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Cryptography I

Cryptography is an indispensable tool for protecting information in computer systems. In this course you will learn the inner workings of cryptographic systems and how to correctly use them in real-world applications. The course begins with a detailed discussion of how two parties who have a shared secret key can communicate securely when a powerful adversary eavesdrops and tampers with traffic. We will examine many deployed protocols and analyze mistakes in existing systems. The second half of the course discusses public-key techniques that let two parties generate a shared secret key. Throughout the course participants will be exposed to many exciting open problems in the field and work on fun (optional) programming projects. In a second course (Crypto II) we will cover more advanced cryptographic tasks such as zero-knowledge, privacy mechanisms, and other forms of encryption.
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Rating 4.7 based on 663 ratings
Length 8 weeks
Starts Jul 3 (23 weeks ago)
Cost $79
From Stanford University via Coursera
Instructor Dan Boneh
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Language English
Subjects Programming Mathematics IT & Networking
Tags Computer Science Math And Logic Computer Security And Networks

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What people are saying

programming assignments

The most fun and learning came from the programming assignments.

I especially thought the programming assignments were well chosen.

The homeworks and programming assignments are consistently difficult but manageable.

The lecture videos are engaging and the programming assignments are interesting.

Additionally, the assignments (both quizzes and programming assignments) are quite interesting.

The content is very well done and presented, the problem sets challenging enough and the programming assignments are interesting and really worth completing.

Programming assignments are especially interesting.

While taking the course, I was also learning the Python programming language, so I attempted most of the optional programming assignments in Python.

Great intro to a complex topic.It could be improved by having the programming assignments be:+ Mandatory+ More related to actual cryptographic algorithms/libraries (only some are) Nice Course for programmers The Course has been more about knowing about and implementing them and has been more helpfull in doing so.

Really well designed quizzes, homeworks, and programming assignments.

I enjoyed every part of it including the tests and programming assignments.

My only regret is that I was too busy to take time to do the optional programming assignments.

The problem sets and programming assignments are of reasonable difficulty.

I really like the fact to show the weakness to understand what are the requirements of a secure PRF, PRP & co!Optional programming assignments are really interesting unfortunately they take too much time to do and lack of guidance as it could be the case for the famous ML course.

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looking forward

Looking forward to the 2nd part.

Excellent course, I'm looking forward to part II.

Enlightening and interesting, looking forward to the further course.

Thank you and looking forward to Crypto II.

Looking forward to the part II.

I'm looking forward for Cryptography 2 Really great course, covers a lot of material while explaining it very easily Wonderfully paced and easy to follow Very good emphasis on fundamentals and mathematical foundations for cryptography.

Looking forward to Crypto 2!

Looking forwarding to Cryptography II class stating September.

Looking forward for cryptography 2 Todo me pareció muy bien Thank you very much for anyone that make this course very interactive and fun.

I am really looking forward to Crypto II, where will be described more things about certificate and new exchange protocols.

I am looking forward for the Crypto II.

Looking forward for Cryptography II.

Looking forward Cryptography II!

Looking forward to the second part.

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professor dan boneh

Thank you very much professor Dan Boneh it was an honor.Manu thanks to Stanford University for giving me the chance to participate in this amazing course.Looking forward to Cryprography II.Have a nice day and continue making our dreams come true step by step.Greetings from Greece.

I hope I see more courses like this in the future and a special thank you to Professor Dan Boneh for teaching this course.

Thank you, Professor Dan Boneh!

Great class which inspired me with enormous excitements When someone explains concepts and ideas in such an easy way, it means he/she understands fully what he talks about; this is the case of Professor Dan Boneh; I widely recommend this course for anyone interested in Cryptography topics.

Professor Dan Boneh explains it all in a very detailed and technical manner.

to professor Dan Boneh for the best possible explanation of the course's material and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Este curso, ministrado pelo grande professor Dan Boneh, é maravilhoso, para dizer o mínimo.

Many thanks to Professor Dan Boneh.Although the lectures are quite short they contain a lot of useful information.

amazing course, i take it 6 years ago and forget everything, but again,learn crypto, like meet a familiar new friend, feel enjoyable with what professor Dan Boneh have taught me Pretty good, though needs more basic understanding.

This course provide a great source of knowledge, Professor Dan Boneh is really good in spreading knowledge.

Professor Dan Boneh, you explained concepts nicely.

Thank you Professor Dan Boneh!

Professor Dan Boneh presents complex cryptographic topics in a very understandable manner.

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easy to understand

I am also reading some research papers, it has become very easy to understand what they are talking about.

For someone who graduated almost 20 years ago, going through this course provided an amazing and easy to understand intro to cryptography and the associated math.

Dan explains crypto from the ground up making it easy to understand more advanced constructions as the weeks advance.

Lecturer was able to communicate and breakup difficult topics into simple easy to understand lessons progressively.

clearly and easy to understand I took the course in 2014, whether you are a beginner in cryptography or a regular practitioner, the course won't disappoint you.

