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Flutter & Dart - The Complete Guide [2020 Edition]

The entire course was completely re-recorded and updated - it's totally up-to-date with the latest version of Flutter.

With the latest update, I also added Push Notifications and Image Upload.

Join the most comprehensive & bestselling Flutter course and learn how to build amazing iOS and Android apps.

You don't need to learn Android/ Java and iOS/ Swift to build real native mobile apps.

Flutter - a framework developed by Google - allows you to learn one language (Dart) and build beautiful native mobile apps in no time. Flutter is a SDK providing the tooling to compile Dart code into native code and it also gives you a rich set of pre-built and pre-styled UI elements (so called widgets) which you can use to compose your user interfaces.

Flutter is extremely trending and gets used for major Google apps like their Adwords app - it's now marked as "ready for production", hence now is the time to jump in and learn it.

This course will teach Flutter & Dart from scratch, NO prior knowledge of either of the two is required.  And you certainly don't need any Android or iOS development experience since the whole idea behind Flutter is to only learn one language.

You'll learn Flutter not only in theory but we'll build a complete, realistic app throughout this course. This app will feature both all the core basics as well as advanced features like using Google Maps, the device camera, adding animations and more.

With Flutter, you'll be able to write code only once and ship your apps both to the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Use Google's Material Design to build beautiful, yet fully customizable, apps in no time with almost zero effort. You can use the rich widget suite Flutter provides to add common UI elements like buttons, switches, forms, toolbars, lists and more - or you simply build your own widgets - Flutter makes that a breeze, too.

Here's what's included in the course:

  • Detailed setup instructions for both macOS and Windows

  • A thorough introduction to Flutter, Dart and the concept behind widgets

  • An overview of the built-in widgets and how you may add your own ones

  • Debugging tipps & tricks

  • Page navigation with tabs, side drawers and stack-based navigation

  • State management solutions

  • Handling and validating user input

  • Connecting your Flutter app to backend servers by sending Http requests

  • User authentication

  • Adding Google Maps

  • Using native device features like the camera

  • Adding beautiful animations & page transitions

  • Image Upload

  • Push Notifications - manual approach and automated

  • How to publish your app to the app stores

  • And more.

This course is for you if ...

  • You're interested in building real native mobile apps for the two most popular mobile platforms - iOS and Android

  • You want to explore the full set of features Flutter offers

  • Don't want to spend hours learning two completely different languages

Course prerequisites:

  • Basic programming language knowledge will help a lot but is not a hard requirement

  • You DON'T need to know Flutter or Dart

  • You DON'T need to know iOS (Swift/ObjectiveC) or Android (Java)

As mentioned above, the course was updated from scratch - old, now obsolete content (~25h) is temporarily kept around for existing students ([LEGACY] sections) and will eventually be removed.

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Rating 4.4 based on 910 ratings
Length 41 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $9
From Udemy
Instructors Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Academind by Maximilian Schwarzm端ller, Maximilian Schwarzm端ller
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Mobile Apps Development

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What people are saying

easy to follow

The course is easy to follow and the app development follows a reasonable path.

Very easy to follow and UNDERSTAND which is the most important.

But on the other hand the overall course is pretty good, as expected from him Easy to follow - half way through at the moment, I will come back and provide a full review after I have completed the course.

Very useful tutorial and easy to follow.

His courses are thorough, informative, and easy to follow.

Clear explanation and easy to follow up.

this course is good is good for experience or people that work on flutter before but not good for beginner student Easy to follow, clear language and the preference for vscode is really nice for me since i am running under linux and i do not want to use anything like android studio.

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step by step

Instructor explains the concepts clearly and even go into the details of guiding us step by step.

The full code is downloadable step by step, or full at the end, so you can easily recover if you've missed some step in the source during the course lessons.

The idea of creating an entire app the learn is just great and the step by step way of learning gives you the knowledge to start your own projects with Flutter which I'm already doing it.

I really enjoy work step by step to learn Flutter and Dart.

step by step taking me to publish my APP, Thanks.

Good explanation, step by step tutorials, good comparing with other tools like React Native.

Great course for beginner This is great taking things very step by step.

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so far so

So far so good, will come back and edit once done with the course.

Bardzo dobry kurs, Max świetnie tłumaczy, wszystko jestem w stanie zrozumieć So far so good.

good of training course So far so good.

tell now it ok So far so good, clear explanation.

So far so good.

So far so good Wie immer von Schwarzmüller, sehr Verständlich und nachvollziehbar.

so far so good, as course progresses i'll update rating to 5 It was a nice match to my expectations it'a a great course so far, but it would be better to see more instructions on dart language I needed a refresher in Android Studio and I've never played developed in xcode.

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state management

Too much refactor in the "Model State Management" lecture.

This course is very well done, although it would have been perfect which is why I didn't give 5 stars, it there would have been also described how to use other State management methods, like for ex.

It could be better if it would include BLoC or MobX state management in addition to ScopedModel.

Hätte mehr Varianten für State Management gut gefunden.

I would like to see you add the Redux flutter state management.

Also instead of showing the code being changed from one model to another it would be simpler to just show each state management system done from scratch by rewinding the codebase to a previous lecture.

IMHO it's a promising framework, but let us see how those open issues for Flutter on Github are solved and how the community wraps its head around it by building the necessary support for tracking, authentication, error gathering, state management and other necessary tools for building a highly scalable app.

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android studio

Just completed the course and can't wait to convert a few apps developed in Android Studio to make them cross platform.

App doesn't run in android studio and hang up in console application.

I had a lot of issues with getting Android Studio installed correctly.

Getting the environment variables working and recognized by Android Studio and Flutter Doctor.

Additionally, it took me quite a few times to get the emulator to be seen by Android Studio.

After it worked, it worked including running it outside of Android Studio by using Flutter run at the command prompt inside the app director first_app.

However, there are two things that I thing could've been better: 1) discuss why use VS Code instead of Android Studio, 2) when discussing alternatives to flutter, no mention was made of Xamarin, which I think was probably the most important comparison to be made in that section.

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too fast

He sometimes goes too fast, but that's the beauty of being able to pause/rewind on demand.

I think the instructor should have went over basic Dart before just immediately coding in Dart and in general moving too fast.

Spending more time matching out parentheses than actually following the code since he's going way too fast copy pasting everywhere.

Way too fast, hard to keep up with instructor.

Pace is perfect - not too fast, not too slow.

저의 윈도우즈 버전이 달라 조금은 어려웠습니다 too fast A little too basic for me -- I've only been using Flutter for a couple weeks now and am familiar with pretty much all the topics covered in this course.

way too fast ignoring issues Really good course Clear explanations without getting lost in detail.

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Mobile Device/Mobile Web QA $122k

Mobile Banking $179k

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Rating 4.4 based on 910 ratings
Length 41 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $9
From Udemy
Instructors Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Academind by Maximilian Schwarzm端ller, Maximilian Schwarzm端ller
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Mobile Apps Development

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