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Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel

Business Statistics and Analysis,

The use of Excel is widespread in the industry. It is a very powerful data analysis tool and almost all big and small businesses use Excel in their day to day functioning. This is an introductory course in the use of Excel and is designed to give you a working knowledge of Excel with the aim of getting to use it for more advance topics in Business Statistics later. The course is designed keeping in mind two kinds of learners - those who have very little functional knowledge of Excel and those who use Excel regularly but at a peripheral level and wish to enhance their skills. The course takes you from basic operations such as reading data into excel using various data formats, organizing and manipulating data, to some of the more advanced functionality of Excel. All along, Excel functionality is introduced using easy to understand examples which are demonstrated in a way that learners can become comfortable in understanding and applying them. To successfully complete course assignments, students must have access to a Windows version of Microsoft Excel 2010 or later. ________________________________________ WEEK 1 Module 1: Introduction to Spreadsheets In this module, you will be introduced to the use of Excel spreadsheets and various basic data functions of Excel. Topics covered include: • Reading data into Excel using various formats • Basic functions in Excel, arithmetic as well as various logical functions • Formatting rows and columns • Using formulas in Excel and their copy and paste using absolute and relative referencing ________________________________________ WEEK 2 Module 2: Spreadsheet Functions to Organize Data This module introduces various Excel functions to organize and query data. Learners are introduced to the IF, nested IF, VLOOKUP and the HLOOKUP functions of Excel. Topics covered include: • IF and the nested IF functions • VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP • The RANDBETWEEN function ________________________________________ WEEK 3 Module 3: Introduction to Filtering, Pivot Tables, and Charts This module introduces various data filtering capabilities of Excel. You’ll learn how to set filters in data to selectively access data. A very powerful data summarizing tool, the Pivot Table, is also explained and we begin to introduce the charting feature of Excel. Topics covered include: • VLOOKUP across worksheets • Data filtering in Excel • Use of Pivot tables with categorical as well as numerical data • Introduction to the charting capability of Excel ________________________________________ WEEK 4 Module 4: Advanced Graphing and Charting This module explores various advanced graphing and charting techniques available in Excel. Starting with various line, bar and pie charts we introduce pivot charts, scatter plots and histograms. You will get to understand these various charts and get to build them on your own. Topics covered include • Line, Bar and Pie charts • Pivot charts • Scatter plots • Histograms

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Rating 4.6 based on 749 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks of study, 1-3 hours/week
Starts Jun 26 (24 weeks ago)
Cost $79
From Rice University via Coursera
Instructor Sharad Borle
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Data Science Business
Tags Data Science Data Analysis Business Business Essentials

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What people are saying

easy to follow

easy to follow course with clear instructions and practical examples to be applied in the weekly test, mini and larger quizzes to ensure learning I really satisfied overall from this course.

Well explained and easy to follow.

Amazing Course was very useful and it not only teaches basic excel functions but also encourages you to experiment with data leading to self learning Instructor did a great job covering variety of basic excel skill, they were easy to follow and understand.

The pace is perfect and the instructions are easy to follow.

very good The course materials are designed logically and very easy to follow.

It is easy to follow and very useful.

Audited this course- very helpful, eas Great very easy to follow and good videos and sound A very useful course, I found lots of new and important staff to learn and can implement them all within my day-to-day tasks.

The pace made it easy to follow along with the professor.

Everything is very good about this course, but the assignments are very hard, you need a lot of deep work and the examples and sample quiz are so basic type of thing Good Course SUPER DUPER Instructor did an amazing job in making this course easy to follow, understand and retain.

I have had a great experience with this course, the lectures were very easy to follow and the task were very affordable.

Thankyou This course instruction is very clear and easy to follow (even if you're using a different version of Excel) and covers the core concepts for using Excel.

lectures are very helpful Very informative and easy to follow This course is amazing.

Thank you Really good Great course!I learn a lot of basic excel, and the course content is easy to follow and understand~!

Very focused and easy to follow class!

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data analysis using excel

It's an amazing course for people who are looking to get an insight of data analysis using Excel.

One of the best online course available for data analysis using Excel as main tool for analysis.

I enjoyed it and would recommend it to my friends with similar knowledge level Good very helpful Very good course Great course to understand the basics of Excel A very good course to know about data analysis using excel.Nice examples given to understand various concepts THE best course I have pursued in a long time in terms of making hard to understand concepts easily comprehensible through a hands on approach and crisp, lucid lectures.

I would like thank you for the session.i just wanted to jot you a note of thanks to say how much i enjoyed your session on Data Analysis Using Excel.

Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel is a fun fast paced course that will teach you practical knowledge in a short amount of time.

Thanks A lot it is very useful course Excellent course Good Course on introduction Data Analysis using Excel.

Whom so ever want to learn data analysis using excel must go for this course.

I would recommend it to people who wanted to learn data analysis using excel.Happy Learning !!!

It teaches you the basic of data analysis using Excel.

I was expecting a decent introduction to data analysis using excel is was like a simple version of the excel manual.

It was vert nice and informative...Good for anyone in statistics and data analysis using excel.

Great, I learned basis skills of data analysis using excel.

Very good introductory course to Data Analysis Using Excel with helpful Pivot Tables, Graphing and Histograms Sections great course for beginners Verygood!

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pivot tables

Pivot tables and charts are very relevant for business analytics, so I think the skills learned can be applied immediately.

