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The Science of Well-Being

In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. As preparation for these tasks, Professor Laurie Santos reveals misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change. You will ultimately be prepared to successfully incorporate a specific wellness activity into your life. THE SCIENCE OF WELL BEING WAS PRODUCED IN PART DUE TO THE GENEROUS FUNDING OF THE DAVID F. SWENSEN FUND FOR INNOVATION IN TEACHING.
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Rating 4.9 based on 579 ratings
Length 11 weeks
Starts Aug 17 (6 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Yale University via Coursera
Instructor Laurie Santos
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Language English
Tags Personal Development

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What people are saying

highly recommend

Highly recommended for anyone who can see benefits in feeling more upbeat, more aware, more energetic and simply happier on a day-to-day basis.

This course is based on evidence - everyone will benefit from doing this course - highly recommend.

Highly recommend!

I would highly recommend this course to other students.

Highly recommended!!!!

I highly recommend the course.

I highly recommend it to everyone regardless of your profession or background.

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positive psychology

Good job Laurie :( A good practical review of some of the most interesting findings in positive psychology.

The course introduces you with some basic ideas of positive psychology.

It enables to apply useful strategies from positive psychology in order to be happier and healthier.

What is the most enjoyable is the mix of a lot of detailed studies by the best professors on the Positive psychology and practical daily routines to start implementing from day 1.Do not hesitate a single second to get involved with Laurie Santos and all the YAle students who have followed these lessons.Nicolas That was informative and fun.

thanks Coursera A really good course about positive psychology.

Very insightful first half talking about research on well-being and positive psychology.

i really enjoyed the learning and feel I know a lot more about positive psychology and wellness.

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science behind

This course has opened my eyes to the science behind why we think the way we do and what we can do about it to achieve a better sense of well-being.

:) I really learned a lot regarding the real science behind Well-Being and tools I can use and share to elevate the well-being everyone I come in contact with.

I Like the supported science behind it, for clarity and answering the why's.

very good, simple, and on point, not to many information and very useful stuff overall to apply in everyday life Excellent course giving the science behind well-being and how to implement well-being practices into one's own life.

The science behind authentic happiness is strong and awesome to ready about!

great and helpful Very in depth look at the science behind living a fulfilled life I love this course, it was a great self-reflection tool and really opened my mind up to what makes me happy Amazing!!!!

This course has been most helpful in my understanding of the true science behind well-being.

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professor laurie santos

Professor Laurie Santos is absolutely fabulous.

Professor Laurie Santos is a wonderful teacher.

Thank you Yale University and Professor Laurie Santos.

However, Professor Laurie Santos is a great communicator making complex information easy to understand to even people that don't have a Psychology degree.

It is presented by a delightful Professor Laurie Santos who makes her videos engaging, and presented with Peer-Reviewed-Scientific-Articles that are convincing.

This Professor Laurie Santos was an excellent guide.

My congrats to Professor Laurie Santos and her team.

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easy to follow

Packed with content, this course is easy to follow, understand and is relevant to the overall goal.

Easy to follow, interesting, scientifically backed, and just a joy to participate in.

The casual discussion format is easy to follow, and several times I've found myself surprised at the inaccuracies of what I thought I knew about increasing happiness versus what I've learned in this course.

Easy to follow and very practical.

Easy to follow, engaging, easy to put into practice and very rewarding.

Everything is well-planned, interesting and easy to follow.

The course is well organized, the information and delivery is easy to follow.

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science of well-being

Perfect While in while in an Uber driver suggested that I check out the Yale science of well-being course which I did I signed up for and I'm very very impressed thank you.Doug Dvorak Many thanks for the team of Yale University and especially to Mrs. Santos!

I love this course "The Science of Well-Being" with Professor Laurie Santos.

I highly suggest this course as it is full in theoretical and practical information on science of well-being.

I can't say enough about The Science of Well-Being - when the time and mindset are on point, this course is life-changing.

I found this course very helpful to learn more about the science of well-being.

I really liked the Science of Well-Being course.

This is the best course that I have taken about the Science of Well-Being.

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Rating 4.9 based on 579 ratings
Length 11 weeks
Starts Aug 17 (6 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Yale University via Coursera
Instructor Laurie Santos
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Tags Personal Development

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