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Camtasia Mastery for Camtasia 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and v9

Updated for the latest 2021 version. You now get training for the last 5 versions of Camtasia - No matter which of these Windows versions you use, this training is for you. There are even several Mac-only videos for Mac users.

Make your best videos using Camtasia.

Camtasia Mastery is for everyone who uses Camtasia to make videos on their Windows PC. From beginners learning what the program is about, to experienced users who want to learn how to learn more about combining animations and using the new behaviors in version 9, this course has loads of information for learners of all experience levels. From beginners to long-time users, you WILL learn how to best use Camtasia.

The Camtasia Mastery sections are divided into several bite-sized videos. If you're new to Camtasia, just follow the order of the videos for lessons that build on previous information. If you're experienced with Camtasia, jump to any of the topics you need help with. Most videos are only a few minutes long but the course is packed with over 7 hours of instruction. You can get exactly what you need, when you need it - no more scouring hours of videos to try and find the one nugget of information you need.

Post your questions. I reply to most student questions and comments within 3 days (usually faster). The best questions get video answers. I will create a video to fully answer great questions. Video answers (and questions) will be shared with all students in an optional section at the end of the course.

If you are creating training videos with Camtasia 9, you will learn tricks and tips to save you time and make your videos look great. Enroll now and I'll see you inside the course.

Previous updates:The 2020 update alone includes over 55 minutes of new features including Track Mattes, Replaceable Media, Placeholder Media, Templates, Presets, Webcam Improvements, High Frame Rate Recording, Magnetic Tracks, Ripple Insert, Move, Trim, Share Shortcuts, Themes, and Packages, Group Effects, Size, and Asset Size, Pitch Normalization, Detachable Timeline, Media Bin Updates, License Activation, Frame Rates for Editing, Reversible Transitions, GIF Loop Count, Annotation Themes, Auto Resize Text, Widened Grab Area, New in Mac, New Windows Recorder, Color Tint, Glow Effect, Remove Default Tools, and Retired Feature.)The June 2019 update includes 13 new Camtasia 2019 lessons found at the end of the course. This includes an overview of new features, auto-normalize loudness, cursor smoothing, custom shortcuts, PDF import, spacing text, new canvas dimensions, block text, new device frames, whip spin transition, add logos to themes, new assets, and what's new in the Mac version.The October 2018 update included lessons on the new Camtasia 2018 version. What can it do that version 9 can't? Should you upgrade? My co-creator Lon Naylor created these five lessons at the end of the course.The January 2018 update included lessons on the 9.1 update. Lessons at the end of the course discuss the four new features added to the 9.1 version update. These include a new way to colorize and edit Camtasia 9.1 library assets, adding device frames like putting your video on a monitor, iPhone, or laptop, using the Alt key to extend frames at the end of clips, and importing PowerPoint slides directly into Camtasia. The September 2017 update includes a new Masks section. Lessons 155-160 talk about how to do custom masks within Camtasia using PowerPoint and multiple productions. You'll learn how to put your video into a circle, trapezoid, or have it play behind words. Check out the free preview of Lesson 156.June 23rd 2017 update includes a new module (Section 19 - Lessons 146-154) dedicated to green screen setup, recording, and editing. Added March 9th 2017: new lesson on "Amazon S3 uploading example" as well as updated lessons on exporting, watermarks, table of contents, Smart Player, and Udemy hosting. March 1st 2017 updates include Copy and Paste Animations, Border, Colorize, Color Adjustment, Captions, Grouping, Quizzing, and Hotsposts as well as a new lecture (137) on Edit All Animations. 

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Rating 4.7 based on 252 ratings
Length 12 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $0
From Udemy
Instructor Ron Hogue
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Education
Tags Teacher Training Teaching & Academics

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What people are saying

so far

Yes, good so far- keep the singing and guitar!

Very nice course so far!!

Lots of good information so far!

Bis jetzt ja I'm still at the beginning, but so far so good.

VERY good so far.

