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AZ-300/AZ-303 Azure Architecture Technologies Exam Prep 2020


FREE UPGRADE: This course also contains the AZ-303 content. A completely fresh course recorded in September 2020.

Get your questions answered inside the course. A great value, since this course is updated as Microsoft changes the exam requirements over time. This course will be ready for you when you are ready to take the exam.

What students are saying:

  • 5 stars, “Detail-oriented approach with specific objectives identified and tailored to a realistic, achievable goal.” - Robert G.

  • 5 stars, “Excellent for exam preparation. ” - Sebastian R.

  • 5 stars, “Clear and crisp explanation by the instructor” - Vishwanath P.

This course has been continually improved and covers the AZ-300 and AZ-303 Azure Architect exams.

V4.2 Sep 2020 Updates. More fresh AZ-303 content added. Now 7.5 hours of brand-new video with AZ-303 content.

Microsoft Azure is a skill in high demand in today's large business marketplace.

  • According to Microsoft, Azure is being used by 85% of the Fortune 500 companies, particularly with their hot Office 365 suite

  • Use of Azure has grown 60% year-over-year

  • Salary survey sites report that Azure Architects earn US$130,000 to US$170,000 per year across the United States

  • Microsoft has more than 100 data centers, across 60+ regions and 10 geos, making it one of the largest data centers in the world. 

This course is the complete study preparation course for the AZ-300 & AZ-303 exams: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies.

I'm quite confident that this is the most complete training course targeted specifically at the exam.

While the technology world is full of "buzzwords" and "flavors of the month", the cloud is a real paradigm shift in the way solutions are designed and architected. There are now so many reasons why you should include Azure cloud technology in the design of your solution that there are almost no reasons why not to do it. 

Cost savings is the one that catches the attention of businesses. Some companies are spending millions of dollars per month of their IT infrastructure, and every few years that hardware needs to be repaired and upgraded. Being able to reduce capital investment and essentially rent powerful equipment on demand is quite a lot of upfront savings.

If you add in the scalability, flexibility, and worldwide reach of the cloud and the technology group sees the potential as well. You can truly do more with less. 

This course goes through all of the requirements of the Microsoft exam AZ-300 / AZ-303: Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies. Multiple videos are devoted to each sub-objective, and we cover the topic thoroughly.

Most of the courses and content you find online assume you already have expert knowledge of Azure and just tells you what to study, spending only seconds covering entire objectives. I can confidently say this course goes deep on everything you need to know.

If you ARE already an expert at many Azure topics, you can easily skip the sections that you already know and focus on the ones you have not yet had much exposure too. This is the benefit of having the complete course. 

Each section has additional web-based resources for you to do further research and expand your knowledge beyond the requirements of the exam.

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Version history

V1.00-V1.19 - 19 updates to the course over a 2 year period of the 70-534 exam

V2.00-V2.03 - 4 updates to the course over a 4 month period of the 70-535 exam

V3.00-V3.60 - Course revised for AZ-300 content.

V4.00 July 2020 Updates. Began complete re-recording for AZ-303, with videos being updated as I go.

V4.1 Aug 2020 Updates. More fresh AZ-303 content added. 2.5 hours of new video added to the course.

Microsoft, Windows, and Microsoft Azure are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. This course is not certified, accredited, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Microsoft Corporation.

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Rating 4.0 based on 2,098 ratings
Length 11.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructors Scott Duffy, Software Architect, Software, Scott Duffy • 200,000+ Students, Scott Duffy • 300000+ Students, Scott Duffy • 400.000+ Students, Scott Duffy • 445.000+ Students
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software IT Certification

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What people are saying

so far so good

So far so good and ready to continue!

So far looks promising but I’ll get back with another review later on... reading material available So far so good, some of the resources being used for demo are not available in the free trial.

So far so good Handy and easy to learn the courses and lots of very good video materials available which help me to build more knowledge on the business processes and technologies.

Very Good so far so good, Im oracle cloud architect certified, but been influenced to master some azure as well it is a good course for a person who wants to have a general idea.

Early into course - Need to weigh this course against AZ 300 questions for exam, but so far so good....

Na So far so good!

so far so good, I enjoyed learning a lot of information on azure portal , hopefully this will help me achieve good percentage on the 70.535 exam.

But so far so good, just not great or excellent as of yet ( through section 13 about halfway)... Also, the exam is near the end but then their's material about Geos, Regions, AAD Sync, Dirsync, after -- move the exam to the very end maybe?

Only at the intro stages but so far so good.

So far so good but need more practical examples to get in depth knowledge.

No "real world" examples, best practices, etc It is always up to date, great content with clear explanations and good examples Yes, so far so good.

So far so good!

I've only just started, but so far so good Very good and mostly up to date too.

Depth of explanation is good for background information - so far so good.

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till now

Otherwise overall this course is very good and author has explained most topic till now in a very good way.

Till now everything is good except video.

Good experience till now.