Overall good course, I could have used some additional work on charting and Pivot Tables.

Great review on basic Excel tools and also goes into Pivot Tables and charts The course was smooth, interactive and very helpful This course helped reinforce some of the excel data analysis I learned during my MBA statistics class.

The most useful content for me was vlookup and pivot tables.

Great start....I have used basic Excel skills in the past but this class allow me to start using special V functions, pivot tables and charts, and histograms which I have never used.

The most useful tool I learned was the VLOOKUP function and pivot tables.

So I just used this course for learning Vlookup, Hlookup, and pivot tables.

This course helped me increase my knowledge in some Excel functions that I knew about, but wasn't getting the most out of, such as Pivot Tables.

Very nice introduction to vlookup and pivot tables.

Fantastic Good course for learning and practicing vlookup, pivot tables, and charts.

Anyone who has little to no familiarity with pivot tables, lookup functions, and basic mathematics calculations would definitely benefit from the course.

Pivot tables section was the best.

Good course, mainly the pivot tables and advanced tables were of value Excellent teaching and excellent assignments.

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learnt a lot

I learnt a lot of new concepts.

I really enjoyed this course, and feel like I learnt a lot from taking it.

I really learnt a lot in this course, I was a newbie with excel spreadsheets, now I feel comfortable handling data files and extracting valuable information from raw data.

I found the exams is so difficult related the explanation excellent course, I learnt a lot from it It would be nice to be able to go back and review past lessons after not being able to log in for a week or two.

It was amazing, the content is very clear and useful, I learnt a lot.

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sharad borle

A special thanks to the instructor Sharad Borle.

Sharad Borle explained Excel with precision and ease - highly recommended!

I thank Sharad Borle sir for explaining the course in an easy and perfect way.

Thanks a lot to all behind this course ( specially the course instructor Mr. Sharad Borle for his clear and to the point presentation) .

Fantastic teaching by Prof.Sharad Borle.

Many thanks to Professor Sharad Borle, Rice and Coursera!

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familiar with

quality content and really make people get familiar with data analysis with excel easily!!

Great Course Cource is dedicated to those who are not familiar with Excel and provides a good overview on most commonly used Excel features for data analysis.

Course load is a little less if you're familiar with Excel before, otherwise learning while doing is really easy.

There is some help with navigation, but to be successful in this class it would be very helpful for a person to already be fairly familiar with the Excel ribbon and basic Excel navigation.

For someone who is very unfamiliar with Excel and Data Analysis, this course really help me to understand the concept of each functions which are useful for data analysis.

Although I was familiar with the concepts discussed, it was still useful to have them laid out in such a structured manner.

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data analytics

Thank you Very helpful for teaching basic excel skills with applications in data analytics It is really and introduction to Excel.

This course is really helpful for those who want the basic knowledge of Data Analytics.

Would recommend this course to anyone who is willing to explore the field of Datascience or data analytics.

Very easy to grasp and understand, great for beginners Gives a very basic foundation for data analytics.

Excellent course which enables me with the basic foundation for data analytics and it's implementation in worklife Excellent course.

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well taught

The lectures are good and clear but the quiz is confusing The course was well taught, but too basic for me, and so for that reason I gave one less star.

Concise and well taught.

Well taught and clearly presented.

very useful Very well taught.

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so much

more excel function should be learned in the first week This is amazing to see that i have completed the course with so much logical and analytical questions been answered.

So much helpful ...

Great course, very helpful - though a few issues around the techincal wording and interpretation of questions being asked in tests, and more support for Mac users good Learned so much!

Thank you so much sir.

Thank you so much Very good introduction to approach data analysis with Excel.

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easily understandable

But questions in week3 cumulative quiz are not easily understandable else everything went great.

Thank you for easily understandable lesson.

Explanation with examples are really good and easily understandable.

very good course if you want a start in data analysis field Course well planned and easily understandable, tutors really teach to your understanding.

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new things

Learned lots of new things that I took for granted.

This is a brand new way of learning new things.

The explanation and curriculum is packed and clear, so for someone who's full time worker, it does help them to learn new things effectively and efficiently.

In addition, I learned a number of new things about charting and Histograms.

Even though I've been using Excel for years, I still learned some new things.

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each week

Also, I would love additional practice - maybe each week could offer (as an option) many additional exercises for those of us who want to further master the skills of that lesson.

The quizzes for each week are also well constructed and test the student's practical knowledge.

Easy for a novice and very useful, but It would be better if there are more materials for each week.

The course content is very good, the questions at the end of each week are also very testing, which gives the learner confidence to test his/her own learning.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Event Specialist and Data Collection Specialist $40k

Data Steward/Analyst $52k

Sn Data Analyst $75k

LAN/WAN Data Analyst $84k

Mobile Data Analyst $92k

Analyst, Fixed Income Data Management Consultant $101k

Assistant Research and Data Analyst Consultant $104k

Vice Assistant President Data Scientist Development Program $106k

Deputy Data Management Specialist $127k

Big Data Analytics Platform Architect and Business Intelligence Leader $143k

Data warehouse & BI professional $175k

Data Warehouse Solutions Architect $192k

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Rating 4.6 based on 749 ratings
Length 5 weeks
Effort 4 weeks of study, 1-3 hours/week
Starts Jun 26 (24 weeks ago)
Cost $79
From Rice University via Coursera
Instructor Sharad Borle
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Data Science Business
Tags Data Science Data Analysis Business Business Essentials

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