Tools to Improve Front-End Performance

In this Treehouse Workshop, Guil covers topics including the importance of front-end performance, ways to reduce server requests, compressing resources, browser caching and much more.

Segments in this Workshop
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    Rating Not enough ratings
    Length 28-minute workshop
    Starts On Demand (None)
    Cost $25 (Monthly Subscription)
    From Treehouse
    Instructor Guil Hernandez
    Free Limited Content
    Language English
    Subjects Art & Design
    Tags Design

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    An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

    Workshop Instructor and Adjunct Professor $29k

    Orientation Workshop Leader $56k

    Healthy Love Life Workshop, co-leader $59k

    BTN Network Operations Workshop Apprentice $60k

    Associate WSU Career Technical Education Summer Workshop Team $61k

    Assistant Workshop Coordinator $61k

    Teacher, Music Video Workshop, Motion Graphics portfolio- part time $63k

    Algebra Workshop Instructor $66k

    Digital Days Photography Workshop Coordinator $71k

    Math Investigations Workshop Leader $71k

    Classroom Management Workshop Facilitator $84k

    Organic Chemistry Workshop Leader $119k

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