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Node with React

Note: This course assumes you've got the basics of React and Redux down. Check out my course 'Modern React with Redux', its the perfect preparation.

Go beyond the basics of React and Redux. This course will teach you to combine the ultra-popular React, Redux, Express, and MongoDB technologies to build a fullstack web application.

Advanced Deployment? You will learn it. Billing/Payments? Included. Handling Email? Of course.

What Will You Build?

All of my courses are 'learn-by-doing': no boring endless lectures with Powerpoints, only live, interactive coding examples. In this course we'll build one massive web application that profiles the advanced features of React, Redux, Express, and Mongo. By putting each concept into a real app, you'll get a better idea of when to use each unique and powerful feature.

Build a large feedback-collection app. This mega app will include the full gamut of features, including everything from authentication to email handling. You'll learn how to build an app that can be used to send mass emails to a big list of users for the purpose of collecting feedback. It's my goal to ensure you understand each feature we build into this app so you can apply them to your own personal or professional projects in the future.

Here's what we'll learn:

  • Learn the architectural considerations of building a full stack app
  • Connect a front-end Create-React-App server to a NodeJS and Express backend
  • Communicate data from your Mongo database to your React application
  • Understand how to route user requests on the front end with React Router and on the backend with Express
  • Build reusable user inputs with Redux Form, complete with navigation
  • Handle credit cards and receive payments from your users with Stripe
  • Engage your users with automated emails
  • Enhance authentication flows in your app with Google OAuth authentication
  • Separate production and development resources with advanced API key handling techniques
  • Educate your users on how to use your app with custom build landing pages

I've built the course that I would have wanted to take when I was learning to build fullstack apps. A course that explains the concepts and how they're implemented in the best order for you to learn and deeply understand them.

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Rating 4.6 based on 1,762 ratings
Length 26 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $9
From Udemy
Instructor Stephen Grider
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Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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What people are saying

step by step

Stephen carefully explains the reasons for his architecture decisions for the application and includes lots of diagrams to help you step by step.

I did learn a lot of very useful concept from step by step.

Don't think too much and take this course :) Meticulous, strong, tight Authentication didn't work for me for some reason so the rest of the do not have the same impact as to when I can follow you step by step like I did on the Solidity course where everything worked flawlessly That's amazing!

This course literally walks you through step by step set up of a Node React app from start to finish!

step by step - much thx.

Awesome L'instructeur est excellent très bon diagrammes :) A complete step by step course which investigates on many technologies and on their interactions.

simple and step by step to follow and most importantly very well explained Hit a few dead walls but I do like the instructor's teaching style.

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highly recommended

Highly recommended for anyone who wants a deeper dive in Node / React / MongoDB development.

Highly recommended to anyone willing to learn Full-Stack Web development alongside React.

Highly recommended.

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended!!!

Highly recommended – and I will certainly be taking other courses that he offers.

Highly recommended for those who want to learn something with tiny little details.

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even though

I have learned a lot of new things even though I have prior React, Mongo and some command line Node experience.

I keep on getting this question even though I asked to delay until end.

It's really good, can't complain about the way the topics are presented, even though I personally already know a lot of this.

Even though I had some prior knowledge of these topics, still I am learning smaller things that I did not know and also big things as well The basics are explained with sufficient clarity, , the instructor has been as discriminate as possible with the subject, Flow diagrams are really helpful in understanding tasks at a higher level.

Even though this course is almost perfect, there were a few gotchas that took me a lot of time to get through.

He managed to make features like billing that should have bored me to death seem fairly interesting, and I feel I have a decent grasp of Node and Express now, even though I'd never used them before this course.

Very complete, even though a review for some things, it is still good to be reminded.

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full stack development

i recommend this course to anyone who want to be involved in full stack development.

This course helped me learn the basics of Full Stack Development.

Among some of the most technical aspects of full stack development are tackled here in this course, and the instructor does as thorough of a job as possible providing guidance through considerably technical content.

Overall it is a perfect course if you are new to JS world and want to lean full stack development with JS.

Now I know so many things in full stack development just by going through this course.

Having learned RoR as my first framework but curious about Node.js and Javascript full stack development this was incredibly helpful.

I like this course because I couldn't find a lot of full stack development courses using node and react and i like the way it was put together, however, I think that 25 hours is too much.

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real world application

Highly recommended for anyone with that already has the basics of React and JavaScript and is looking to create a real world application that can easily be added to their portfolio.

Liked the practical approach in covering most of the real world applications and API integrations.

The whole course builds a real world application, and covers all the essentials you need such as authentication, deployment, and handling state from a backend you create.

I agree that too much material on React seems to focus exclusively on the View layer, and neglects to provide you a context for how a pro developer would actually use it in concert with other technologies to build a real world application.

I knew a little bit of React and Node, but I didn't know how to implement them into a real world application.

Has given me enough of an overview and details to go and build a real world application using the same frameworks.

The topics covered are very relevant and useful for today's real world applications.

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fullstack web development

The course is very project-centric, but unlike other project based courses (which I love) this one also manages to teach all of the surrounding knowledge for a comprehensive understanding of the subject of Fullstack Web Development.

This course live up to expectations as well Thank you for creating this most valuable Fullstack Web Development course.

Stephen covers fullstack web development with Node and React in an engaging way, with thorough explanations throughout.

Even though this course is called "Node with React: Fullstack Web Development" You will not be taught any react in this course.

If you're looking for an in-depth Node with React: Fullstack Web Development course then this is it.

Stephen Grider's courses are thorough, with definitive explanations which prepare you to work comfortably with the technology you are pursuing in this case fullstack web development with node and react plus Not only do you go into detail on the steps needed to complete the task but you also discuss WHY they are needed.

A good introduction to fullstack web development with React and Node that covers plenty of the potential 'gotchas' that one would run into if trying to put all of this together on their own.

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An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

React JS & Node JS Developer $60k

Node/React Developer $69k

React Js Developer (React Exp is Mandatory) $76k

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Rating 4.6 based on 1,762 ratings
Length 26 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $9
From Udemy
Instructor Stephen Grider
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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