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Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies

Learn how fashion and luxury companies work and understand their brands, products, retail, and communication strategies. Travel through business models, international development, and product categories with industry influent experts. Adopting a case-study approach, the course presents strategic brand management in luxury and fashion companies as a balancing act: tradition vs. innovation, expertise vs. experimentation, casual vs. stylish; in order to increase the brand value by nurturing the brand heritage and at the same time staying fresh, relevant, and contemporary in the global marketplace. Topics such as the impact of new retail channels, new media channels, and new business declinations for the brand and emerging markets will be discussed in the course.
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Rating 4.7 based on 548 ratings
Length 7 weeks
Starts Nov 21 (last week)
Cost $49
From Università Bocconi, Università Bocconi via Coursera
Instructors Erica Corbellini, Stefania Saviolo
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Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Leadership And Management

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What people are saying

fashion and luxury companies

this is an amazing course, you will learn a lot about fashion and luxury companies, videos and reading are truly good.

The course is very well structured and brings real knowledge in order to better understand why Fashion and Luxury companies are different from any other industry.

Such a great course that teaches you the basics of management of fashion and luxury companies.

Excepcional This course has enabled me to understand how the fashion and luxury industries work in many levels (retailing, manufacturing, commun It's perfect for those who love the world of fashion and want to understand how work Fashion and Luxury Companies.

Great entry level course for anyone wanting to learn about how fashion and luxury companies operate.

The Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies offered by Bocconi & Coursera is a wonderfully informative, interactive and innovative course.

I would be delighted to attend a specialization in Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies.

Excellent presentation and very useful for gaining knowledge in Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies i experienced lot of interesting course materials and sessions, a very best course for anyone look into world in new view...

Overall, however, the course is a good overview about managing fashion and luxury companies.

It was really informative about everything that you need to know about Fashion and Luxury Companies, I'm going to start my master in 2 months and I wanted to know something before my master start and I think this help me a lot I'm really grateful with all the people how work on this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies course from Bocconi University was very meaningful and useful for me to breakthrough some entry barriers I had with the field of luxury and fashion marketing.

Before completing the Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies course, I did not fully realize the breadth of what goes on behind the scenes to bring fashion and luxury to fruition.

It gives you a 360 degree, in-depth experience about managing fashion and luxury companies.

And the professors of Bocconi are applying all the marketinh guidelines which I learned specifically to Fashion and Luxury companies.

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case studies

Perfectly designed courses with ample case studies.

Very interesting, with significant case studies, to the point and neatly explained.

A highly application oriented course with a substantial number of case studies and interviews with industry insiders.

I particularly enjoyed case studies of Desquared2 and other successful brands.

But some videos and case studies were dissapointing in terms of uniqueness of information.

It could've used to go over Annual reports and discuss them or go actually behind the scenes on case studies to better implement the things we're learning with concrete and elaborate examples.

Yet, the structure of the course, the delivery, the case studies and the overall performance keep the attendee's attention.

(( I think I`ll disenroll Very immersive and entertaining course; the subject is interesting per se but the execution of the Coursera module is very practical and very well illustrated with plentiful case studies, interviews, and real life examples.

Rich in knowledge, great guests and case studies.

I have learned a bunch of important things, slides are nice and well-designed, interviews and case studies are useful.

They have curated some chosen live-case studies, CEO interviews and additional videos which help immensely in the learning process.

Great insight into luxury brand content with great case studies to explain the theory Very interesting from a business and marketing perspective.

Reading material and videos are to the point with excellent case studies.

Excellent Course , content , Case studies, Detailing.

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so much

Quite useful, but it would be great it would be updated with new content, since the market has evolved so much since the year of this program.

I loved and enjoyed so much this course!

I have learned so much with you and help me know the terms of some strategies that I had used in my career, but mainly I become enthusiastic about business model!

Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much!

I'm learning so much from this course.

I hope to see more courses focused on Fashion and Luxury soon in Coursera, that would be so much appreciated!

Learned a lot, and it was so much fun!

This course has taught me so much interesting information, I am very happy to have been able to take it !

I loved it and appreciated it so much.

I learned so much!!!!

Its an excelente course and introduction into fashion and luxury business overall Very useful and relevant Thank You so much for this course!

Loved this course, gained so much information and learnt things about fashion that I never knew before.

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lot of information

This course contains a lot of information and quizes tend to be merged, thus you end up taking a test of about 15-20 questions and need to be looking back constantly to be sure of your answer.

nice interviewes and a lot of Information!

There is a lot of information in it, also interviews with professionals.

Definitely a lot of information that could be useful in a work environment.

Amazing teachers, a lot of information and very interesting interviews.