Up till now we just got introduced to the Agenda of the course and have understood what was the message delivered.

I intend to be a full scale cloud expert This is a very nice course till now... lets see now in details Too much irrelevancy.

Yes, Till now it is good.

I am good till now and understanding First time I have tried a Udemy course, and it is going really well.

Very aptly collated content for the exam Good explanation GOOD INTRODUCTION Good Good till now..but will not be able to decide only after covering this much I wish I could play classes offline.

till now all good I have seen so many lectures claiming what this lecture accomplishes and it’s refreshing to here someone speak in simple terms that are related to the exam.

The initial brief till now has cleared all the doubts.

But this course is vast and has around 40+ sections which sometimes doesn't give me clear impression of what I had covered till now.

Covers most of the topic till now all theory..... looking for more handson lab example really really great tutorial Too high level.

:) All good till now.

Till now going excellent I dont find all the topics covered in detail and in right sequence.

Read more

very high level

Getting very high level of knowledge.

can you tell me how old is the recordings I believe since its an architecture course, the Author is going through topics at a very high level.

Explanation is very high level.

Yes, few topics are at very high level.

Very high level intro.

So far very high level for beginners yes, its going good.

This is done from a very high level though - otherwise, it would be an insanely long course.

Touches on the topic at a very high level.

I think content is at very high level.

I haven't reached the exercises/labs yet, but so far it's very very high level.

But to start, its good.. i hope in coming hands on, accessing or uploading to blob storage through api might be shown.. Great course very high level would love more hands on and live configuration demos Very clearly explained stuff with good ordering.

So far it's very clear and concise Content is easy to understand but at very high level.

Talks very high level !!!

message given is very high level.

Read more

highly recommend

HIGHLY recommend Scott and his courses.

This course was the only material I used to prepare for my exam, highly recommended!

I highly recommend this course for those who are willing to take AZ-300, though I am waiting for Scott's response on AZ-301.

Highly recommend, even if you have no intention to take 70-535 exam.

Whoever is opting to take this exam I would highly recommend to go through this course.

I would highly recommend his courses as one of the sources for your test preparation.

Highly recommended.

If you are planning to do exam at least follow most of courses relevant to exam in Excellent instructor, calm and patient ... great explanations and graphics Highly recommend this course and any others by this instructor Tons of content, and kept up-to-date.

Scott is great and I highly recommend this course for everyone looking forward to get certified in the Microsoft Azure technologies!

I would highly recommend this to anyone aspiring to be an Azure specialist.

he is an expert, this is a fantastic course, highly recommended Updates to support exam 70-535 are great.

Highly recommend this course.

Highly recommended!

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az 300

Excelente, en cuanto a contenido, forma de explicar, ejercicios y sobre todos, de la mayoría de los cursos que tengo, es de los pocos que actualiza los cursos con nuevo contenido ajustado a la información liberada por MS, incluyendo el cambio de 300 a 303 aue va a sufrir, el actualizara este curso a esa versión sin ningún costo para los que lo compramos I would recommend this course to complete before appearing this AZ 300 exam.

Content and teaching flow is not in proper sequence and also no proper explanation of use case of the services explained I have passed AZ 300.

- No assignments, sample questions etc - First half is ok, but the second half of the course is very speedy and probably taken from other exam courses and not Az 300 - Nothing about preparation of the exam and what to expect - most of questions by the students are un-answered (in Q&A section) - I still feel there is a lot of learn, I would now buy some other course or use to learn.

THANK YOU I passed the Az 300 exam with a combination of this class, official practice exams, and my working knowledge of Azure.

This course will not help anyone to pass the AZ 300 exam.

The course aling to AZ 300 Ja ist für mich geeignet um die Zertifizierung zu erlangen clear explanations!

v.good The new AZ 300 version has no PowerPoint slides - great!

Great course, definitely recommend to anyone taking 70-535 (or AZ 300 next year) - I passed thanks to this course Um problema peculiar seria quando a linguagem, infelizmente só disponível com legendas em português.

The course seems to be a little bit unstructured, maybe partly because the author is adapting it to new az 300 blue print.

Thanks for making and sharing clear and easy to understand content Good, It was as expected This is very good and it covers 100% content which is needed for AZ 300 exam.

Read more

step by step

buen material Simple language, easy to understand.. step by step approach to provide information in detail is very much helpful.

Nice course quite useful and practical for the test information I thought this course will teach beginning to Azure Administrator, how to build virtual machines, how to migrate VM's and more step by step, but the instructor only shows the options available in azure and he just moves forward.

concise and step by step.

Scott was great in explaining it very clearly with step by step explanation.

Great explanationsin details compared to AWS Solution Architect class this is missing step by step instructions The lectures are just well delivered.

It is easy to understand and explains step by step the most relevant information and what to expect as sessions goes to the next level.

Read more

well thought out

Well thought out and implemented!

