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Financial Modeling

Would you like to learn how to value a company?

Even people who don't have a Finance degree can take this course and learn how to build a complete Discounted Cash Flow Model.  

Attention. You will have to go through the videos and the course materials in order to obtain the promised result.  

If you want to:

  • Improve your Microsoft Excel modeling skills

  • Learn how to value a company

  • Understand what drives a company's value

Then this is the right course for you.

What we offer:

  • Well designed and easy to understand materials

  • Detailed and comprehensible explanations

  • Regular course updates

By the completion of this course you will:

  • Be able to build a Cash Flow statement

  • Know how to value a company

  • Be able to build a Valuation model from scratch

  • Know how to create a model with multiple scenarios

  • Be able to perform sensitivity analysis

  • Know how to create professional and good-looking advanced charts

The instructor of this course has extensive experience in Financial Modeling:

  • Worked in the Financial advisory unit of a top-tier consulting firm

  • Experience in M&A transactions carried out in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Poland

  • Worked in the in-house Mergers & Acquisitions department of one of the largest semiconductor firms in the world

  • Financial advisor in multiple M&A deals with sizes ranging from €2 million up to €5 billion

About the course:

  • An unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee – because we believe in the quality of our content

  • No significant previous experience is needed in order to understand the course well and benefit fully from its content

  • Unlimited access to all course materials

  • Emphasis on learning by doing

  • You can always contact us for any clarification free of charge

  • Our goal is to take your Valuation skills to the next level

Make an investment that will pay for itself in terms of career perspectives, positive feedback and personal growth. 

Just go ahead and subscribe to this course. Nowadays the job market has become very competitive. If you don't acquire these skills now you will miss an opportunity to separate yourself from others. Don't risk your future success.  

Let's start learning together now.  

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Rating 4.1 based on 232 ratings
Length 4 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $19
From Udemy
Instructor 365 Careers
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Finance Finance & Accounting Financial Modeling & Analysis

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What people are saying

easy to follow

Very nice content, well explained, good examples and easy to follow :-) The course so far appears to be more simple than I originally anticipated I enjoyed the leasson, so clear and precise Focused and well explained.

It was easy to follow due to good sound and short video lessons.

Illustrative and and easy to follow Practical stuff Very good course.

Very easy to follow and understand.

Its great, easy to follow and understandable All the courses from 365 careers are top notch clear, detailed, keeping engaged.

its practical and easy to follow it was very easy to comprehend Good HI5 : ) Hey!

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financial modelling

Very informative to deepen financial modelling skills regarding DCF valuation!

perfect Very insightful course on DCF valuation for financial modelling Excellent explanation.

One of the best about financial modelling available in Udemy!

I enjoyed the course but will appreciate the one that includes the impact of scheduling debt and some advanced financial modelling Fantastic course!

Thank you A great fundamental framework to understand financial modelling.

Informative course on Financial modelling Good A bit fast for me- as I am learning the aspect in Finance Learning a lot of great stuff!!

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dcf model

The course definitely needs a good financial knowledge Best training for DCF modeling.

This study showed me a good example of how to evaluate a company and built a complete DCF model.

A great course that has made myself much more confident in building DCF models.

I definitely understand how to construct a DCF model better now that I've taken this course.

This could be the best DCF model lecture I ever learned!

Good course, more than the basics are explained Very good explanations and guidance to create DCF model.

Read more

365 careers

This is my 2nd 365 careers course and it's truly worth it.

i am thankful to 365 careers for giving me such a wonderful experience in learning.

365 careers saved my career ;) love you brothers good course awesome He is explaining very well.

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dcf valuation

Thank you The course was really explicit and straight forward, giving you a general knowledge of excel formulas, DCF valuation and tools to use in order to create a complete model.

If you want to learn about DCF valuation, and specifically how it's done, then look no further.

Overly simplistic in that the model described/taught does not take into account the capital structure of the firm Best course for DCF valuation modelling he's going way to fast on the formula - that is the most important part.

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real world

And there are many broad assumptions taken, few detailed slides over their calculations in real world scenario would have been highly appreciated though!

Examples are true to the real world and Excel technical skills can be honed by watching the instructor do it on screen.

I need more real world application examples.

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corporate finance

I advise to ones who are interested in corporate finance and valuation to learn this course to achieve very important technical tools you need to vo value a company.

The experience was very comparable to introductory undergraduate corporate finance subjects This course is just too theoretical.

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too fast

Everything is perfect but the instructor speaks too fast.

Certain places I found it too fast.

Estou gostando 3es are here Goes a little too fast.

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something more

The course was good but I had higher expectation to learn something more challenging out of it..

It's an excellent course that teaches you excel and finance and give you resources if you need to understand something more.

Read more

till now

It is very helpful and relatable till now it was only the basic Wish there were exercises Everything slowly , clearly and excellent presentation Yes it was.

Since I know most of these fundamentals, this course till now hasn't been very productive till now Great course for beginners.

real life

It is very nice lesson smoothly explained and useful in real life.

- Only one point, it is very simplified in the role of PP&E and capex, it should be detailed to be applicable in real life.

Read more

saved my

I am thankful for that amazing course Your course has saved my job through this course.

Actually, I have under observation for a permanent job and through this job, I saved my job and me very happy, bro Really helpful for those who just start the career as a financial analyst because to be perfect and efficient you have a strong base and this course help me to build my understanding and analytical approach.


An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Build / DevOps Engineers $67k

Assistant Camera operator Dont tell the bride $76k

Web Build Specialist $78k

Design/Build Manager $87k

Value-Added Program Coordinator $88k

Value Realization Leader $102k

Value Engineering/Value Analysis $107k

Network Build Engineer $128k

Build and Configuration Engineer $129k

Software Build Specialist $143k

Build Operations Engineer $158k

Build Engineer Lead 2 $219k

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Rating 4.1 based on 232 ratings
Length 4 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $19
From Udemy
Instructor 365 Careers
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Finance Finance & Accounting Financial Modeling & Analysis

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