An Introduction to SiriKit

Wouldn't it be great if an app user could simply ask to use one of your app's features directly from the Siri interface? This course, An Introduction to SiriKit, will show you how to create vocal commands using the SiriKit framework. First, you'll go over what SiriKit can and cannot do along with a preview of what you will be creating in the course. Next, you get to see what Intents Extensions are and how an app handles them when communicating with SiriKit, as well as how to develop a UI that is called after Siri receives vocal instruction. Finally, you'll see how to record and store audio then transfer it to Siri for transcription. By the end of this course, you'll be ready to create fully-featured voice dictation using SiriKit. Software required: Xcode 8.

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Rating Not enough ratings
Length 1.6 hours
Starts On Demand (None)
Cost $29
From Pluralsight
Instructor Grant Klimaytys
Free Limited Content
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Software Development iOS Swift Xcode

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