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Positive Psychology

This course discusses research findings in the field of positive psychology, conducted by Barbara Fredrickson and her colleagues. It also features practical applications of this science that you can put to use immediately to help you live a full and meaningful life.
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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rating 4.6 based on 737 ratings
Length 7 weeks
Effort 2-4 hours/week
Starts Jun 1 (today)
Cost $49
From The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill via Coursera
Instructor Dr. Barbara L. Fredrickson
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Social Sciences Science
Tags Social Sciences Life Sciences Psychology

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What people are saying

According to other learners, here's what you need to know

field of positive psychology in 8 reviews

Very good opportunity from a legend in the field of positive psychology!

I gained knowledge not only about the field of positive psychology but insights about my own life and behavior as well.

Perhaps one or two lectures on other trends ad research results from the wider field of positive psychology would be apt.

I will say, however, that this is not a general course on Positive Psychology, but rather a focus on the professor's research on love and emotions in the field of Positive Psychology.

This is an eye opening course that explores the new field of the new field of Positive psychology.

I am inspired and plan to continue learning about the field of positive psychology.

An enriching experience that shaped my perspective about the field of positive psychology and made me understand its significance in day to day life and its possible applications.

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highly recommend this course in 6 reviews

I highly recommend this course since you not only learn about Positive Psychology, but it also enable you to apply it to your life.

I highly recommend this course.

I would highly recommend this course to people looking to improve their lives.

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dr. barbara fredrickson in 8 reviews

It helped me a lot I am super glad that I took Dr. Barbara Fredrickson's course!

Special thank to Dr. Barbara Fredrickson!

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson is a fairy Godmother and her team is just amazing.

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson shows the true depth behind positive emotions - how they are not just good for us momentarily but also how they are connected to our physical long term health and well-being.A very well structured and delivered course ... loved it although I audited the course.

Thank you Coursera and Dr. Barbara Fredrickson for this amazing opportunity.

i learn a lot of think that applicable in my daily life Thank you Dr. Barbara Fredrickson!!

Great course, thank you for making possible to learn such interesting topics, that in Dr. Barbara Fredrickson words, enable us to "broad and built" better persons and environments.THANKS COURSERA , Without your free resources and commitment we couldn´t get to knowledge!!

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson radiates positivity.

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my daily life in 8 reviews

Many lessons have stuck with me and I have applied them to my daily life.

I'd like to implement into my daily life and somehow form a habit.

Barabara makes me very inspired to make micro-moments of loe a habit into my daily life!

Enjoy This course has left a great impact on my daily life.

I fully believe that this course helped me to develop new skills in my daily life.

From science part, I more clearly understand how our brain and heart work and how to deal with stress and anxiety in my daily life.

I do yoga in my daily life and now paying more attention on the meditation part.

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easy to understand in 7 reviews

Fredrickson makes it easy to understand this side of psychology, even when you haven't had any experience in the field.

Easy to understand and easy to follow through.

It is very helpful and easy to understand for any person.

These very simple, easy to understand concepts were discussed under a bright new light of relevance.

Very easy to understand, many things to put in practice.

Dr. Fredrickson is easy to understand, and expresses concepts well.

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highly recommended in 9 reviews

Highly recommended.

Highly Recommended This is a great course for introduction and further understanding and also how to apply "tools" to create inner warmth.

I highly recommend it Fabulous course, highly recommended.

This is highly recommended to create the positive atmosphere Great inspiring course !!

I highly recommended this course to everyone!

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la psicología positiva in 5 reviews

buena introducción a la psicología positiva Great introduction into Positive Psychology.

Excelente curso, aprendí mucho a través de diferentes experiencias ya que cada participante te daba su visión de la psicología positiva a través de su trabajo.

Este curso es una muy buena introducción a lo que es la psicología positiva y como podemos aplicar esto en nuestra vida cotidiana y laboral.

It was uplifting and refreshing to see that psychology is turning toward seeking what are positive in people instead of focusing on the negative.I Excelente curso, buena introducción a la psicología positiva Thank you for this experience!

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loving kindness in 7 reviews

Now I have a lot to do in France to spread out with loving kindness with my patients in my office and in companies where I teach mindfulness meditation.

