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AI For Everyone

AI is not only for engineers. If you want your organization to become better at using AI, this is the course to tell everyone--especially your non-technical colleagues--to take. In this course, you will learn: - The meaning behind common AI terminology, including neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, and data science - What AI realistically can--and cannot--do - How to spot opportunities to apply AI to problems in your own organization - What it feels like to build machine learning and data science projects - How to work with an AI team and build an AI strategy in your company - How to navigate ethical and societal discussions surrounding AI Though this course is largely non-technical, engineers can also take this course to learn the business aspects of AI.
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Rating 4.8 based on 2,481 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week
Starts Jul 17 (46 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From via Coursera
Instructor Andrew Ng
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Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Business Strategy

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What people are saying

andrew ng

Introduction to AI by Andrew Ng: 0% technical, focused on what is AI, what AI can do, how to develop an AI project => basically AI explained to your novice Boss or to your GrandPa It is very impressive how Prof. Andrew made possible this course to be explained in the easiest possible way.

It gives me a concept of what AI is all about and remove my doubts and clear many hypes that AI is creating robots that will make humans slaves and human race will become obsolete in front of AI.I really appreciate efforts made by "Sir ANDREW NG" and his team who are doing their best to educate people about AI and giving guidance to millions of people A must for anyone who wishes to learn what AI is all about.

Thanks, Andrea Ng :) Best and my hero andrew ng teacher clear and full of great insights It's a very good course for beginners.

Thank you Andrew Ng!

Prof Andrew Ng has explained the course in such an easy AND engaging manner that its almost impossible not to complete it.

Looking forward to more content from Thank you Prof. Andrew Ng.

Thanks A great and complete overview of the AI potential and challenges by one of the best pedagogue in that field (Andrew Ng).

Informative, simple to understand, great delivery of content, good example etc Excellent course for someone seeking a general knowledge This is a great non-technical course for beginners who want to start with the basics of AI.Also, I would advise who are already well-versed with AI to take this course, as it cuts through the major AI - hype and allows to understand how AI can be applied in industries.Finally, I would like to thank Andrew Ng Sir, for all his efforts into the course.

Exceptional course by Andrew Ng.

New top-quality AI/ML course by Andrew Ng.

Andrew Ng has nailed down AI for people like us.

Special thanks to Mr.Andrew Ng for his quality work.

Best course for executives Thanks a lot to Andrew Ng sir .

Also a lot of concepts like AI and society are covered which is very important in the current era I chose this course because I wanted to be taught by Andrew Ng.

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machine learning

machine learning, deep learning, neural networks etc.

good overview about AI and machine learning Core AI concepts are explained in a very simple straight forward manner.

It's very well prepared and presented non-technical course for about everyone, who wants to learn basics of the AI / machine learning.

I'd like to continue to learn AI and Machine Learning (Deep Learning) more on Coursesa.

He is enthusiastic, he cares about his audience and promotes an ethical use of AI while making complicated topics such as machine learning and deep learning accessible to the public.

I found this course very useful in building fluency around AI and machine learning, and developing an understanding of projects that are well suited (or not) to be tackled by AI.

Este curso me permitiu entender a definição de diversos conceitos da IA: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Supervised Learning, etc.

Ethical principles surrounding AI are very well explained by the Instructor.This is another great course from Andrew after Machine Learning.

I've taken his Machine Learning course for practitioners which is much more technical and goes into full depth.

Prof. Andrew Ng has opened to us the topics of Machine Learning and Deep Learning through his unique pedagogical way.

Explains in simple words : AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and many terms in the field.

It will help me further start my learning in programming, machine learning and deep learning.

Andrew is one of the best teachers for AI and machine learning , who explain complex concepts in easy way!

Not like the other Machine Learning course I took before, this course teaches you all the basics you need to now about current AI development and help you understand how to evaluate the feasibility and process for you to implment in real life.

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artificial intelligence

A course by which you will learn basics of Artificial Intelligence and its broad applications.It totally tells you about the feasibility of AI and where when and how apply AI to perform tasks.

Great for people who have no idea about artificial intelligence.

A introduction overview of artificial intelligence for people who have no idea what it is.

Andrew NG is well-versed in artificial intelligence for everyone and in the course of the neural network provides information that is most needed and is a secret result of his vast experience.

Excellent Course This is an eye opener of what artificial intelligence is, what it can do, what it can not do and full explanations of misconceptions about artificial intelligence.

This course is great for individuals that want to get a basic idea of what AI (Artificial Intelligence) is, as well as what it isn't.

