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Adobe After Effects

The Most Comprehensive, Bestselling  and Highest Rated After Effects Complete Course with over 460+ Lectures and 35+ hrs of Video.

New Sections added periodically to give you the complete Adobe After Effects CC Course. The Ultimate Learning Experience with Hands On Practice Activities and Their Tutorials to cement and expand your learning. 

After Effects CC: The Complete After Effects CC Course from Beginner to Advanced.

  • Tsui Lau: "Great course covering so many areas and going into lots of detail. Louay was very descriptive and went through easy to follow, step-by-step stages which was very helpful as a complete AE beginner. Would recommend. "

  • Drek Fite: "Louay is an excellent teacher. There is so much in this course, and there is no way that you can remember everything. However, I think it is the best overview of AE available. I've already come back to review certain portions of the course when working on various projects, and that is very helpful. Making good use of the Notes feature too for such a large course is helpful. Louay was extremely fast at responding to questions and viewing my work that I posted on YT. I would highly recommend this course."

Restructured, Repackaged to give you an Ultimate Learning Experience.

Motion Graphics and Visual Effects are becoming increasingly valuable and important in any video created. Learning how to create these animations using Adobe After Effects has become essential. Talents to create these kind of animations and effects are more and more in demand. It is also an easy way to earn money as a freelancer or resell your packaged animations on hundreds of sites on the web.

Learn and Master Motion Graphics and Visual Effects in After Effects in this Comprehensive Course:

  • Understand the concepts behind Animation Techniques and Motion Design

  • Learn how to Design, Animate, and Sequence complete Motion Graphics Projects

  • Work with all the transformations basic and beyond

  • Learn easy, yet powerful, techniques to create the most complex animations

  • Create Stunning Visual Effects using Build in Effects (no expensive third party plugins)

  • Apply specialized effects such as Rotoscoping, Chromakeying, Camera Tracking and many more...

Mastering After Effects

Learning the fundamentals and beyond of Motion Graphics and Visual Effects using Adobe After Effects is a very powerful tool at your fingertips.

  • Motion Design: How to design attractive and realistic motion.

  • Visual Effects: How to create stunning visual effects be it on graphics or videos.

  • Compositing: How to create realistic attractive scenes while combining motion graphics, visual effects and videos

You will go through creating useful and practical animations and learn how to use simple and complex animation techniques. This is not the type of ‘Tips and Tricks’ here and there course. This Course is a serious learning experience where you get to actually create serious animations and genuinely learn how to use After Effects and become a top notch animator and a visual effects artist.

  • Viry Juárez Lozada: "It's a very complete course. The instructor answers all the questions in every lesson and explains everything in detail. If you are a beginner in After Effects it's perfect for you, Louay begins with the very basics and covers a lot of the software. The practices are very helpful to understand the lessons and to get you used to AE."

Contents and Overview

You will start with a fast track to get familiar with After Effects and Create a Crash Animation. You will then learn all about the essential transformations using practical animations and useful examples. You will build Projects and Videos from scratch and practically learn more about numerous features and functions of After Effects.

You will go through projects where you will learn how to create animation sequences and package a whole video.

Essential manipulation of the many methods in After Effects are covered with emphasis on practical use and not just an overview of methods.

Most importantly throughout the course the spirit of compositing, putting together Visual Effects and Motion Graphics is thoroughly covered. This experience is invaluable for you to master Visual Effects in After Effects.

Here some of the techniques you will Learn:

  • The latest Responsive Design Techniques.

  • Create your First Motion Graphics Video.

  • How to Design and Animate a full motion graphic project.

  • How to create complex motion paths in After Effects.

  • How to import pretty complex motion paths from vector files.

  • How to use Spatial and Temporal Interpolation.

  • How to create Reveal Techniques using Track Mattes and Masks.

  • You'll master Important Animation techniques to help you create better animation faster.

  • Essential 3D Animation Techniques.

  • Advanced 3D with Cameras, Lights and Shadows.

  • 3D Camera Orbit Null.

  • Complex, Compound and Bezier Shapes.

