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Scala & Functional Programming for Beginners | Rock the JVM

In this course, we will learn the basics of Scala and functional programming, two highly in-demand topics in software industry today. Write 3000+ lines of Scala code yourself, with guidance, through 100+ examples and exercises.

Why Scala:

  • it's currently the hottest language based on the Java Virtual Machine - the number of Scala jobs has exploded, but demand is even higher

  • Scala offers significantly higher pay (> 20%) than same-level Java positions

  • it's incredibly fun - if you learn Scala, you'll hardly want to get back

  • it unlocks the doors to some of the latest technologies - Spark, Akka and more

I like to get to the point and get things done. This course

  • deconstructs Scala - which is otherwise hard to learn - into the critical pieces you need

  • selects the most important Scala concepts and separates them into what's simple but critical and what's powerful

  • sequences ideas in a way that "clicks" and makes sense throughout the process of learning

  • applies everything in live Scala code

  • The end benefits are still much greater:

    • significant bump in salary when you switch to Scala - return on investment for this course >100x in the first year alone.

    • more enjoyable work - Scala is fun.

    • future-proof skills - you'll be able to work with some of the cutting edge technologies (Spark, Akka etc)

    This course is for established programmers with otherwise no experience with Scala language or little to no experience with functional programming. I already assume a solid understanding of general programming fundamentals. If you've never coded before, this course is likely not for you.

    The course is comprehensive, but you'll always see me get straight to the point. So make sure you have a good level of focus and commitment to become a badass programmer.

    I believe both theory and practice are important. That's why you'll get lectures with code examples, real life Scala code demos and assignments, plus additional resources, instructions, exercises and solutions.

    I've seen that my students are most successful - and my best students work at Google-class companies - when they're guided, but not being told what to do. I have assignments waiting for you, where I offer my (opinionated) guidance but otherwise freedom to experiment and improve upon your Scala code.

    Definitely not least, my students are most successful when they have fun along the way.

    So join me in this course and let's rock the JVM with Scala.

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    Rating 4.5 based on 357 ratings
    Length 15.5 total hours
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $14
    From Udemy
    Instructor Daniel Ciocîrlan
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    Language English
    Subjects Programming
    Tags Programming Languages Development

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    What people are saying

    functional programming

    If you want to have a nice experience learning the basics of functional programming then this is the proper course for you.

    It helped me with my project and now I am a functional programming fan.

    Gotta love functional programming.

    ;) As a beginner in Scala and refresher in functional programming this course was a lot of fun and helped me a lot.

    Now I'm very happy that I begin to understand Scala and functional programming.

    If a person (with a logical mind) wants to learn Scala functional programming this is the best course to have.

    The course is well structured and it is a great boot camp for people who want to learn Scala and functional programming.

    Read more

    easy to follow

    It's an easy to follow course, except for a couple lessons that got very complex quickly.

    The code is easily readable and well organized, making it very easy to follow along, and plenty of well-thought-out exercises are given to help understand what is being taught.

    right to the point - simple easy to follow Best course i have ever done.

    Easy to follow, nicely structured, relevant.

    Highly recommend Good Explanation So far the lecture is clear and easy to follow.

    It is easy to follow, engaging and has good exercises that help with understanding functional programming and scala concepts.

    in other hand the very clear speaking in all the course make really easy to follow.

    Read more

    looking forward

    I can thank you enough for make me fall in love with Scala again and I am looking forward to put in practice all that I have learned.

    Looking forward to gain knowledge right from the beginning!

    Looking forward to starting the advanced course.

    Looking forward for more video from Daniel .

    Clear explanations, sound is very good A really great one, I'm looking forward to complete the next Scala course by Daniel!

    Looking forward for advanced course.

    Looking forward to the advanced course.

    Read more

    so far so

    So far so good.

    I just watch the first lesson, for now, so far so good.

    So far so good ;) Overall a great course, good scope of subjects covered, and the Instructor was experienced and engaging.

    so far so good.

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    recommend this course

    Highly recommend this course to learners transitioning from other programming languages El curso cumplió con mis expectativas It is an amazing course for a Scala depth explanation I think this course is really great for programmers new to Scala, because 1.

    I highly recommend this course if you are new to Scala or if you need some motivation to go deeper into the Scala FP - Daniel has a course on advanced FP, which I just bought.

    I highly recommend this course.

    I was very unhappy with the long winded examples and do not recommend this course!

    I cannot recommend this course for beginners, it does not cover enough of the basics.

    Read more

    real world

    on how the scala skills are used in frameworks such as cats, munix etc and real world projects and microservices.

    Every concept is explained based on a closely related real world scenario which ease our understanding.

    Please provide real world scenario examples like where to use tuples or list as both look same concept ,similarly there are few other topics need to be explained using practical approach.

    I would love to see more courses from this team - including developing real world applications in Scala, Scala and Spark, etc.

    Besides that, the practical assignments simulates very well real world situations and have a great learning outcome.

    Read more


    An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

    Programming Coordinator 1 $54k

    Programming Acquisitions $61k

    CNC Programming $70k

    Programming advisor $72k

    Network Programming $78k

    NC Programming $79k

    functional testing $87k

    DBA - Programming $103k

    Gameplay Programming $120k

    IT and Programming Specialist $122k

    Programming Producer $129k

    Functional Controller $146k

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    Rating 4.5 based on 357 ratings
    Length 15.5 total hours
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $14
    From Udemy
    Instructor Daniel Ciocîrlan
    Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
    Language English
    Subjects Programming
    Tags Programming Languages Development

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