Studying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence through a professor or through videos available on the Internet is not quite tough.

Very useful This course is a great head-start to know about Artificial Intelligence.

Great course to taste some of the amazing world of Artificial Intelligence.

This course provides a basic understanding about artificial intelligence Nice quick introduction to several elements of AI.

This course is good enough to understand the concepts of Artificial Intelligence which can be consumed by everyone without prior knowledge of this area.

Good foundation but overpriced for what it is This course provided a wide-ranging overview of the landscape and issues regarding the rise of artificial intelligence.

The instructor provides definitions of terminology, structure of issues, and also the limits of artificial intelligence.

I highly recommend to anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence.

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data science

Very good introduction to the AI topic, explaining basic terms, such as machine learning, data science and providing practical examples enabling the learner to imagine the subject in a more tangible way.

Small and medium businesses are also able to use data science, machine learning, and AI but they do not have the money to hire permanent staff dedicated for it.

Provides a useful framework for thinking about bringing AI into your company and partnering with existing data science and AI teams.

It gave a deep knowledge of Data Science and AI.

Amazing course it helps me a lot to correct the confusion in my mind of many data science, machine learning , deep learning , concepts and a lot and a lot more really thank you Andrew Ng and your team and keep building us amazing courses like this one Andrew is phenomenal!

Andrew Ng's lucid explanations of machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence in general keep a learner engaged throughout the length of the course.

Andrew NG is the best teacher possible to lead you to understand what is and what is not AI, ML and Data Science for starting your journey through your changes leveraging AI.

The course is a solid high level introduction to the concepts of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and mentions (in passing) some deeper concepts like natural language processing and knowledge graphs.

Useful for technologists in machine learning and data science as a general overview.

Great content, Andrew is one of the best data science/ AI teachers in the world.

Data Science, Deep Learning etc.

This course is a 'must-do' for those who want to delve into the world of machine learning, AI, and also data science.

I got to know about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science , and as to how they are interlinked.

The overall the course is super and is very helpful in understanding the basics of AI, Machine learning and deep learning and as well data science.

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deep learning

Before this course I did the deep learning specialization!

Nowdays we often hear in everyday life buzzwords like deep learning, neuron network.

This is a great introduction to the field of AI and deep learning for a broad, non-technical audience.

I would though like a reading list with introductory articles about the different subjects like the different ML/Deep Learning techniques (not too much math), AI ethics, etc.

This is a fine course to bridge the gap between being an AI neophyte and Andrew's Deep Learning Specialisation :-) An well curated course for starters in the domain of AI.

This is a fantastic course for anyone who is a beginner to this field or is in analytics and looking to start learning AI/Deep learning/ML.

Loved it.For someone who has done the technical deep learning course and has been applying deep learning professionally, it was very useful to take a non-technical point of view in this course.

Hats Off to Andrew Ng and team deep Professor Ng has an amazing ability to convey extremely complex concepts in a way that is easily grasped by anyone.

I believe this is the best course to start basic concepts like AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning.

best Course Andrew NG, is the most intelligent and perfect teacher for AI and Deep learning, his explanations, style of teaching and a friendly talking like we are sitting in his room, Really Amazing.

It is not a deep learning course with advance technology but gives a good appreciation of AI.

Very good overview of AI Rather interesting, and offer a comprehensive first glimpse into the world of deep learning Excellent course that provides a lucid introduction to AI and related fields.

Really nice intro to deep learning.

I liked that it covered concepts such as supervised vs. unsupervised learning, machine learning, deep learning, knowledge graphs, etc.

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looking forward

Looking forward to take other courses to continue this learning journey.

It totally help me clarify a lot of things about AI, and I'm looking forward to learn more about AI.

Looking forward for more courses like this one.

Looking forward to much more.

Awesome course from the best in AI Looking forward to continue learning on the path of becoming an expert AI professional.

Looking forward to learn more courses.

I am looking forward into getting more technical knowledge about AI.

I'm looking forward to trying a few other of his courses and explore how I can incorporate AI in my XD role.

Looking forward eager for next courses.

Am looking forward to continuing to develop my AI knowledge.

Looking forward to how this knowledge will impact my career!

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high level overview

AI for Everyone is a clear and useful high level overview of how AI works, AI from a business/managerial perspective, and AI with respect to societal and public policy issues.

Highly recommend this for anyone wanting to get a high level overview of AI.

This is a very high level overview of AI - Much of it I already new but the lecturer rounded out my knowledge.

Was good high level overview of where AI stands currently.

excellent Great high level overview of the current state of AI from a technology and business perspective.

