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The Complete Cyber Security Course

Learn a practical skill-set in defeating all onlinethreats, including - advanced hackers,trackers, malware, zero days, exploit kits, cybercriminals and more.

Become a Cyber Security Specialist - Go from a beginner to advanced in this easy tofollow expert course.

Covering all major platforms - Windows 7, Windows8, Windows 10, MacOS and Linux.

This course covers the fundamental building blocks of yourrequired skill set - You will understand the threat and vulnerability landscapethrough threat modeling and risk assessments.

We explore the Darknet and mindset of the cybercriminal. Covering malware, exploit kits, phishing, zero-dayvulnerabilities and much more.

You will learn about the global tracking andhacking infrastructures that nation states run. Covering the

You will understand the foundations of operatingsystem security and privacy functionality. A close look at the new Windows10 privacy issues and how to best mitigate them.

There is a complete easy to follow crash course onencryption, how encryption can be bypassed and what you can do to mitigatethe risks.

Master defenses against phishing, SMShing, vishing,identity theft, scam, cons and other social engineering threats.

Finally we cover the extremely important, but underusedsecurity control of isolation and compartmentalization. Covering sandboxes,application isolation, virtual machines, Whonix and Qubes OS.

This is volume 1 of 4 of your complete guide to cyber security privacy and anonymity.

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Rating 4.5 based on 4,997 ratings
Length 12 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $15
From Udemy
Instructor Nathan House
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Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software Network & Security

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What people are saying

canary tokens

Setting up Canary Tokens, VM's, encryption and decryption Very great information and practical and simple sense of cyber security protection personal and professional its a good match and interesting, I think I am going to learn a thing or two in course.

Also felt the presenter's explanation of their canary tokens became more vague as it went on Exceptional course.

I cannot get the Canary Tokens to work.

good start Too much theory in the first lessons Great course providing ground work for the rest of the volumes, provided plenty of information Really cool introduction on Canary Tokens!

Tools such as canary tokens are like an alarm system that you have in your home.

Well that last video about Canary Tokens was pretty eye opening.

Canary tokens site is impressive.

Brilliant Canary Tokens grabs the user's attention with practical security potential instead of starting with boring fundamentals.

first step and it failed, Canary tokens doesnt work at all Nice love this course Good Start Was Good Its a shocker to know that hacking is an easy affair It seems like I'll be learning a lot, thank you.

The introduction is great .. UHM I had fun working on canary tokens!

Knew nothing about canary tokens.

Very informative so far and the canary tokens are a good thing to give so early Pretty good solusi bagus so far so good Enjoying it.

Canary Tokens are amazing amazing Good information.

Just starting but the value of the Canary Tokens makes it a good value already.

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learned something new

Learned something new today and it looks to be very valuable This course is really informative, awesome course.

Thank you Learned something new!

As a long time IT support technician, I learned something new right from the first lesson.

I learned something new and it was a good way to ease in to this after being out of security for so long.

learned something new after 2 lectures, Nathan seems to have a good structure for this course.

Sabine Have learned something new - Canary Tokens.

I learned something new, in exposing hackers.

Learned something new and useful.

givelinkstosoftware the in-depth knowledge and lessons This is the first course in which I really have learned something new, and that in just the first lecture.

Didn't work for me its interesting After the first two videos/ lectures I already learned something new!

I've learned something new Great content and in depth.

learned something new Excellent.

Very clear explanation Learned something new already.

Link dosent work properly I learned something new and useful!

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eye opener

It's quite an eye opener!

From Epitech Student This course is a eye opener.

This is my first course with Udemy - at first I viewed as an eye opener/taster but then became, almost, obsessed.

is an eye opener to this field.

This was a great eye opener as a IT person.

This course is an "eye opener".

Real eye opener on how important security is.

Real eye opener.

Also, the most recent lectures on understanding risk and anonymity and privacy were eye openers.

The course is an eye opener, it really meets my expectation as a security enthusiast.

This was a very good eye opener, and was very detailed.

Really enjoyed this course - a bit of an eye opener in places!

It is a real eye opener.

