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C# Developers

These days, anyone can code. But if you want to get a job as an intermediate or senior-level C# developer, you must know how to write clean, maintainable code.

As Martin Fowler said:

"Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand." - Martin Fowler

Poorly written code is hard to understand, maintain and test. But what does separate poorly written code (aka code that smells) from beautiful code that talks?

In this course, Mosh, author of several best selling C# courses on Udemy, walks you through common code smells found in C# programs and shows you how to refactor them using ReSharper. Refactoring is changing the design of the existing code without changing its external behaviour.

In every lecture, you'll see an example of a popular code smell with Mosh's commentary about what is wrong with that code and more importantly, why. You'll then learn how to change the code in a safe and step-by-step fashion while minimising breaking changes. All the source codes presented in the lectures are available for download so you can practice these techniques on your own.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to

  • Spot the smells in your code
  • Refactor your code using safe and fast refactoring techniques with ReSharper
  • Write clean code that is more readable and maintainable
  • Break long methods into smaller, more maintainable ones
  • Simplify nested / complex conditional blocks
  • Design the proper signature for your methods
  • Remove duplicated code
  • Refactor long switch/case blocks into an object-oriented design using polymorphism
  • And more...

Understanding and using these techniques are absolutely essential skills that every C# developer must have.

It includes the most valuable tips I have received for 5 years. Thank you Mosh you helped me a lot." -Se He

"Just Love It. Its the 4th course i bought from Mosh, and i do not regret spending any money. I'm working as a developer for 2-3 years now but keep loosing myself in code written by me / others. I can finally understand why and what to change. Thanks Mosh. " -Klaus Prünster

"This course was really great at explaining clean coding practices in a way which is easy to follow and understand. Highly recommended. " -Edin Livnjak

"Another fantastic course from Mosh. I have't seen another course that explains these essential concepts so clearly. In my opinion all Developers should be taught this type of thing before being let loose within a work environment." -Mark Baker

"This course is awesome. It's highly detailed (but easy to understand nonetheless). It has, for me personally, the right amount of information density; Mosh picked exactly the right speed of teaching and progressively intensifies the content, which is great. It is definitively worth the time and money, and one can clearly see the passionate effort the author has put in the creation of these materials. Big respects. " -Raphael Beck

100% MONEY- If you're not happy, ask for a refund, all your money back, no questions asked.

So, do you want to take your C# skills to the next level?

Enrol in the course now and you'll see the difference between clean and smelly code within a few minutes.

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Rating 4.4 based on 574 ratings
Length 3.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Mosh Hamedani
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Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Programming Languages Development

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What people are saying

visual studio

Good common sense conventions to use while developing Visual Studio applications.

As an improvement proposal, it would be to do the course using the visual studio tools instead of Resharper.

It would great if you can include visual studio code analysis and Code Metrics also in your tutorial.

FYI - This course expects you to have Visual Studio and Resharper installed which can be downloaded freely and used within a trial period.

You can do some refactoring in Visual Studio be default but not on the level which ReSharper provides.

Could have covered more related to default features of Visual Studio.

I cleaned up one of my past projects while I was watching this course, along with what I've learned from Mosh's "Double Your Coding Speed with Visual Studio", the result was extremely satisfying.

I'm not using Visual Studio, so I can't use ReSharper.

I would have liked it more if the refactoring changes have been shown only with what Visual Studio has.

Improvement proposal: add some examples on how to do refactoring with "pure" Visual Studio.

Newer versions of Visual Studio do offer some means for refactoring and it is good to know them also.

Mosh shows how to use some great tools in Visual Studio and Re-Sharper to reduce such tasks to only minutes.

It was very good, I learned a lot of the possibilities of Visual Studio 2017 (most things from Resharper are now integrated in VS 2017).

Personally, I would have liked to have seen more examples with Visual Studio 2015+ intellisense, for that it replaces a good bit of Resharper's functions plus or minus a few features.

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writing clean code

The course would have been a lot more useful if it was shorter and excluded ReSharper entirely, focusing on writing clean code.

New developers who are not used to writing clean code, should practice writing clean code, not rely on third-party tools to do it for them.

Having a better understanding of writing clean code, and in turn looking into how to perform unit testing, I've been able to rewrite one of programs to perform faster and have tracked down and fix bugs no one has even reported yet.

I recommends this course to anyone that need additional clarification on writing clean code.

Seems more like a course on how to use resharper and not about writing clean code, sure a few little bits are here is some clean code methodologies, but then it's all how to use resharper to perform some function Great information on business related code smells.

This is a great course on writing clean code.

Mosh has covered pretty mush all aspects of writing clean code with good examples.

This wasn't just an excellent course in writing clean code but it was also a good demonstration of ReSharper.

Should have been named: C# Developers: Learn Art of Writing Clean Code Using #Resharper.

If you are interested on writing clean code, take this course.

Sometimes it feels like I need more deep explanation and more complex examples, but that would result in a much longer course (which would be not bad imho) Simple and Great ;) Highly recommended if you have no prior experience or background writing clean code, I have been coding for years, and know I am really focused on writing good code for people, and I think was worth it.

It's not JUST "Writing Clean Code" but using a helpful tool to do so.

Someone new to C# would get the principles of writing clean code even if they do not understand all the mechanics of the more advanced code, and after gaining experience could go back to the advanced examples with more understanding of what the code is supposed to be doing.

