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Chinese Made Easy L1



Start learning Chinese with a completely new approach that will both make it fun and easy. In these two hours you will learn:   

- to read and even write simple stories completely in Chinese 

- to have a simple conversation – introducing yourself and a bit more 

- the basics of this language, so that you have something really solid to build on further 

  About the Course and Us 

We are the first foreign-run Chinese (Mandarin) teaching company in China with a completely new approach to teaching Chinese. Our courses are constructed by foreigners for foreigners, and also include the wide experience of our Chinese teachers. 

In this course you will learn the fundamental concepts upon which you can easily build your Chinese language learning. By the end of this course, you will be able to conduct a simple conversation in Chinese with basic expressions, as well as the relevant reading and writing skills. 

Chinese is the most logical language there is and we hope to demonstrate to the world how to successfully navigate it. Through the ancient system of using pictograms, two words with separate meanings can join to form entirely new words. For example, learn the word for electricity (电), then add brain (脑) and you get computer (electric-brain). Replace brain with stairs (梯) and you get elevator (electric-stairs). 话 means speech and 'electric-speech' means telephone. Chinese is a clearly structured, logical language, and it is this logic that makes the learning experience feel like a puzzle that anyone can solve. 

We teach entirely through videos, where we first explain concepts and then show them in practice through dialogues with strangers on the street. Videos are shortened down to 1-5 minutes and to make sure you are paying attention we will give you quizzes between the videos based on what you have just learned. Pass it and move on to learn about the next concept. 

Each lesson consists of 20-40 mins of video content. This introduction course contains 4 lessons (2+ hours in total) and a little treat at the end... 

When you sign up we will also give you our course book that helps you review everything you learn much easier. 

Your instructor in this course is Felix Lattman, who founded Domino Chinese in Guangzhou, China, after spending some years in the city and teaching himself Chinese. To him Chinese made a lot more sense than it is generally credited with, and so he realised this language of 1.3 billion people should be very easy to learn as long as it is taught in the right way. In 2013, he started teaching Chinese to foreigners and within 3 months all of his students could converse in Chinese. 

With Felix's approach to teaching Chinese combined with the other Chinese teachers' experience in the company we hope to improve Chinese teaching everywhere in the world and make it fun, logical and much more like "a walk in the park" for anyone.  

Click the “Take This Course" button, top right, now … every hour you delay is costing you money 

  Felix Lattman 

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Rating 4.4 based on 479 ratings
Length 11.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $15
From Udemy
Instructors Felix Lättman, Ann Zhu, Richard Humphreys, Gavin Gao
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Languages
Tags Language Chinese Teaching & Academics

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What people are saying

way to learn chinese

This is the easiest way to learn Chinese that I have come across.

The logical approach is awesome It’s a great way to learn Chinese !

A much better way to learn Chinese than studying on your own or any slow-paced course.

Interesting and fun way to learn Chinese.

Sehr Gut This course provides an engaging, approachable, and interesting way to learn Chinese from scratch.

Great way to learn Chinese moves too fast, things seem to be left out that are important.

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felix and ann

It seemed like a difficult task before Felix and Ann (both of whom are very likable) started explaining and breaking down everything as the lessons progressed.

Thanks Felix and Ann!

Felix and Ann are great actors!

The personalities involved (mostly Felix and Ann) make the course very fun and the examples (cute, funny, surprising, silly, serious, embarrassing, spontaneous, endearing, etc) make the subject being learned very memorable.

The videos are engaging and Felix and Ann help make it all very interesting.

I like how Felix and Ann break down the radicals and make sense of each word and concept and put them together in small phrases rather than huge sentences.

Felix and Ann are great teachers!

Much thanks Felix and Ann!

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highly recommend

I highly recommend this awesome course.

I highly recommend it!

Highly recommended!!!

Highly recommend.

a must get :) This is an excellent course and I would highly recommend it.

