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SAP Simplified for Absolute Beginners

An idealstarter course into the daily office work with SAP for prospective end user. Get to know the essential parts of the system and also understand them. Make yourself familiar with the SAP system by watching carefully desigend videos about SAP.

Your journeyinto the SAP world will start from scratch. By and by you will be aquaintedwith the system in a very simplified way. The lectures always combine theory immediately with practice. Meaningthat everything is also demonstrated in a live system directly. 

You will see that it is not that difficult to navigate in SAP ERP. At its heart it is a question of understanding. This course offers lots of suitable explanations and demonstrations. 

At the close of the course you will have a quite goodunderstanding of SAP and thus be able to use the SAP system at work.

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Rating 4.4 based on 672 ratings
Length 2.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Ulrika Garner
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Language English
Tags Office Productivity SAP

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What people are saying

absolute beginner

The images were very dull and blurred Curso muy completo con conceptos generales para entender SAP This course is exactly what I need as an absolute beginner, it is amazingly interesting, the instructor is a great teacher.

Basic stuff and all of that really clear Now i am a Beginner , not a absolute beginner anymore :).

TILL NOW THE COURSE IS GREAT perfect,perfect,perfect.I can not say anything else.She teaches amazing and speaks very clear.For me as absolute beginner,the course is pefect.

Excellent course for beginners Very nice course for absolute beginner This course gave me a simple and concrete overview of the SAP world.

As a real absolute beginner, I could not have hoped for a better course.

As an absolute beginner, this course was helpful in giving me a thorough understanding of SAP usage.

a great course for an absolute beginner with ECC, want to rate 5 for every content in this course.

Very good start moves slowly As an absolute beginner I appreciate the detailed explanations and the reiteration of the main points at the end of each video.

Good learning experience If you're an absolute beginner to SAP, choose this course to give you a general surface overview.

My experience as an absolute beginner was absolutely splendid.

Splendid course for an absolute beginner, recommended to all thinking to begin.

A milestone for SAP absolute beginners, Things explained in the course are so useful and important for SAP basics reference and for a carrier in SAP world.

Highly recommended for absolute beginners !!

In the beginning, it appears to be slower and shallower but as the course progresses it gets better: as the name implies it is for the absolute beginner, so it is completely understandable.

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easy to understand

The course is purely theoretical but it does give you a peek into what SAP is all about..Good for those with absolutely no knowledge of SAP Easy to understand and easy to follow course if you are an absolute beginner.

Simple and very easy to understand for a beginner to SAP essentially a Document management system with bells on :) The most well made video and very knowledgeable teacher.

This course is very knowledgeable and easy to understand The course is around 3 years old.

the course was easy to understand!

The course is very straightforward and easy to understand, thumbs up The information flow in respective sections is great.

explained in very simple way and easy to understand.

after i finished my course, its excellent its easy to understand for those who are not aware of SAP This course is exactly what I need to enhance my SAP skills.

very informative and easy to understand This course has been a good match for me to learn the basics of SAP.

Very explanatory very helpful Super explained, voice is really good, slowly and clear spoken Easy to understand and follow This course is satisfactory for a beginner introduction into SAP.

Explicación clara de los menu y distribución de la pantalla ,y el porque del nombre Explanation is very easy to understand.... very good teaching This is a great course for somebody who doesn't know anything about SAP like me.

Easy to understand.

easy to understand!

Easy to understand 초보자에게 적당한 강의 Indicato per coloro che non hanno mai visto nemmeno tale applicazione.

amazing Easy to understand with clear audio Good so far so good Nice intro to SAP.

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so far

Speaker is amazing and engaging deep knowledge so far.. very helpfull for laymen like me Learned a lot about SAP from this video.

Some concepts are not explained properly So far the simplicity of the information has been amazing .

very educative so far.

Good so far.

Very clear so far, easy to follow and I love the recap at the end of the videos.

Section 17 states 7 min session but after about 4 minutes it is over and should be cut back to appropriate time and take out all the blank area I have enjoyed all videos so far!

A very helpful tool for me :) So far, the course is more than I expected Good, The teacher shows a very good grasp of the content and is able to break it down in a manner that helps me to understand very clearly.

So far, it is easy to follow.

Was informative excelent Yes GOOD Pretty clear and simple so far good basic start.

Good so far Indeed the course was good as a beginner on learning SAP, the information is clear and understandable.

This is a good experience so far.

The information is brief and concise.This is a good expirience so far.

基本が学べて良い。 Its been good so far.

The teacher illustrate these complex topics in a simple way My experience so far has been great and i realized that the process is broken down properly.

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for absolute beginners

The way Ulrika taught is interesting... Never the less U may make this course for absolute beginners even more worthwhile by inserting some practise assignment apart from the Quiz,which we undertook..

Great course for absolute beginners on SAP.

