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Online Japanese Beginner Course (All 12 lessons)

The“Online Japanese Beginner Course” is intended for beginner level learners. Through the use of video materials, learners will study Japanese pronunciation and writing, in addition to simple greetings and expressions used in everyday life. In addition, since a PDF file textbook is included and can be printed any number of times, the practice of writing hiragana and katakana can also be obtained. In addition to Japanese pronunciation and writing, daily conversation and expressions are also taught. All of the narration contains English subtitles, so that the people learning Japanese for the first time can freely study the materials.N3 Course is in production. The production of N2 Course and N1 Course is also scheduled.

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Rating 4.5 based on 323 ratings
Length 5.5 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $11
From Udemy
Instructor Attain Corp.
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Language English
Subjects Languages
Tags Language Japanese Teaching & Academics

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What people are saying

We analyzed reviews for this course to surface learners' thoughts about it

so far in 24 reviews

So far, so good.

I've found it helpful so far that it's not moving TOO fast.

So far I've memorized my first hiraganas!!

So far yes.

Other than that, great so far .

so far it has been very well taught and i cant wait to learn more Por enquanto sim, está ensinando bem o básico sobre escrita e pronúncia.

So far it is something I needed reading, writing and listening.

So far my research hasn't done me wrong but I no longer have to question it.

easy to follow in 14 reviews

And it's really easy to follow.

This course is organized quite well and is easy to follow.

Pace is slow and instruction is easy to follow.

Easy to follow It's quite clear, the presenter is good, and I like the mouth closeup - helps to make unfamiliar sounds easier.

She goes at the right pace for immediate beginners simple et efficace Easy to follow so far Very simple to follow Great!

All in japanese Each lesson is concised and easy to follow.

Ando-sensei speaks very clearly, and the English subtitles are a translation of the meaning, instead of a literal translation, which makes it very easy to follow along.

Easy to follow along I like the immediate immersion, but I somewhat wish that more time was spent on the vocabulary and specifically in relation to the words commonly used during instruction.

for beginners in 12 reviews

Apart from that it is a wonderful course for beginners.

But greeting conversations may be too fast for beginners.

Had to refer to other videos on youtube, or websites to get further information that I find essential for beginners.

So far this is a great learning tool, it goes at a good pace for beginners and has a lot of extra information for those looking to peer ahead somewhat.

very thorough with the way of writing which is good for beginners looking to learn Japanese efficiently too fast It's great to have a native speacker as teacher!

I recommend pairing this with Tuttle Publishing's: "Japanese Hiragana & Katakana for Beginners".

Highly recommended for beginners.

Good for beginners and people who need to fully learn the pronunciation but it was often a bit too slow (which is to help people pronounce words, etc).

very clear in 11 reviews

Pronunciation guides are very clear and have detailed mouth movements in case anything sounds a little off, this helps to correct any error.

exellent this course is really good on teaching Japanese siiiii I have understood this clearly, however , while writing, why one stroke is to be given before the other is not explaine Everything is very clear, so far.

Teacher's pronunciation is very clear and slow enough for the beginner to catch up.

The instructor is very clear and I like how she goes over each character more than once.

The instructor is very clear and repetitive in her instruction; which not only allows me to learn the task at hand better, but future words and sayings (such as numbers of steps) as well.

This course is very clear.

Very clear and easy to follow.

very clear to understand and follow instructions understood Gut handhabar, angemessene Geschwindigkeit, gute Didaktik i learn fast with this video I like being able to learn how to write in hiragana.

hiragana and katakana in 10 reviews

The instructor goes through each row of hiragana and katakana, in a very thorough manner, then covers a wide array of different greetings and sayings that can be used in common conversation.

Really enjoyed this course and I feel like I have picked up hiragana and katakana quite quickly, but of course, need some more practice to recall them quickly.

The course is suitable for people who has absolutely no prior knowledge of the Japanese language as the first lesson starts with pronunciation and gradually moves to learning Hiragana and Katakana.

Covers good content for basic conversation and explains Hiragana and Katakana quite deeply.

Or at least how simple hiragana and katakana are to understand.

In case of memorization of the Hiragana and Katakana, it’s good to have a textbook for that, I had one that I found on reddit, I started to train on many types of fonts and did just fine on that.

I’ve been watching a 24h live channel on Youtube, it’s a weather Channel in Japan called SOLiVE24, so far I’ve managed to even learn new words and expressions, and because it has many kinds of information on the screen, you can improve how you read hiragana and katakana!

The videos are slow, the pronunciation clear, and you get introduced to each row and how to write it bit by bit until you've learned the whole hiragana and katakana.

japanese language in 10 reviews

So hard to find content about japanese language, and this is so carefully explained and put so we can learn it at our own speed.

Because its very nice to learn with a person directly from Japan Highly appreciated if the beginning lesson can add on an introduction of why Japanese Language has to differentiate by 03 types (Hiragana / Katagana / Kanji ) ?

Despite the English title of this course it is completely held in Japanese language.

Perfect Course for beginners who want to start learning the Japanese language from the beginning.

Because I though I wouldn't be able to follow or understand the Japanese language.

Leads me through the start of the Japanese language in an ordered way clear pronunciation and provide details exemple Clases muy claras, fáciles de entender y bien explicadas.

Tiene buen material, únicamente la maestra es muy monótona It was a good starting point for people with no knowledge of the Japanese language.

I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who are looking for a primer into the Japanese language and felt like they needed to start somewhere.


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Senior Professor of the Practice of Japanese Language $24k

Translator/Interpreter (Japanese-English) West Virginia $31k

Ohio Program of Intensive English (OPIE) Pronunciation Tutor $40k

Japanese and Portuguese Instructor $40k

Japanese Translator/ Interpreter (QA/ Safety Dept) $42k

Associate Japanese Language Teacher $46k

Japanese Translator $54k

ESL and Japanese Teacher $65k

Japanese Language Instructor $81k

Business Analyst - Japanese Repos and STP Systems Development $114k

Head of Japanese Equities Sales $118k

Professor of Japanese $129k

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Rating 4.5 based on 323 ratings
Length 5.5 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $11
From Udemy
Instructor Attain Corp.
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Languages
Tags Language Japanese Teaching & Academics

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