For 5 stars, either remove references to ReSharper or rename the class to "C# Developers: Learn the Art of Writing Clean Code using ReSharper".

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easy to follow

But the course was really informative and quite easy to follow.

Beautifully designed, straight to the point, easy to follow.

A lot was missing: comments were not enough, continuously I was left wondering if my logic was easy to follow, and so on.

Easy to follow and understand, Mosh not only presents to you very good concepts, he also gives strong and logical reasons to apply them in your daily coding.

His pace of speech is easy to follow, and he proceeds in a deliberate manner when modifying code.

This course was really great at explaining clean coding practices in a way which is easy to follow and understand.

Robert Martin also does a set of videos on Clean Code, but I seem to recall that they weren't as easy to follow and didn't specifically target C#.

As always, Mosh's course was easy to follow and he not only showed you what to do, but explained why.

Very easy to follow.

The Instructor is very easy to follow along with and you are able to understand what he is doing.

I expected to see more technical tips good Great Nice love mosh Kodun anlaşılabilir olması önemlidir Easy to follow & concise Sade, güzel ve yalın bir anlatımı var.

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clear and concise

The instructor is very audible, clear and concise.

Exactly what I expected The clear and concise presentation of Mosh is amazing like his other courses.

Instructions were clear and concise.

Excellent, clear and concise with good attention to detail and a keen eye for the kind of subtle confusions that can beset a student when first learning to code cleanly.

Instructor provides clear and concise information.

Mosh is a great instructor lectures are straight to the point, clear and concise.

Mosh is clear and concise in his explanations and the material and examples are relevant.

Clear and concise explanations with good examples.

ca répond a mes attentes He mejorado mucho la forma de codificar Clear and concise , as usual.

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so far

So far, so good !

Wes So far very basic code smells, but hopefully it gets more complex in the future... Resharper UI and command are changed or rename or removed.

I have every course that Mosh has done so far and they are all great.

At the beginning I thought I will not learn anything new, but getting so far I have learnt how to do refactory on if/switch statements, very important skills in my opinions.

So far, this course has made me think about things while I'm coding that I used to not even consider.

So far so good.

So far I have to agree with others, it should have been named "clean code with Resharper.

I understood the difference between to user poor names and good names, I came from C++ and I frequently use hungarian annotations, so far I heve identified big opportunities to improve my code So far so good.

What I was looking for So far I am able to keep up.

So far, the course has been great!

Understandable So far - clear, well-organized, to the point Toooooo much of ReSharper I don't have resharper yet Yep Excelent course like every course I have took of Mosh`s Courses!

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highly recommend this course

I would highly recommend this course for any C# developer--newbie to experienced.

I highly recommend this course.

I would highly recommend this course to all developers out there.

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real world

In the beginning it was a little bit boring to me but in the end, Mosh showed so many cool things in real world like examples.

I learned Mosh's other C# tutorials first about one year ago, just now I finished this tutorial and I regret to watch this one so late... review whole codes I wrote last year in the daily work, almost all are these smell codes Mosh mentioned in this tutorial, quite a shame -_- this tutorial is really necessary for people who are going to be a formal developer working in the real world.

Excellent material to get started and used it into real world examples.

Excellent guide to polymorphism helping to replace code smells Example code used is real world code and I easily can see where applying the concepts This course highlights the more common mistakes that programmers make and how to deal with them.

His examples are derived from real world scenarios which are easier for the student to follow and apply in his/her life.

As usual, Mosh delivers his high quality content at best, with an excellent choice of real world examples.

After all, these days you work with repositories in the real world, not full source code files that are passed around.

Great courses that truly apply to the real world.

Great real world examples.

Read more

looking forward

Looking forward to your other courses.

Looking forward to taking more courses by Mosh :) Very well-structured and beneficial course for developers of all levels.

Looking forward to even more courses by you in the near future!

Looking forward to learning more from you.

Looking forward to implementing these lessons into my code writing and having a brownbag session to teach my fellow developers.

I'm looking forward to his MVC course coming out next year!

I'm looking forward to use it a lot and make the code I write easier to read.

Read more

step by step

Mosh did a great job on being clear and concise, while also showing you step by step how to refactor code.

Bravo... step by step full refactoring.

If you've read Uncle Bob's Clean Code, this course is a step by step example of the book.

I the step by step approach allowed me to see how to focus and refactor in stages.

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unit testing

If you do not know unit testing, you won't understand about half of what goes on in this course, if you do not take HIS other courses, you'll be lost at times with the references he makes to them.

Already watched the the Unit Testing course by Mosh, which was lightly covered on this course as well.

(What, why and how) Please make a unit testing course.

Looking forward to your next course Mosh - unit testing would be a great one!

Its been quite a little while now, where is this course on Unit Testing???

And some best practices about unit testing, do I have to test every single method?

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highly recommended

Highly recommended.

Highly recommended if you have a team of developers to get them all on the same page.

Highly recommended!

Also a highly recommended tool if you're a C# developer.

Highly recommended to all programmers!

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as usual

The presentation was excellent, as usual!

As usual, his speech and video editing is perfect.

very clear and well structured course as usual with Mosh Great explanation by Mosh on code smell and how to refactor such code.

Amazing as usual Very good Material This course has great ideas.

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Rating 4.4 based on 574 ratings
Length 3.5 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $14
From Udemy
Instructor Mosh Hamedani
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects Programming
Tags Programming Languages Development

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