Evening a small opening is enough to open the Doors in this business.Thank you.Regards,Junaid Ahmed great course on Fashion and Luxury that helping putting the right words on thr tight concepts and clarify Business Models I found this course really interesting and i got a lot of information that i will use in my daily work!

I had a great pleasure learning Fashion Management online, the course was really interesting for me and gave me a lot of information and basics of a fashion industry.

Lot of information for someone wants to understand the full circle of activities in a fashion/luxury house.

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easy to understand

easy to understand!

Helpful to beginners in business studies;Easy to understand; Excellent course for people interested in fashion and Luxury industry A very informative and well delivered program.

The course is very useful and easy to understand... also I like the module materials and the notes while lectures are on.

thanks easy to understand and share our simillar experiences with .

The only negative aspects are that some videos are outdated and the english spoken is not always easy to understand, due to the Italian accent.

The classes are very interactive and although the teachers are not native in English their arguments are very clear and easy to understand.

Clear structures and easy to understand.

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highly recommend it

I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the luxury and fashion industry and in retail!

It definitely provides great tools to integrate the Fashion and Luxury industry.My only regret is that some of the content is a little outdated.Overall I am very satisfied with the course and would highly recommend it.

I highly recommend it.

Would highly recommend it to anyone who has a marketing background and is interested in learning more about luxury companies.

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highly recommended

really helps you grasp the concept and apply to current environment.The way the course is structured (2 mid + 1 final exam) and Coursera flexibility (download course content to watch it offline) make this course suitable also for full time workers often on business trips.Highly recommended!

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended for everybody who work or want to work at fashion industry.

Highly recommended for any one works in the commercial department of any fashion and luxury company.

But the quizes were very hard especially the last quiz of the annual reports Informative, practical, related-to real life, diversified learning experiences, many case studies Great course, highly recommended!

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bocconi university

Thanks to Bocconi university and especially to Erica, I have learned a lot from you, I hope someday I could take the whole master in luxury management.

My certificate on Coursera and specially on Bocconi University was far beyond my expectations.

So go and entertain yourself with Bocconi University course!

Dear Coursera, Bocconi University and Stefania&Erica!Thank you very much for this very deep into art point of view and business at the same time journey to fashion.

Excellent course from the top Italian university, the Bocconi University.

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italian accent

Sometimes I have difficulties understanding the Italian accent and which caused some confusion.

Perhaps the speakers were talking a bit fast (and with the Italian accent it was a bit hard to understand).

The only disadvantage is the Italian accent of the professors, sometimes it's boring to listen.

:D italian accent is way too strong.

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business models

I leaned core concepts from the fashion management world, logistics, business models, brand image and identity communication, etc from wholesale to e-commerce.

Its clearer for me definition luxury vs fashion, business models, differences, challenges and opportunities in Fashion companies.

The intersection of business models, channels, and communication demands appreciation of how vital is the industry.

I learnt some very interesting concepts, trending business models and fashion terminology which will surely help me in my professional life.

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este curso

The Disquared2 case was perfect, I would like to learn Karl Lagerfield, Fendi, Gucci and others in the same way.Thank you very much!Maria Me encantó este curso porque te da un panorama muy real y práctico de las empresas dedicadas a la moda y como funciona la industria desde adentro; cubriendo todas las áreas que me interesa como emprendedora.

Yo encontré este curso y lo tomé por curiosidad y gusto por el segmento de lujo.

A cualquiera que vea este curso, se lo recomiendo para tener idea de lo que es cunstruir un nombre, una marca y conocer sobre el posicionamiento de la misma.

Gracias por este curso.

Buenos días mi nombre es JENNY MORENO AVELLANEDA y no estoy contenta con este curso, estoy total mente SATISFECHA Y DEMASIADO FELIZ, con esta capacitación ya que es un tema que me apasiona,además es increíble que se pueda tener esta oportunidad con ésta prestigiosa Universidad, quiero agradecer a Coursera por ésta gran oportunidad, muchas gracias!!!

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Luxury Agent $49k

Luxury Residential and Commercial Real Estate Professional $50k

Salesforce Developer Luxury Benefits $110k+... $59k

Luxury Sales Specialist $66k

Companies Editor $67k

Luxury Service Professional $67k

Luxury Sales/Keyholder Manager $79k

Luxury Marketing Advisor $80k

Senior Luxury Travel Advisor $88k

Senior Editor, Companies $90k

Counsel, Chair of Emerging Companies Group $212k

Senior Counsel, Chair of Emerging Companies Group $222k

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Rating 4.7 based on 548 ratings
Length 7 weeks
Starts Nov 21 (last week)
Cost $49
From Università Bocconi, Università Bocconi via Coursera
Instructors Erica Corbellini, Stefania Saviolo
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Leadership And Management

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