Ron's course on Camtasia 9 is the best I have watched so far, and it has given me a lot of confidence to start creating my own videos.

Ron is a great speaker, very impressed so far.

Loving the course so far!

So far the course seem very professional.

Really enjoying the course so far I'm learning a lot.

So far, so good!

so far very informative!

Just started but so far my impression is that this is how a course should be made and presented.

Aun muy simple So far, he reviewed new aspects of Camtasia without having learned anything yet.

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easy to follow

A great level of detail, easy to follow videos and a Ron Hogue is a fantastic tutor.

All these videos are short and easy to follow.

It was a very long coure, but breaking it down made it easy to follow.

Easy to follow, easy to understand and well spoken instruction.

Easy to follow and having Camtasia open so I can switch back and forth between lesson and project makes the lessons more effective Very good course.

I love courses by Ron Rogue, they are so easy to follow and and packed with lots of detail.

Easy to follow and provides tips and tricks for some aha moments.

Easy to follow Lots of good introductory advice.

Each lesson is short, easy to follow.

Very well done, just the right amount of information, very complete but moves at a good level Very easy to follow.

Easy to follow and understand.

Very easy to follow.

Read more

very clear

Great quality training and very clearly laid out.

Very clear and detailed instruction.

Very clear and well explain from beginning to end.

I like what is being said and is very clear cut.

It covers everything needed, explained very clear.

Very clear to understand... even at speed 2x.

Very clear, very well organised.

Very clear and love the micro learning format Easy to understand...I'm excited to get started!

yes amazing Very clear step-by-step instruction by a friendly, welcoming teacher.

Very clear V GOOD Very good!

Well presented Very clear and efficient.

so far so good Good training great Very CLEAR !

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ron hogue

Many thanks To Ron Hogue for the tremendous effort he has put into producing this excellent course!

As usual, Ron Hogue is excellent.

Ron Hogue is a Master at presenting.

It is the first I have taken on Udemy and the first by Ron Hogue.

This will not be the only course I get from Mr. Ron Hogue !!

Ron Hogue does an outstanding job presenting in a easy to understand, pleasant fashion.

Without a doubt Ron Hogue is one of the best instructors on Udemy.

Ron Hogue is a legend when it comes to designing and presenting this amazing course.

Ron Hogue is an excellent communicator and a great teacher.

The presenter Ron Hogue is very articulate and the training is sectioned well to promote engagement and learning!

Ron Hogue is awesome in his knowledge and training.

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recommend this course

I can definitely recommend this course to other people EXCELLENT I RECOMMEND THIS COURSE TO ANY ONE NEED TO LEARN CAMTASIA This course is incredible.

I will defiantly recommend this course to my other friends / colleagues Love the way it is segmented.

I highly recommend this course!

Strongly recommend this course to everyone whoever wants to be professional in Camtasia.

I recommend this course if you truly want to learn everything Camtasia!

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step by step

step by step explanations, Going into very deep..

Good step by step introduction, with thorough explanations done in a conversational manner.

Good details step by step tutorials.

I am new to Camtasia and the instructor is providing a step by step guide that is easy to follow.

The instructor provides clear information and walks you through the process step by step.

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highly recommend

Would highly recommend.

Great course, would highly recommend.

Highly Recommended!

Highly recommended!

I highly recommend anyone wanting to use Camtasia to take his training.

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teaching style

Anyone hoping to create their course should pay particular attention to Ron's teaching style.

His teaching style and content delivery is broken up into bite size elements, purposely, making learning easier and facilitates the review of individual subjects navigable.

I love his teaching style as well as his humor.

Love Ron's teaching style!

Read more

ron 's course


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medical device auditor $75k

Senior Neuro Device Sales Representative Manager $103k

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Global Marketing Manager, Medical Device $118k

Senior Process Engineer (Device Technologist) $175k

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Rating 4.7 based on 252 ratings
Length 12 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $0
From Udemy
Instructor Ron Hogue
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Education
Tags Teacher Training Teaching & Academics

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