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This Korean Foundations course is for you if you have always wanted to learn Korean but just never got around to getting started. It is also for you if you have tried to start learning Korean but found the materials to be either too boring and not relevant to you. If you are someone who doesn't like book studying and enjoys jumping right in to get the feel of things, then this course is perfect for you.

The entire course leads you through the learning process step by step with sound and images to help strengthen your memory of the words and sentences you are going to learn. When we say without any studying, we mean it. There's no review or concentrated study needed to learn what you are going to learn in this course. It is designed specifically to make you learn, as opposed to making you do the learning on your own.

In this course you will find Clean crips images along with step by step instruction the whole way through, as you go along you may even forget that you're learning. If you're curious about how exactly the course works, check out the "How to Use This Course" video for more.

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Rating 4.7 based on 316 ratings
Length 5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Jeremy Brinkerhoff
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Language English
Subjects Languages
Tags Language Other Teaching & Academics

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What people are saying

so far

I think this one is helping so far.

My personal experience is great so far, I’ve learned so much in such little time, I would recommend to a good friend It is a good way of learning through linking Korean and English I am enjoying learning this method.

The course is great so far.

Thoroughly enjoying the course so far.

Great course so far.

Super fantastic so far.

So far I wasted money and time on the flash cards, books, and DVDs.

This rating is only for module 1 so far.

Easy to follow and I remember absolutely everything I'm learning so far!

so far, this is the best I've found online!

the examples are useful but there are so many similar sounding vowels and consonants in the korean language that it doesn't make sense to now show someone who is learning what to write/say - repeating only gets you so far when you know next to nothing The illustrations make it very easy to remeber the words very simple, consistent and easy-to-understand lessons.

It is very interesting snd I would reccomend it to anyone who wants to learn korean It's very awesome course so far.

So far so good!

This method is fun and so far, it is working!

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easy to follow

Very easy to follow.

The course was fun and extremely easy to follow.

VERY EASY TO FOLLOW and not too much info at once.

It is easy to follow and overall a great introduction to the language.

Loving it so far, really easy to follow.

easy to follow yes it is very helpful for a beginner like me Easy to follow and good instruction Was very easy to pick up, makes me want to learn more.

It helps with the basics of talking rather than the basics of the language, which helps even if you've been using free resources to learn Korean Yes, very easy to follow.

Good so far Easy to understand, easy to follow.

The course is easy to follow, and it helps a lot to understand the language structure and move onto to the next stage (if you already speak Japanese it is even easier, and I had extra fun finding similarities between the linguistic structure of the two languages).

So far the course has been great, it felt natural and the speed and topic so easy to follow.

Great course and very easy to follow!

I hope there's another course in Korean by you guys... Really useful and easy to following along :) Did know some Korean, but I started with the basic course and about 1/3 of the done now and I've already added about 10 new and very useful words.

Very easy to follow along.

Really easy to follow along, very effective so far Very easy to get speaking and start learning!

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for beginners

고맙습니다 This course is alright and good for beginners who are really just starting out learning Korean.

A great course for beginners.

His lessons are nice short, simple and he keeps it easy for beginners like me.

The course is excellent for beginners who have no prior knowledge of Korean.

The concepts are explained in an easily digestible way for beginners.

I do like the style of the teachers though... Smart learning and memorization techniques Ya aprendi a hablar desde el principio The structure is great for beginners.

Otherwise, this is a good one for beginners or traveller for some basic and survival communication skill!

It's clear and very thorough, which is necessary for beginners.

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native speaker

Also since there Yeo Jin being a native Korean speaker I learnt words as in How to speak them as a native speaker.

It would be better if the native speaker did more facial shots to show the actual pronunciation of words.

The instructor and the native speaker tutor were great.

The pace, pronunciation, and intonation of the native speaker is very good for training the brain to recognize the way things are said.

it's quick and all but it's extremely difficult as a non-native speaker that is just learning to know the words youre actually being taught without at least writing the hangeul or something.

Encouraging, humor, native speaker, American conductor I like it I understand they make it easy for me...Thank you...

The learning is very interactive and having a korean native speaker speak the words for you, greatly improves your pronunciation.

Helps me remember A few discrepancies betw native and non native speaker This is an excellent intro into the Korean language and mindset.

Easy to understand and I like the native speaker to correct myself It's simple and I really like the repetitive format Easy to understand Easy to understand.

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jeremy and yeojin

I hope Jeremy and Yeojin make more.

Thank you so much Jeremy and Yeojin.

Thanks so much, Jeremy and Yeojin!

I would highly recommend this course and really hope that there will be further courses from Jeremy and Yeojin in this style.

Thank Jeremy and Yeojin so much ;) So far everything is easy to pronounce and just like Jeremy says he explains it in such a way that it is easy to remember!

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recommend this course

Having just finished I am greatly looking forward to continuing to learn and thoroughly recommend this course for anyone learning Korean.

I will definitely recommend this course to friends.

Early days, but if I'm ever required to ask for a banana, I'm sorted :) Easy, Visual, Relates sounds and words to make it easier It is fun and loving super easy to learn So great I strongly recommend this course!

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highly recommend

I highly recommend this as a first Korean course because you get quite a bit of useful information that is easy to remember and to use right away.

It's an easy and fun course to follow, but I would highly recommend the girl who repeats the sentences in Korean to speak a bit slower.

I highly recommend his YouTube channel (MotivateKorean) as well!

Highly recommended!

I highly recommend.

It is like a fun activity and not a class.Highly recommended for the students who are trying to get started with Korean.

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starting point

Overall this is a great starting point.

I can really recommend it as a starting point.

It is what it promises, it will be your starting point to further learning journey.

Great starting point for beginners!

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teaching style

Jeremy has an amazing teaching style!

I feel I am learning and remembering at a faster rate with his teaching style.

I’m really enjoying the teaching style, it makes things easier to remember.

I like the teaching style.

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even though

It is well structured and can actually say it's worth every penny even though i paid next to nothing for such works of art :) great content.

I've just made it halfway, and even though the sentences are getting much more complex, the "Word Legos" approach is quite effective.

even though I have already begun reading and writing and listening to lecture after lecture.

Even though a lot of it is a review for me, I absolutely love it!

I grew up learning a second language in school (Spanish); that foundation is still in my head even though I don't study it, and it helps me to understand Spanish natives more easily.

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my brain

And the way this course was make and with all the visual images and Jeremy's Stories many words and grammer have been immersed into my brain.

What they said is true, I didn't take notes or anything and it just felt like they were downloading the information in my brain.

I feel like I'll be able to add another language to my brain and it's nice to know that I still have the capacity for learning languages.

I have never been more excited to learn Korean- I have been struggling for years, and now it's as if a switch has been flipped in my brain.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Foundations Instructor $47k

2017 Career Foundations Program $47k

Financial Foundations Specialist 2 $48k

Korean Court Interpreter $51k

Lecturer of Art Appreciation/Foundations $51k

Financial Foundations Specialist 3 $53k

Interpreter Per Diem - English-Korean $59k

Instructor of Social Foundations of Education $62k

Adjunct Professor - Foundations (Art) $83k

Bilingual Korean IT Programmer $86k

Foundations Level Programmer $93k

Professor Foundations/Fine Arts $118k

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Rating 4.7 based on 316 ratings
Length 5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $16
From Udemy
Instructor Jeremy Brinkerhoff
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Languages
Tags Language Other Teaching & Academics

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