Become a Cloud Developer

Cloud computing impacts all careers, and an awareness of the opportunities associated with this emerging field is critical. From backup and storage to PAAS, SAAS, microservices, and web services, get the essential knowledge and skills you need for a career in cloud development.
Discover the differences between AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
Learn the features common to all cloud services.
Explore the different career options related to cloud development.

Course modules include:
  • Learning Cloud Computing: Core Concepts
  • Planning a Microsoft Cloud Solution
  • Google Cloud Platform Essential Training
  • Learning Cloud Data Storage
  • Cybersecurity with Cloud Computing
  • Google Cloud Storage and Data Essential Training
  • Google Cloud Compute Engine Essential Training
  • Learning Cloud Service APIs
  • Microsoft Azure: Core Functionalities

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From Lynda
Instructors David Linthicum, Sharon Bennett, Lynn Langit, Joseph Lowery, Malcolm Shore, David Elfassy
Length 21 Hours
Availability Current
Price $25/month, Free Trial Available
Language English (English)
Subjects Developer
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