse OpenCourser, view course pages and read reviews (as you're doing now), save courses, log in, and write your own reviews, you're interacting with the Flask app I wrote using what I've learned from Kenneth Love's course. Pretty neat, huh? Flask is a lightweight, yet powerful, framework that helps you build powerful web apps. The most impressive thing about the Treehouse Flask track is how comprehensive it is. In 27 hours, you learn the very basics of Python (enough to take advantage of Flask), Flask itself, writing and reading from databases, handling user interactions (like logins, forms, etc.), and generating web pages that users see. The track gives you everything to get started and then some. You get more than enough practice with the exercises that when you're done with the entire course, you'll be set to make your own apps. Note that Treehouse isn't the only place to learn Flask. There are some excellent tutorials that are available for free. However, I've found it much easier to have someone explain each part of the code through videos and for $25/mo, I'd say it's a pretty awesome deal.

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