A simple way to explain AIA good start for someone who wants to start AI Great Course for a high level overview of AI loved it... Great course, easy to understand and usef Not that much of good .

best course Really good high level overview with insights into how AI fits into business applications and the broader business organization.

Excellent Course If you would like to have a high level overview of AI, then this is the course for you !

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use cases

It is focused on realistic use cases, and aviods the hype currently surrounding AI.

Through this course, I am able to understand following and hopefully can apply in future:-AI Strategy & it's building blocks-How to create an AI team & AI company-Find use cases where a repetitive task can be replaced with AI rather than focusing on whole job function-How to make AI solution more effective by reducing bias and adversarial attacks-How to adopt and learn AI while using current skill set I loved the course, it motivated and convinced to nurture my career in AI.

Some interesting videos and use cases, but was expecting a little more and a bit more challenging.

The instructor was amazing and very good at explaining concepts with concrete examples and use cases.

Would have loved to see if CRISP-DM can be used and also more use cases from real world enterprises.

This course is very helpful to think about automate your business and other organization Thank you Coursera Perfect course for the beginner, Also, would suggest add more use cases across different industry/sectors.

Gave me insights to what is possible and what is not possible using the current AI technology and what are the potential use cases for AI.

Andrew very clearly explains what AI is, use cases & advantages & limitations.

Thus, the course gave me an general overview of AI and some use cases.

Found this course to be enjoyable and informative about the possibilities and use cases for AI.

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very nicely explained

Very nicely explained by Andrew Ng.

Overall good job, thanks Very nicely explained by Andrew Ng Very informative, and great delivery.

R Very nicely explained with examples by Andrew Ng... awesome articulation, great content and an equally challenging quiz to evaluate the candidates.

Thanks a ton to Andrew NG very nicely explained and tricky quizes love the framework given by this course to help having an overview of different definition of AI and machine learning, very useful for beginners to gain a better understanding of AI project flow, technology and possibility The course is very clear and useful to start learning the AI world Highly recommended for anyone wanting to start learning about AI.

Very nicely explained by Andrew and this is really helpful to kick start my journey of learning AI.Thanks a lot.

very nicely explained Excellent course for business people wanting to learn about AI.

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real world examples

Nice and concise presentation, real world examples.

Great introductory course with practical real world examples and a fair amount of technical jargon for engineers Hilfreich, motivierend, differenziert, vertrauenswürdig.

The course is filled with real world examples that facilitate understanding of key concepts.

Also liked the real world examples which helps me to remember the concepts better.

I also like the way Andrew explains with concise, clear messages as well as real world examples.

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impact on society

An excellent introduction to AI, explaining concepts, characteristics, capabilities and applications, with impact on society Excellent way of delivering a concept.

I learned a lot from the basic definitions to applications to AI road map to impact on society.

An excellent course, if one wants to know the science behind Artificial Intelligence (AI), its constituent elements, and its impact on society.

Loved everything about the course from what AI is and how to build AI projects in a company and its impact on society.

Very nice and simple explanation about Ai and what Ai can do and it's impact on society.

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excelente curso

Excelente curso, muy didáctico y perfecto para iniciarse en el mundo de la inteligencia artificial.

For this reason it is fantastic for those who want to start from the very beginning before moving towards the more complex topics or more granular subjects Excelente curso.

Excelente curso para introducirse en el tema de la Inteligencia Artificial.

and How can we use it Very straight forward and easy to understand what AI really means Excelente curso introductorio.

Es un curso que realmente se encuentra a un nivel entemdible para cualquiera como el titulo lo refiere, excelente curso y super recomendadoi It was an eye opener for me.

Excellent Excelente curso que abriu a minha mente para a IA e como ela impacta na sociedade Great course!

Excelente curso introductorio, sin código, con conceptos claros y concisos.

Es un excelente curso para tener una visión general sobre el mundo de la IA!

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Research Scientist-Machine Learning $55k

Cloud Architect - Azure / Machine Learning $75k

Watson Machine Learning Engineer $81k

Machine Learning Software Developer $103k

Software Engineer (Machine Learning) $116k

Applied Scientist, Machine Learning $130k

Autonomy and Machine Learning Solutions Architect $131k

Applied Scientist - Machine Learning -... $136k


Machine Learning Engineer 2 $161k

Machine Learning Scientist Manager $170k

Machine Learning Scientist, Personalization $213k

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Rating 4.8 based on 2,481 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks of study, 2-3 hours/week
Starts Jul 17 (46 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From via Coursera
Instructor Andrew Ng
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Business
Tags Business Business Strategy

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