He is good Teacher... great course The course is very well thought out and gives you the information you need to understand the subject matter in clear way.

Great course, well thought out, starts at the beginning.

Very well thought out and am fully engaged... Till now ,explanation is very good.

Intersting information out of my stomach feeling :) So far, looks good Scott is articulate and the course outline seems well thought out The presentation is interesting.

Very well thought out, rich in additional links to labs , clear and concise in the delivery of content.

Read more

flash cards

Rather than having flash cards it’s better to have Quiz.

I would've like to see more hands on activities, flash cards and quizzes.

I also wish there were more quizzes and/or flash cards to help retention.

I would recommend the learner to go through the flash cards and quizzes as those are designed to remember the key points.

Missing lectures, flash cards containing questions about stuff never discussed about it's excellent So far, the way it is presented, very easy to capture and a good plan for setting objectives properly day by day and week by week Doesn't always move to the next lecture but the content is good Scott delivers detail at a clear and consistent pace.

But it’s a shame that there aren’t flash cards beyond the first couple of sections.

A few of the flash cards also contain examples of material that was not explicitly covered in the earlier lectures.

Good Coverage of Content Would like more quizzes and flash cards that align with actual exam.

Flash cards are available for Azure storage.

To high level description on each service flash cards ask material not covered in lessons Clear and detailed course.

Read more

real world

I'm enjoying the insight the instructor is giving and the little 'real world' tips etc Very helpful to learn Azure and to clear the AZ-300 exam!

The course helped solidify areas where I don't get much practice in the real world.

I would like to see real world examples in more courses.

Good content The course very helpful and close to the real world.

There all lot of great pictures taken from Microsoft Website which really helps me to relate the services to the real world scenario.

Really needs real world examples.

For example not highlighting what elements are related to the classic deployment model vs ARM, not going through real world scenarios, not going through how you set up each item in the topics.

I hope to see one real solution design which can show how to use different service togehter in the the real world.

Read more

deep dive

I wish there is another round of deep dive require in order to pass the exams or interviews.

this is good to get into somewhat deep dive sessions.

He tends to just deep dive in to something that he did not event explain on a high level... Best Example: Section 7, Lecture 36.

This is a fantastic course and needed before a deep dive.

I was hoping to get a course that would explain the concepts and then deep dive into technical aspects and have video demos of the topics.

At the end of each module you are given the links to Azure's official documentation on the subject (Usually a 10 - 15 minute read), so with this, a couple of deep dives into areas you aren't strong in, and a couple of practice exams you should be OK. Easy to follow chunks of information, makes it convenient to divide it up and consume on a day-day basis.

More details (deep dive) may help more.

Agree with the plan outlined very well explained I knew most of this stuff nice.. informative very good So far so good So far it is amazing, I cannot wait to deep dive in this course.

Read more

rather than

Appreciate the practical aspect of the lectures where Scott explains it thru the Portal rather than slides.

very informative, nonetheless, would be even better if there lots of call flow diagrams / architecture diagrams supporting the interaction between subsystems or functions rather than simply reading the descriptions/definitions.

Provides good reference material, but spends 2-3 minutes on a topic rather than going deep.

Too "bitty" - seems more like an overview for the 70-533 exam rather than architecting.

Very good.It was very nicely presented i think there should be more examples rather than just going through the contents.Even the labs could have been better As I am working in azure since last 3 years so I can say this course having good stuff to learn.

Great course, like the assignments, really gets you thinking rather than just following.

The structure could be more logical (it follows the Microsoft syllabus rigidly rather than providing a holistic overview).

Read more

looking forward

This was a good match for me, i enjoy the course so far and am looking forward for more.

The course was informative Great explanatory videos so far, looking forward for in depth knowledge.

por el momento muy bien como curso introductorio, pero para el examen me temo que necesitaré profundizar en cada concepto a little boring so far but looking forward to good stuff My first course with Scott Duffy.

Looking forward to complete the course soon.

Scott is very clear in his teaching, the course is very well produced so far and I'm looking forward to completing it.

I am looking forward to get thru this course!

for motivation on how to crack exam Nice start looking forward to move ahead Great content This is great for those that are concerned with their current certifications and certification paths moving forward but, is of no interest to those of us that are just wanting to get on with learning the content.

Read more


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

.Net with Azure $55k

Microsoft Azure $58k

Cloud Engineer - Azure $65k

Azure Development Engineer $68k

Azure Engineer $69k

Cloud Engineer (Azure) $78k

Azure Web Architect $85k

Azure Architect with Powershell $97k

Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect $98k

SDE in Microsoft $106k

Microsoft Azure Architect $108k

Azure Infrastructure Architect $109k

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Rating 4.0 based on 2,098 ratings
Length 11.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructors Scott Duffy, Software Architect, Software, Scott Duffy • 200,000+ Students, Scott Duffy • 300000+ Students, Scott Duffy • 400.000+ Students, Scott Duffy • 445.000+ Students
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software IT Certification

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