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Mastering Ansible Automation - Step by Step

Mastering Ansible Step by Step

Course Contents

1 Introducing Ansible

  • Overview of Ansible Architecture

  • Ansible Compenents

  • Overview of Ansible Deployments

  • Describing Ansible Inventory

  • Summary

2 Deploying Ansible

  • Installing Ansible

  • Guided Exercise: Installing Ansible

  • Managing Ansible Configuration Files

  • Guided Exercise: Managing Ansible Configuration Files

  • Running Ad Hoc Commands

  • Guided Exercise: Running Ad Hoc Commands

  • Managing Dynamic Inventory

  • Guided Exercise: Managing Dynamic Inventory

  • Lab: Deploying Ansible

  • Summary

3 Ansible Installation on Red Hat Linux 7

  • Overview of Ansible Installation

  • Online Ansible Installation ( via Internet )

  • User's Account Setup for Passwordless Authentication

  • Offline Ansible Installation ( When there is no internet available on Control Node )

4 Implementing Playbooks

  • Writing YAML Files

  • Guided Exercise: Writing YAML Files

  • Implementing Modules

  • Guided Exercise: Implementing Modules

  • Implementing Ansible Playbooks

  • Guided Exercise: Implementing Ansible Playbooks

  • Lab: Implementing Playbooks

  • Summary

5 Managing Variables and Inclusions

  • Managing Variables

  • Guided Exercise: Managing Variables

  • Managing Facts

  • Guided Exercise: Managing Facts

  • Managing Inclusions

  • Guided Exercise: Managing Inclusions

  • Lab: Managing Variables and Inclusions

6 Implementing Task Control

  • Constructing Flow Control

  • Guided Exercise: Constructing Flow Control

  • Implementing Handlers

  • Guided Exercise: Implementing Handlers

  • Implementing Tags

  • Guided Exercise: Implementing Tags

  • Handling Errors

  • Guided Exercise: Handling Errors

  • Lab: Implementing Task Control

  • Summary

7. Ansible Roles

  • About Ansible Roles

  • How do we create Ansible Roles

  • Lab Session to create roles

8. Automate User Administrative tasks using Ansible playbook with Shell Scripting

  • Manage User Administration

  • Lab on user administration using Ansible Playbook

  • Complete automate user administrative tasks using Ansible playbook with Shell Scripting

  • Supply Crypted Password in playbook

  • Ansible-playbook on user module with conditions -Lab

9. Industrial Live overview of Automation tool using Ansible with Shell Scriptings & python

  • Industrial usage of Automation tool Lab-1

  • Industrial usage of Automation tool Lab-2

10. Industrial project to Automate Patching on Multiple Linux Server using Ansible Playbook

  • Overview about Linux Patching

  • Automate Linux Patching using Ansible

  • Verify application/Database processes are running or not

  • Decision point to start patching

  • Upgrade all the packages on the server

  • Check if reboot required after the kernerl update

  • Install the specific kernel version using Ansible Playbook.

  • Various Labs to understand the Ansible Playbook for patching

11. Industrial project for Stop/Start Control M appl/db

  • Overview of project

  • Designing of Ansible playbooks

  • Lab Sessions

12. Create Automation tool using Ansible & Shell

  • Overview of Automation Tool

  • Concept of Automation Tool

  • Communication between Ansible Server with managed hosts

  • Front look of Automation Tool

  • What we are achieving from this Automation tool.

  • Pre-validation Configuration (To capture pre-change configuration details)

  • User Administration

1. User Creation 2. User Removal 3. Group Add 4. Password Reset

  • Run Ad Hoc Command

  • Health Check Statistics

1. Memory Utilization 2. CPU Utilization 3. Overall I/O Activities 4. Reports run queue and load average 5. Top Memory Consuming processes 6. Top CPU Consuming Processes 7. Shared Memory

  • Design of Automation Tool

  • Design Front Look using case statement

  • Practice Lab Session on case Statement -1

  • Practice Lab Session on case Statement -2

  • Color Fonts in desinging the tool

  • Headline & Selecting the target servers

  • Lab sessions

  • Shell Scripting

1. If..else..elif statement 2. Loops 3. Sed – Stream Editot 4. Awk

  • The case esac statement

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Rating Not enough ratings
Length 9.5 hours
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Cost $13
From Udemy
Instructor Shikhar Verma
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Language English
Tags Development Software Testing

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Rating Not enough ratings
Length 9.5 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $13
From Udemy
Instructor Shikhar Verma
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Development Software Testing

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