  • How to use the latest shape properties (2021)

  • Per Character Text Animation and how to use text presets

  • How to create the latest modern titles and lower thirds

  • How to use the Puppet Tools in CC 2018 and CC 2019 and CC 2021

  • How to Use Expressions - from simple linking to complex interpolations

  • How to create Animated Infographics

  • How to create Data Visualisation Charts

  • Animation Presets - Using, Editing, Creating and Saving Presets

  • How to Composite with Masks and Effects

  • Motion Graphics Time Games

  • Videos Time Games

  • Motion Tracking

  • Camera Tracking

  • Green/Blue Screen Chroma keying

  • Rotoscoping - Removing backgrounds

  • Importing and Animating Vector Graphics from Adobe Illustrator

  • Best Exports for YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook

  • Motion Graphics Visual Effects

  • Color Correction & Color Grading

  • How to use the all New Scripts to Animate Mask points

  • Using the Essential Graphics Templates

  • Lots of compositing exercises

  • .... and so much more interesting and useful updates you will discover within the course

Most Importantly this course offers you the chance to understand, practice and develop your skills in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics and lots of compositing.

  • Inger Wold: "I have learned so much. I have already sold and made several videos. But this is still just the beginning, and the course made me able to find even more cool stuff. Still learning"

  • Abdulrazek Fawzy Abdulrazek: "It's the Best Course In After Effects I have ever seen. Accurate + Fast + Smooth + Knowledgeable = Expert Instructor. Louay Makes you enjoy every bit he shows. Really if you want to Knock the real world of AE, come to Louay."

  • Elizabeth Yorick:  "This is EXACTLY what I have been wanting. A course with an instructor that actually explains everything. He is also very prompt in reviewing your work, leaving comments and answering questions. I would give this 10 stars if I could. Thanks Louay. "

  • Prerana Golechha: "Super Amazing Course. I recommend it to everyone who wishes to get a good hold on the subject. Thank you sir, for explaining the concepts well and for being so patient in answering all our queries."

See you inside the course


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Rating 4.6 based on 4,202 ratings
Length 35 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $23
From Udemy
Instructor Louay Zambarakji
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Art & Design
Tags Design 3D & Animation

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What people are saying

step by step

:) Logical step by step approach, very good tutor how keeps everything intersting and easy to follow.

Love the step by step method the instructor is using to sequence each lecture.

I love the step by step instruction and how this course helps so much with a program such as after effects.

Step by step made it super easy for me to learn !

But I was still finding someone who can teach me step by step, so that I could be confident using it further.

:D Covers a tremendous scope of features i dont know what i must say but i know how to make this so, im sorry i gave u 3 star but i like how you explain it so i gave you 3 half of star :) Even though I have spend days in after effects, I am learning new ways to improve my workflow through each video Very easy to learn following the step by step guidance from the instructor Yup.

It is amazing, it teaches everything step by step and it is very explanative.

amazing step by step, It makes me feel confortable with after effects since the first video Well explained and shown Really happy with what I've learned so far, so early!

SO FAR SO GOOD Awesome explanation step by step So far it was easy.

Very nice so far:) brief and step by step, exactly what i was looking for This is fantastic !

Everything is explained step by step and I'm learning so much.

Easy to follow, step by step process very amazing method of teaching love the way you teach sir very easy to understand and not so difficult.

Amazing step by step instructions loving it so far i really want to learn 3d camera tracking so i can't wait to get to that part of the course but I'm new to after effects so I really want to learn what every button does Im a complete beginner and I have just finished the first lecture.

Yes, Good Match, Enjoying it Easy step by step and clear speaking, excellent work!

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motion graphics

comprehensive course: 1- to just understand the full program - not only the motion graphics - 2- highly recommended it for novice beginners Level - 3 - The week point here is after you finish this course you will forget 60% of its content so you have to Know that :) For beginners, it's worth.

I need to do two-three times more practice to reach the fluent level of creating motion graphics.

I am learning Motion Graphics at a very fast pace because of the indulging teaching style that Mr. Louay has in all his lectures.