45 % through the course still waiting to see how the hackers will be exposed through the course its very interesting and a huge eye opener Yes, so far it seems to fit into my daily work requirements.

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quick win

love the immediate benefit in the "Security Quick Win!"

Very easy to follow and quick wins always work :) I really enjoy taking Nathan's courses.

Security quick win is a commercial So far course layout is good.

The quick wins Very cleared concise.

The quick win right in the beginning is hilariously wonderful and if that was not enough, the videos seem to be done by a design professional.. mix that with an individual who is obviously a security expert teaching you actual security ...

The "security quick win" was really a security quick win!

Love the quick win.

A quick win - that's a really great idea.

just seen canary tokens, I want to secure my SaaS startup, this is cheesy The security quick win is very interesting Seems good so far.

The quick win idea was amazing.

Nice quick win with great security advice!

catchup Nathan started off the course with a valuable quick win for the student.

Thanks quick win to generate my interest in the coursse Too much time spent on downloads and installation we haven't started the course but i already feel like an expert with the second lesson I love it Thank you from my deep heart very knowledgeable instructor, nice from start to finish On the second or third lesson and I'm already learning valuable information to protect myself against security threats.

It was nice to know how to set up "tripwires" Quick win - such a simple step straight out of the box!

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step by step

loving the practical stuff and step by step guide Good advice.

i like how the tutor is explaining step by step that makes it easy to follow and understand.

I could not think of any questions to ask him as he was taking everything so nicely step by step.

For example, the sections on how to change settings in Windows, Mac etc could have been covered in one video with the detail step by step provided in supporting materials.

Nonetheless, I would have preferred from time to time a little more of step by step "do this and that" information rather than a very theoratical way of presenting information... We're getting into something that actually made me buy this course: Patching.

Clear, concise descriptions of each topic with step by step guidance for each practical aspect.

LOTS of information and step by step guide on becoming a PROFESSIONAL cyber security professional Very informative.

I was looking for more practicals or a step by step method to implement some of the security.

Too information about PC security He goes step by step in a very understandible way Clear instruction of a very complex and difficult topic.

Mr. Nathan House has done nothing but explained every single thing step by step and is very attentive towards all your questions.

Still taking other modules of this course, so far it rocks.... Clear language usage and step by step explanation.

Step by step, methodical, keeping the viewer in mind every step of the way, much more thoughtful than other udemy courses ive viewed.

Great explanation on step by step.

step by step information for a dunce like me - thanks!

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operating systems

Learned lots of new computer security skills pertaining to operating systems and encryption.

This course is good and shows you how to protect yourself and has suggested over powered security, privacy and anonymity operating systems that I didn’t even know existed.

It covers options for multiple Operating Systems, so there are several lectures which may be irrelevant.

Learn how to incorporate all material on All major operating systems Can’t I learn all of this online for free?

Look at browser extensions, have a look at the digital certificates on your web pages, look at the provided resources, set up a virtual machine environment and try different operating systems, play around with configurations and settings, examine old spam / phishing emails, look up encryption sites to actually verify hashes and encryption, try the canary tokens, try sending secret messages with basic steganography, etc.

Covering multiple Operating Systems and myself only really being familiar with Microsoft products, I can see me looking into others as the course clearly demonstrated the good and bad, the advantages and problems, of various operating systems.

Mr. House deals with the strengths and weaknesses of the 3 treated operating systems in detail, and shows solutions to improve your situation using them.

Nathan is very direct, to the point, and gives very detailed explanations and great diagrams, covers the different operating systems, gives great examples, advice, resources and tools to prepare you for success.

Nathan shares a LOT of experience for defense in depth for a variety of operating systems.

Great look through on the operating systems and great explanations as to the options to set and uncheck.

Het is een complete set waarbij alle operating systems aan de orde komen windhoos, ios en linux great course !

Nice coverage in terms of modern day security issues, as well as steps that can be taken for specific operating systems.

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opened my eyes

This course opened my eyes to just how many threats there are out there and I would recommend this course to everyone as we should all at least be aware of what is potentially out there.

This has really opened my eyes to a field I really want to pursue!