Very good course, it's easy to understand the concepts and the programming assignments help to understand the details of the implementation of the algorithms.

The professor knows what he is talking about and he explains as easy to understand as possible.

Explanation and easy to understand Highly recommend this course for understanding the Basics of Crypto with the necessary Mathematical foundations The best possible Cryptography course in the world.

The topics were a bit difficult, but the teaching style made it easy to understand.

Easy to understand how crypto works.

Easy to learn etryyiuji really usefull course for every one and easy to understand it!!!!

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crypto ii

Waiting for Crypto II excellent!!!!

I'm excited to continue with Crypto II - ho Can't wait to see part 2 (and more advance ones).

I'm waiting Crypto II until a year and I hope it will be released soon...

I hope the Crypto II course will be up one day.

Looking forward to crypto II.

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optional programming

I would probably read the articles he recommended and finish those optional programming projects later.

I liked the optional programming exercises most.

I'd say I spent 5-8 hours each week completing the lectures and assignments without attempting any of the optional programming assignments.

The quizzes are difficult and challenging,the optional programming assigments are also difficult and very interesting.

The in-lecture questions are well-chosen to force you to really think about the material under discussion and the quizzes, although sometimes challenging, are interesting and help teach material left out or only brushed over in the lectures.There are also optional programming problems, which were quite instructive.

I recommend doing the optional programming assignments, they're a lot of fun.

It was very nicely structured and presented, and the optional programming challenges were great.

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number theory

The maths at the end of the course, number theory, was quite new to me and therefore quite challenging.

The section on basic number theory was most helpful.

If you haven't studied number theory, plan to spend some extra time getting up to speed.

Excellent One of the best introduction in Cryptography and Number Theory.

Presentation: some of the more theoretical lecture on number theory are quite daunting and some of the ideas for security metrics seem rather artificial but in general it is a well presented course.

The math at the end of the course, number theory, was quite new to me and therefore quite challenging.

That's a sign of high quality.Don't skip the practice quizzes - they are challenging, thought-provoking and help you understand the topic much better.Bear in mind that the course requires certain math background in discrete probability and number theory.

One of the most difficult part has been public-key cryptography mostly due for its base on number theory but now I have a good knowledge of RSA and Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol.

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second part

I look forward to the second part of this course.

Excellent brilliant course!can't not wait for the second part!

My only complain is the long-long wait for the second part of this course - Cryptography II.

cant wait to do the second part I learned a lot.

I will definitely take the second part of the course next year.

The only flaw in this course is that the Cryptography II is, I quote a certain MOOC fellow colleague, "Duke Nukem among the MOOCs", since we're all waiting for the second part, and it's being moved to another starting date every couple of months, so... give us Crypto II!

The second part is coming soon, expectations are over the roof!

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wait for cryptography

Many thanks to Dan Boneh and everyone involved in preparing this amazing course!I can't wait for Cryptography 2 (hopefully this fall?).

And can't wait for Cryptography II.

Cours très complet et bien présenté Can't wait for Cryptography 2, excellent course, fantastic professor.

This course is one of the best course I have tried lately and I cannot wait for Cryptography 2.

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public key

He covers topics in cryptography ranging from the ancient ciphers to modern public key cryptography and everything in between.

It gives a solid overview of the main cryptographic concepts like pseudo random generators, functions and permutations, block and stream ciphers, public key encryption, and key exchange.

This is an excellent and challenging course that covers the basics of symmetric key cryptography, authenticated encryption, and public key cryptography.

But when it came to public key security I felt so lost because of all that deep math.

I also strongly recommend investing some more time into number theory (at least first four chapters of Viktor Shoup's book) to feel good about the theory of public key cryptography.

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real world

Topics are relevant for real world applications.

I finished the first week of the course, the instructor makes it easier to understand, so far, the course is interesting, I now understands what cryptography is and how it works This course gives is perfect to start learning cryptography, explanations are detailed, topics carefully selected combining theory with real world examples and making emphasis in important details.

I really enjoyed Dan's lectures; in my opiniont the course is more mathematical/theoretical and less real world examples.

You also learn about historical developments, real world applications and current challenges that would bring you instant fame in the crypto world.

The reward was a good understanding of the open cryptographic protocols that are used in most real world applications.

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learning experience

Thank you for a great learning experience.

Above all, the clarity, quality and engaging nature of Professors Boneh's videos made this a great learning experience.

Nice learning experience.

It's been a great learning experience.

It rewards you with great learning experience.

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Guest says:

I'm a sysadmin and I've implemented security features before. If I'm honest, security is sometimes a black box. That changes here. Boneh explains the logic behind security and crypto very clearly and poses challenging questions. The course really ramps up midway, so be prepared to really study or you'll slip behind.

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Rating 4.7 based on 663 ratings
Length 8 weeks
Starts Jul 3 (23 weeks ago)
Cost $79
From Stanford University via Coursera
Instructor Dan Boneh
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Mathematics IT & Networking
Tags Computer Science Math And Logic Computer Security And Networks

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