The Course is well organized and well paced for even a beginner like me is also finding motion graphics easy.

The level of graphics and animation style used in the lessons is way too low, I am a graphic designer who is trying to learn motion graphics for my daily job, I found myself skipping many lessons because the animations used are outdated and not nearly close to the modern standards (for example most of the sections about text animation).

I learned a lot about motion graphics great experience...thankiyou sir Yes for now i feels good with this course.

its very good i learnd a lot Good pace I havve recreated the motion graphics thank you!!

I've always wanted to add text animations, motion graphics, 3D animations etc, to my videos, but I had my apprehensions whether I could achieve what I wanted.

Thant you Sir Very good course, but almost the entire first third (and large parts later) is focused on Motion Graphics.

Louay gave very useful information especially in motion graphics.

He's really good at in motion graphics.

I wanted to learn motion graphics from past 2 years.

A very thorough and well organized course for learning motion graphics in After Effects.

In this course he try to introduce all of the things about motion graphics & I think he 100% success.

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highly recommended

Highly recommended.


Easy to understand Highly recommended!

Highly recommended!

Highly Recommended course for everyone even if you are a pro in after effects you will definitely learn something new from this course.

Highly Recommended.

Learnt many things in just one session.Highly recommended.

simple to follow and a good pace es muy bueno y claro This course is highly recommended, it is really amazing and very useful, every thing is clear such as voice, video and photos Brilliant Excellent Very detailed and well explained so far.

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highly recommend this course

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn all the ends and outs of Ae .

I HIGHLY recommend this course.

I highly recommend this course to beginners and intermediary users of AE who want to learn the tool methodically.

I would highly recommend this course.

Would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Adobe After Effects.

i like it Yes, I highly recommend this course for anybody wanting to learn After Effects.

I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn adobe after effects!!

I highly recommend this course if you are looking for help.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn about After Effects and motion graphics.

Highly recommend this course.

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lower third

I was able to recreate the lower third, and more importantly, UNDERSTOOD each step of along the way.

It is looking very good so far Great first lesson on making a simple lower third animation!

I have created as Lower Third in less then half an hour.

Very nice tutorial but i knew already how to animate a lower third very usefull .

I enjoyed I need to rewatch and execute this lower third lesson once again This Teacher Is Amazing , Thanks !

I just opened After Effects for the first time, got a quick layout understanding and created my first lower third!

Good For basic lower third it's very cool animation.

Good to learning Post some lower third related tutorials..

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muito bom

Bad sound quality though... Muito bom o processo de aprendizado Very inspiring for a beginner like me!

Muito bom.

Great so far muito bom o curso, recemendadissimo For now it`s really good :) It is easy explained, and fun!

SO far in one lesson it has been good Muito bom.

Explications claires muito bom...bem dinamico So far, so good!

amazing , impressive course Sim, muito bom !

Learning~~ Thanks for the lesson Its clear Muito bom boa explicação Detailed exlplaination Excelente seems fun Amazing great concise - fun!

good start Good start its awesome Its great Clear explanation its good its good muito bom!

Good good course good Very Good beatiful mind 5* Great lesspns Muito bom thanks I like it all Bien expliqué thats great great start its OK!

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takes his time

Louay really takes his time to explain all the little details and is always making sure that people new to the software can follow easily and are not feeling lost.

He takes his time and conquers something before moving on.

This is good teaching, the instructor takes his time and is thorough.

Good teacher The instructor is nice and calm and takes his time with showing how to do things.

Teacher is clear in explaining what to do and takes his time to show you.

He takes his time to explain and assures you that it can be done.

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well thought out

This was very comprehensive and well thought out.

Progression of lessons is well thought out and all doable if you practice faithfully.

Very well thought out instructions.

Lo unico que pondria de pero seria q very detailed , exactly what I expected, untill now looks very good Although the accent makes it a bit difficult for me to fully understand, the details that he explains are well thought out and easy to understand.

Thankyou Beautiful and simple explanation method Great pace - really clear and well thought out - builds on basic skills, reiterates and reinforces them... Definitely a great match.