This course has seriously opened my eyes to the importance of online security not only for governments and corporations, but especially for private citizens.

I found the course to be very informative and it opened my eyes to what is out there.

This was a very detailed and organized class that opened my eyes.

Really opened my eyes....I learned so much!!

Demonstrates techniques that you may never have seen before, I can't wait to see what else he teaches, he has already opened my eyes to many possibilities to helping people protect their systems.

full of knowledge Good to know in our Era, and it opened my eyes up to some things i didnt know this guy is a genius I learned so much It has help me understand more but i am wanting to get into the stuff and programs its takes to be a person who works in cyber security This course is like a good book - you can't put it down.

So far this course has opened my eyes to the many different ways to secure yourself other than the basic firewalls It is great.

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eye opening

Very Informative, lots of eye opening information.

Excellent and interesting course, well presented As we are in a busy world, mobile version is very good such this important online course Though I'm already familiar with what's being discussed, I found the topic both entertaining and eye opening.

This is a very informative, eye opening course.

i'm new to this but wow it's an eye opening.

The sections on OS Privacy were eye opening, and the sections on the various OS's like Whonix and Qubes were also enlightening.

Very detailed and eye opening, excellent course!

Very good summary on the topic, truly eye opening, would recommend everyone living in 21st century.

Very eye opening, not dry, well explained, and easy to follow.

Very eye opening stuff.

Very informative and eye opening.

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really knows his stuff

Nathan really knows his stuff and one can quickly tell that he has real world first class experience and that his teachings are based around that.

Teacher really knows his stuff and makes cyber security more interesting by each minute I took me a while to get through this course, I was getting side tracked by other things.

Nathan really knows his stuff and I've already purchased the additional courses in this series.

Nathan really knows his stuff!

just starting course but gives great value right away thank you seems like a guy that really knows his stuff, and he is not indian!

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real world examples

Really good course - lots of practical real world examples and things that can be used at home as well as work The course contents are designed well and easy to understand.

I really recommend :) This is an incredible course, there is so much information to parse - but not only that but great application of that information with real world examples.

Knowledgeable expert gives clear, thorough descriptions of security concepts with insights into real world examples.

I really like how he is integrating real world examples in his lectures.

Excellent course with some great real world examples.

Great instructor, real world examples, broad range of security topics covered.

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virtual machines

Good The instructor is really good Learning new things about virtual machines and other important items.

While i'm no expert, this course seems to be a comprehensive survey of the pluses and minuses of different types of virtual machines, browsers and open source support tools.

Additionally, the section on virtual machines including how to set them up and installing operating systems was extremely useful.

It starts with basics and moves through at a reasonable pace, covering interesting topics which also give the opportunity to try things out for yourself once you have the virtual machines set up.

Definitely recommend to anyone interested in the topic of computing privacy, virtual machines and some data security (in that order.)

Volume 1, at least, is lacking some hands-on working, specially seeing as the course teaches how to install and manage Virtual Machines.

It would've taken even longer if I had set up virtual machines like it suggested.

"Setting up a Testing Environment Using Virtual Machines (Lab)", actually walk through setting up Kali and then do something with it.

I have even learned how to use virtual machines to run other operating systems.

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well put together

Level 1 of the course is very well put together.

All in all - it was an enjoyable course different and well put together for the first timer stepping into security - but I have to say one thing though no matter how many certifications one gets, if you are not already in the field you still ain't experienced but its always good to have this knowledge as you never know when you will need it in todays time and age..... As CEO, I set security as one of our KBDs.

I thought the course was well put together and provides a solid foundation on security principals.

Very well put together course Wow just wow, quite simply intrigued at only age 15 Good start to the course.

good Excellent Well put together course.

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Reverse Exploit Engineer $84k

Product Engineer - Performance Kits $84k

Reverse/Exploit Engineer $88k

Kits Value Stream Manger Manager $103k

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Rating 4.5 based on 4,997 ratings
Length 12 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $15
From Udemy
Instructor Nathan House
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Subjects IT & Networking
Tags IT & Software Network & Security

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