I especially practice the Loving Kindness Meditation and love the effects it has on me.

I will continue to learn more about Positive Psychology and Loving Kindness !!!

the loving kindness meditation is a special gift that will be with me forever.I especially appreciate how the lessons were managed, with the small group of four "students" who were then interviewed as experts in their fields of study or practice.I only have to complain about the video quality.

the way this course was presented was quite unique: watching a few people from various walks of life (but most related to the University) discuss various topic and exchange opinion and experiences about positivity.I liked the material provided for meditation about loving kindness and I have been using it on a daily (well 5 days a week) basis.why I gave only 3 stars:the material was overall rather shallow - after reading about positive psychology, I still very little substance it has to addition.

Excellent insights on loving kindness.

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excelente curso in 7 reviews

Excelente curso.

So important this subject Excelente curso ¡¡¡¡ una buena forma de aprender una nueva perspectiva sobre las emociones positivas y su efecto en las personas Excellent course.

Excelente Curso !Muito melhor do que qualquer curso que já vi no Brasil !

Excelente curso!!

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dr. frederickson in 7 reviews

Dr. Frederickson beautifully weaves together the importance of cultivating positivity with a scientific explanation on how doing so is possible.

I had taken the course 'A Lifetime of Happiness and Fulfillment' ALOHA-F) (see Indian School of Business) prior to this and recall Dr. Frederickson and her "Broaden-and-Build" Theory being sited.

I listened to the book that Dr. Frederickson wrote called Positive Psychology on CD while I was taking the course and both of them put together gave me many strategies and scientific evidence of cultivating positive psychology and connection and the benefits.

Thank you Dr. Frederickson and team!

Would love to learn more from Dr. Frederickson Thank you Dr B. L. FREDRICKSON for this course.

I'm hoping Dr. Frederickson will receive my note of gratitude for sharing her wisdom, experience and research so generously in this affordable Coursera venue!

I most especially would have loved to study with Dr. Frederickson.

In the world of positive psychology, Dr. Frederickson shines brightly!

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positivity resonance in 6 reviews

Real happiness lies in making others happy by exploring positivity resonance in every possible opportunity.

Gain insight to positive emotions and the function of positivity resonance, developed very helpful skills in improving the wellbeing on a daily basis.

I teach an undergraduate psychology and I found this course very helpful to update my knowledge base as well as my personal skills.Thank You I found the presentation of the topic very convincing: I'll try to foster micro-moments of positivity resonance in the future and I am fully convinced that this will have a significant positive impact on my life.The videos were good: not too long and each making a point.

Positive emotions and the positivity resonance made so much sense.

Her work and this course will reverberate positivity resonance throughout the world for years to come!

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micro moments in 5 reviews

I liked the positivity ratio and how we can open our eyes and heart to see micro moments of positivity.

This course has not just taught me how to make time for the micro moments of positivity in my life but also inspired me to learn more, to have a deeper knowledge about this positive psychology.

Fascinating, inspiring, and practical introduction to positive psychology.Learn the health benefits of positive psychology; learn to identify, nurture and savor positive emotions; discover helpful practices that will take you deeper and help you apply the principles to your own life; learn how to start an upward spiral and open up your mind to real possibility of change; bring more love into the world with micro moments of positive resonance.

I am enjoying the micro moments and sharing this wonderful course to my friends who are suffering the emotion problem.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Communications and Research Coordinator $49k

Junior Research Recruiter $62k

Assistant Faculty Research Analyst $63k

Research Associate - Asner Lab - Carnegie Spectranomics $63k

Adjunct Professor - Statistics and Research Methods $69k

Coordinator of Oncology Research $71k

Ph.D. Candidate in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Manager $96k

Assistant Research and Data Analyst Consultant $104k

Technical Research and Development Engineer $109k

Research economist / Econometrician $117k

Research Plant Pathologist Lead $153k

Distinguished Associate Research Professor $289k

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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rating 4.6 based on 737 ratings
Length 7 weeks
Effort 2-4 hours/week
Starts Jun 1 (today)
Cost $49
From The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill via Coursera
Instructor Dr. Barbara L. Fredrickson
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Social Sciences Science
Tags Social Sciences Life Sciences Psychology

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