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Mastering IELTS Writing

Are you intimidated by the graphs, charts, processes and maps that appear in IELTS Writing Task 1?

Do you struggle to identify main trends, to work out which information is most relevant, and to record data with precision?

Are you unsure how to structure your response? Do you feel you lack the words to describe data? Do you panic at the thought of comparative grammar and complex sentences?

I designed this course for anyone who answers 'yes' to any of these questions.

After seeing the popularity of my Mastering IELTS Writing: Task 2 (Band 9 Model Answers) course, which has been enrolled upon by over 8,000 students and has an average rating of 4.6/5, I decided to make a similar course for IELTS Writing Task 1 for the Academic module.

Throughout the course of each video, we will discover how to effectively plan our response for each type of Task 1 question, how to produce a quick and accurate introduction, how to transition seamlessly between sentences and paragraphs, how to identify main trends and select information which counts as 'key features', how to use vocabulary which describes data precisely and effectively, and how to include a wealth of grammatical complexity without sacrificing clarity.

This course has been divided into six sections, with each section dedicated to a different type of task: graphs with a trend; comparative graphs; tasks with more than one graph; tasks with a future element; processes; and maps. Within each of these sections are three responses, and each of these section's responses looks at a different topic. That makes a total of eighteen responses.

Designing the course in this way allows you to see the different language and the different approaches we use for each of the task types, and it also provides you with a great range of vocabulary and ideas according to different types of data presentation.

There are vocabulary exercises following each of the letter lectures which aim to consolidate the vocabulary you have learnt in that video. These will also provide you with a copy of each response in document form.

To make the most out of this Model Answers course, it is strongly recommended that you go through the original 'Mastering IELTS Writing: Task 1 (Academic)' course before beginning as all of the responses here rely on the strategies, vocabulary, grammar and general guidance taught in that course. This course has an average rating of 4.7/5 from over 8,500 students and over 2,000 reviews, so it's definitely worth checking out.  

However, you can still benefit a lot from these model answers if you take the two courses at the same time.

And if you have any questions as you work your way through the lectures, don't hesitate to contact me via Udemy's Q&A feature.

See you inside the course.  

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Rating 4.9 based on 15 ratings
Length 9 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor The IELTS Teacher
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Test Prep Teaching & Academics

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What people are saying

clear cut watching

Clear cut watching videos itself the materials are grabbed by our mind I feel so much confidence about writing task -1 after this course.

attention towards your answers

si The video I just saw "(Goods Transported part 1)" takes you from the highest point of learning to the deepest point of using vocabulary to gain a slight point of attention towards your Answers to a question.

every step very clearly

The tutor explained every step very clearly.

given based on relevant

The whole explanation is given based on relevant examples.

give useful information such

This course and the basic task 1 introduction course give useful information such as how to select the key features and report on the main trends, useful cohesive devices, good vocabulary, how to paragraph trends, report maps, and a lot more.

complete exactly what

The contents that this course provide me are really precious, they helps me to complete exactly what I've missed to achieve higher score in IELTS writing task 1.

watching videos itself

-1 after

by far

By far the best online course I've ever taken!

complex grammar

Complex grammar and advanced vocabulary are used which can help each learner to maximise their writing band.

each lecture

Each lecture is precise, logical and clear.

see yaa



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Writing Tutor 6 $22k

Lecturer in Writing $44k

Writing Counselor $52k

Writing Tutor, Writing Center $55k

Research/Writing $57k

Writing Analyst $60k

Task Order Coordinator $61k

Task Force Commander $71k

Writing Instructor (University Writing) $80k

Task Force Controller $83k

Task Leader Manager $90k

Task Force Leader $177k

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Rating 4.9 based on 15 ratings
Length 9 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $12
From Udemy
Instructor The IELTS Teacher
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Test Prep Teaching & Academics

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