Very good content for absolute beginners It was a good match for me.

Definitely for absolute beginners.

Simply Great!Best Course for absolute beginners !!

excellent for beginner Best for Absolute Beginners.

Content is really good Lectures are very good and adequate for absolute beginners.

It is suitable for absolute beginners.

The course is very useful for absolute beginners in order to get an idea about what SAP is, some of its core functions and to get an overview of the system and it core components.

The course is great for absolute beginners who are totally new to SAP system.

This course is really great for absolute beginners, to get the first impressions about SAP generally.

Perfect for absolute Beginners on SAP.

The topic is addressed by an expert, and is being simplified (opposite to intimidating), which is the purpose for absolute beginners to understand the foundations of SAP ERP, and thus should help them pick it up more effectively, whether they're learning it from peers in the workplace, or on their own in further advanced courses The lecture explains each content in simpler terms for a beginner to understand, the course might be challenging, however so far, they way she explains it, it motivates an individual to want to learn more.

Very clear and precise for absolute beginners.

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knowledge of sap

;) * * * * * Nicely arranged and demonstrated the basic knowledge of SAP ERP.

perfect for anyone with no knowledge of SAP Good, learned new latest things about SAP I had no idea what sap was and this video was really helpful could be more better explanation about everything The narrator was good.

It has great content and it is an ideal start for people who do not have any knowledge of SAP.

knowledgeable I have no previous knowledge of SAP and took this course hoping it would lay a good foundation but I find the explanations broad and not so practical.

knowledge of SAP is improved and the lecturer is very profession in explaining the concepts I have learned a lot about SAP that i didn't know before , Will you have an SAP plant maintenance for beginners course in the future ?

Good and useful introduction for someone who has near zilch knowledge of SAP.

I am a PMP with zero knowledge of SAP who is now learning the very basics to work in projects related to Hana.

I had no prior knowledge of SAP and this course gave me a great introduction.

very good course for the basic knowledge of SAP Good, easy to understand basic overview of SAP Excellent speaker, good course content and effective delivery.

Friendly, Easy, Clear and concise for us no knowledge of SAP Good knowledge transfer very simple and easy to understand very good explanation I love your english accent its easy to understand and follow.

SELF EXPLANATORY very nicely and clearly explained Excellent It was a good match because my knowledge of SAP was at 0% prior to the course.

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good match for

The course approach and explanation was a good match for me.

It was a good match for me.

nice amazing This was a good match for mer.

This course is a good match for me because I have no experience with SAP ERP systems.

Va de acuerdo al nivel de conocimiento indicado en el título del curso Yes, so far this has been a good match for me.

SI Very understandable and helpful Very good match for this complete beginner!

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experience with sap

I am a beginner when it comes to using SAP, enrolling in this course is proving to be beneficial and gaining valuable knowledge especially to someone who has no experience with SAP or access there to.

Informative and engaging - even for those with experience with SAP, this course will provide a few key baseline refreshers of knowledge.

I was still able to learn a few things from this course regardless of previous experience with SAP.

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too slow

The pace of the videos is not too slow or fast.

I find the delivery is too slow.

great explanation very easy I have a clearer understanding of the acronyms by which SAP stand for and the different segments it is divided is too slow and too baisc to take so much time Echt heel erg basic.

Based one what I've seen so far this course is a good starting point for gaining a general idea of SAP before branching out A little too slow on some too basic things.

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well structured

Yes, the course is well structured and easy to follow.

well structured and very well explained Yeah, taking this course was really good, because I've been able to have an overview of what SRP is all about informative course Good beginning course The explanation was very clear and presented in simple terms.

The course is well structured & presentation is very clear.

Enjoyed this course, very well structured.

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no experience

It introduces SAP to people who have no experience with it, other than perhaps having seen a print screen or a data download.

excellent for someone who has no experience in SAP at all.

idea about

In general I think the course covered a wide amount of basic information about SAP which helped me get a clear idea about the system.

Explained in a slow paced and friendly manner, it gives the beginner a good idea about the possible career paths made possible by this ERP.

Dealing with SAP is quite challenging, but her clear and comprehensible lessons helped me to get my feet wet and have a broad , yet detailed, idea about the SAP environment.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

System Analyst - SAP Security $58k

I.T. SAP Basis System Administrator $91k

System Analyst, SAP $93k

System Engineer (SAP Security) $93k

System, Database & SAP Administrator $94k

SAP System Analyst Consultant Contractor $94k

System Analyst focused on SAP:WM $97k

System Specialist - SAP Basis $104k

SAP Business System Analyst Consultant $111k

Senior SAP System Analyst $124k

SAP System Administrator/BPO $130k

SAP System Analyst Expert $139k

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Rating 4.4 based on 672 ratings
Length 2.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Ulrika Garner
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Office Productivity SAP

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