Overall, I would highly recommend this course to someone who hasn't even looked at Chinese characters for a while (like me) and to people new to the language as well.

I highly recommend this to anyone who has an interest in learning what is considered the most difficult language in the world.

Highly recommended as an introductory course!

I learned a lot and highly recommend this course.

I highly recommend it and I am loving it so much that I am already signing up for the third course!

I highly recommend.

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so far so good

So far so good.

So far so good!

fun and learning a lot learning by understanding :) So far so good I'm learning so much Very easy to follow your study structure has to be improve.

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building blocks

Explanation of building blocks is very helpful.

With the real-world examples and exercises alongside as the progress not to mention the fun, has helped me to understand the basic building blocks on the Chinese language Thank you Felix you are a great teacher!

Really great building blocks Good good thank you I never thought I'd be able to text my friends in Chinese :) Audio is sporadic.

谢谢! The "building blocks" approach works great.

I am starting to recognize characters, their meanings and as Domino Chinese says "the building blocks" to other characters.

Fantastic concept of “building blocks”.

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easier to remember

Best part is that Felix uses many real world examples which make Chinese easier to remember.

The building blocks of learning each part of the character makes it much easier to remember the reasoning behind each word instead of memorizing each character one by one.

What's really good is that you will learn all the building blocks that make up characters, which will make it easier to remember them and learn new words in the future.

That makes it much easier to remember than just using a "flash card" kind of method.

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teaching style

If you find you like the teaching style you will get a lot of value out of this.

I really like the 'informal' teaching style that is followed in this course!

I recomended,very good Felix is very entertaining, I love his teaching style, he's making the learning experience very enjoyable and the many funny mnemonics make it way more easy to remember the Chinese characters, their pinyin versions and their actual English translations.

The instructors employ a very effective teaching style Simple and fun approach to learning, recommending for opening your mind to different styles of learning.

I don't really understand his teaching style, and I don't understand why I'm learning random words like "knife" and "fish" in the first few lessons.

Perfect teaching style Its easy chinese and very helpful.

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really enjoyed

But I still really enjoyed the first lessons of the cousre and learned a lot of characters.

I really enjoyed this great course, as it had me laughing most of the time.

I really enjoyed this course as an introduction into Chinese.

I really enjoyed this class.

I really enjoyed the experience.

I really enjoyed this course.

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rather than

Felix's teaching style really resonates with me - it is unique and fosters growth in learning the language, rather than just learning some phrases in a bubble.

Wo hen kai xin yes its good for me Good, but errors are made when teaching while creating course rather than creating and editing the course before publishing.

Sure, the production values are higher than some nervous sounding chap using powerpoint but at least many of those people are really trying to help you learn rather than this poorly organized mess of a module which seems more like someone making stuff up as they go along .

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pick up

Its very easy to stop and pick up right where you left off.

Good for those like me who wanted to pick up reading Chinese.

Context in a sentence The guy is funny and is doing this witha smile not like a teacher I am able to start to pick up some of the info being talked about.

Easy to pick up!

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too fast

If I was new to mandarin, it would be moving much too fast.

Other reviews claim the content looks amateur and goes too fast but I think that is part of the charm.

very Well Done Speaks too fast.

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definitely recommend

Would definitely recommend his course to anyone who has an interest in learning to speak Chinese.

I definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to learn Chinese, or even if you just want to learn something new, or are simply bored, because this is the most fun course I've ever taken on Udemy (besides their other courses, like Level 2, which I'm currently taking).

I definitely recommend it to anyone trying to learn the language!

I would definitely recommend this course.

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Teaching Adjunct $8k

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Teaching 2 $34k

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Chinese Teacher 3 $43k

Teaching Writing $44k

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Rating 4.4 based on 479 ratings
Length 11.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $15
From Udemy
Instructors Felix Lättman, Ann Zhu, Richard Humphreys, Gavin Gao
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Languages
Tags Language Chinese Teaching & Academics

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