Very well thought out and formulated lesson(s) Explained very clearly in barney style for me!

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premiere pro

Am now ready to take my next course which is Premiere Pro and more.

by far the best teacher on After Effects Before enrolling into After Effects, I had completed Adobe premiere pro course and the videos I edited looked somehow a bit flat without any effects.

I'm so happy that he does - other courses I have that are only 2 years old are now obsolete (I'm looking at you Infinite Skills Premiere Pro course).

I am already thinking of signing up for another course on Adobe Premiere Pro Easy to understand.

If you have any experience with Photoshop/Illustrator/Premiere Pro, this course starts out VERY slow.

A great start..though I already knew the initial steps since I'd already learnt Premiere Pro and it's quite similar to it.

I've been through your premiere pro course and liked it.

I have some experience with After Effects and Premiere Pro and I wanted to create animations with my own objects and ideas instead of buying "pre-packaged" ones.

So far I’ve already learnt some animation tricks and it is about lesson 4 or 5 I've been learning how to use premiere pro and between that program and this course I seem to catch on quickly.

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le cours

Hello Louay, To be very fair, I like your course too much and you have covered each and everything in single course.

If you complete the whole course, you will definitely have a very good overview of what After Effects can do and a great springboard to hone your skills further.

le cours est super bien expliqué, je ne connaissais rien de after effect avant ce cours aujourd'hui j'arrive à faire de petites animations.

The Quality of content available is really good, The instructor explains in an easy way that is easy to understand & follow along with the lectures, Definitely a worthwhile course to try out if your just starting out learning after effects like myself.... cool awesome!

This is shaping up to be a very effective and enjoyable course!

Actuellement je possède de deux pc, donc je regarde sur un le cours et sur l'autre je m'exerce en même temps.

One of the best courses available online L'instructeur est charmant et très en connaissance de ce qu'il instruit mais malheureusement le cours n'est pas très bien structuré.

On passe souvent du coq à l'âne, et pour quelqu'un de novice comme moi, je pense qu'il faudra faire le cours complet plusieurs fois avant de s'y retrouver.

clear and precise, enjoyable course so far Kesinlikle doğru bir seçim.

Donc le cours est prenant et implique véritablement l'apprenant dans le processus.

Very complete and full of info Si Yes great ف ok its great DA great course Good Thank you so much for this valuable course..!

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adobe after effects cc

Overall a great start This is the best Adobe After Effects CC class I have ever seen.

Interessante cursus over Adobe After Effects CC 2018.

I, Scott Schoenfeld, had learned a lot about how to create background layers to create and computer program animation technological methods in Adobe After Effects CC 2019.

My first goal of this Udemy Adobe After Effects CC 2019 is to learn how to use and make layers.

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mr. louay zambarakji

Mr. Louay Zambarakji was absolutely wonderful in his teaching and his vast experience showed in every lecture.

One of the best courses i have ever taken, thank you so much Mr. Louay Zambarakji, thank you for opening our minds, and thank you very much for being my professor !

Mr. Louay Zambarakji is a good instructor I feel he has great experience in teaching, I can easily understand what he is saying and he explaining in good way.

Mr. Louay Zambarakji described each topic very nicely and made it easy to understand, i hope after completing this course i will become an expert in After Effect.

Mr. Louay Zambarakji This tutorial is for the complete novice.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

Visual Effects Artist 3 $78k

Assistant Visual Effects $100k

Freelance Visual Effects Producer $106k

Junior Visual Effects Coordinator $107k

3D/ Visual Effects Artist $114k

Visual Effects Coordinator and Producer $117k

Staff Visual Effects Artist $127k

Visual Effects Atrist $131k

Visual Effects Artist 2 3 $192k

Senior Visual Effects Producer $195k

Supervisor Visual Effects Artist 1 2 $231k

Principal Visual Effects Artist $313k

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Rating 4.6 based on 4,202 ratings
Length 35 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $23
From Udemy
Instructor Louay Zambarakji
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Art & Design
Tags Design 3D & Animation

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