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Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python

Introduction to Data Science,

Much of the world's data resides in databases. SQL (or Structured Query Language) is a powerful language which is used for communicating with and extracting data from databases. A working knowledge of databases and SQL is a must if you want to become a data scientist. The purpose of this course is to introduce relational database concepts and help you learn and apply foundational knowledge of the SQL language. It is also intended to get you started with performing SQL access in a data science environment. The emphasis in this course is on hands-on and practical learning . As such, you will work with real databases, real data science tools, and real-world datasets. You will create a database instance in the cloud. Through a series of hands-on labs you will practice building and running SQL queries. You will also learn how to access databases from Jupyter notebooks using SQL and Python. No prior knowledge of databases, SQL, Python, or programming is required. Anyone can audit this course at no-charge. If you choose to take this course and earn the Coursera course certificate, you can also earn an IBM digital badge upon successful completion of the course. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Subscription is only $39 USD per month for access to graded materials and a certificate.

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Rating 4.4 based on 788 ratings
Length 7 weeks
Effort 4 weeks of study, 2-4 hours/week.
Starts Jun 28 (29 weeks ago)
Cost $38
From IBM via Coursera
Instructors Rav Ahuja, Hima Vasudevan, Sandip Saha Joy
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science IT & Networking
Tags Computer Science Data Science Data Analysis Mobile And Web Development Information Technology Data Management

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What people are saying

jupyter notebook

The Jupyter Notebooks worked well and the final problems were reasonable.

It was also good to see the techniques which can be applied in Jupyter notebook or in python code itself to use SQL commands.

Excellent course on manipulating data using SQL in Jupyter notebooks.

The labs enable you to create tables in the DB2 database (=the IBM database) and query them from a Jupyter Notebook.

I have my own Jupyter Notebook installed , however, you can run and practice queries on the IBM environment as well.

Labeling of individual labs (their titles/ filenames, when opened in Jupyter notebooks, did not correspond with the actual weeks in the course that the should have - wks 2 were called wks 4 and wks 3 were called wks 6) That made it a bit confusing at times.

Needs more help using SQL within a Jupyter Notebook which should be in the earlier labs.

Instead, the assignment made us write SQL code inside Jupyter Notebook.

Great Hand on experience especially with IBM Db2 cloud, Jupyter Notebook connection to sql and Querying the database.

You would thank me later for recommendation.. loved it Idóneo para comenzar a interactuar SQL con Python In week 4 assignment my jupyter notebook won't connect to the ibm database.

I learned a lot about IBM Watson, SQL queries how to connect to API, and more of Jupyter Notebook.

powerful course it was very helpful to learn sql The information in the class is outstanding, the problem is IBM Jupyter Notebooks' kernels fail within 10 minutes, and must be reloaded constantly.

The final exam requires 10 answers via Jupyter notebook trial and error, and it took me nearly 3 days of constant refreshing to get this done.

Some of the labs are hard to follow when they are not in jupyter notebooks format but other than that great course very useful course The process is challenging (especially the final assignment).

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highly recommend

Although the material was clear and concise, working with IBM Db2 Cloud was a headache due to its unresponsiveness this course is much more about basics so i highly recommend it to people who want to start Good It was an excellent program for learning SQL for beginners!

Highly recommend for those needed a DB refresher or beginning a journey in the field of Data Science.

i would highly recommend everyone , who is reading this, go for it.

I highly recommend without doubt,it is very usefull and you can practise a lot.

Would highly recommend the course, online learning material very good.

Highly recommend!

Highly recommend.

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sql for data science

a lot of useful practical exercises Crisp and Excellent source for learning Databases and SQL for the Data Science The Database and SQL for data science are very helpful because in this i have to lean sql and data science with python and hand-on experience IBM Db2 Great and through course.

A bit challenging Databases and SQL for Data Science is great course for all those, who are eager to learn SQL.

Great course on Databases and SQL for Data Science!

I want to share my experience with coursera is really awesome and the course i completed Databases and SQL for Data Science is also best for my carrier and have a best content to learn DB and python.

It is really helpful to study databases and sql for data science.

Its good course to get basic knowledge about SQL for Data Science.

Well done and really get to working with SQL for data science usage.

This course is very helpful to learn SQL fundamentals and to implement it in IBM cloud platform.I am belonging to a poor family and i was very much interested to learn database management system and Coursera provided me the perfect platform to learn Databases and SQL for Data Science.

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final assignment

The final assignment could be somehow challenging for people without programming experience, but the discussion forum is active and the course instructor Rav is very attentive, responding to questions in the forum.

Then I liked that in the final assignment in week 5, the last problem 7 was a bit challenging ( I spent some 2 hours on this problem alone!

the line fir writing code in jypiter notebook were limited to one line,therefor writing code especially in the final assignment was a bit complicated good Loved the basic SQL refresher as well as how SQL and Python interact which was brand new to me and very valuable.

A great course about SQL and Databases but the final assignment should have been about writing python code to access database and analyze data, as shown in one of the videos where a pandas dataframe was created.

My only complaint is that if the final assignment is going to be assigned such a high weight, then it should require more than 1 person to review it.

The final assignment was a fun one.

challenging final assignment.

I loved the final assignment and the ibm_db api.

Final Assignment was very enjoyable as well.

I would have preferred not waiting up to one month to get my final assignment reviewed.

The Ungraded labs and Final assignments were really good hands on practice.

Hence, its very frustrating to understand the significance of '%sql' in a Final Assignment review.

Hence, it feels like- Final assignment is to check whether we can connect to the database, rather than checking our subject knowledge on SQL.

This course was OK, but I'd still like to see more hands-on exercises and a final assignment that's more aligned to the prior coursework Awesome course.

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easy to follow

The powerpoints and information are easy to follow but the ease of use through IBM's platform is not friendly.

Easy to follow and the labs and assignment help to enhance understanding Good course for beginners and very good practice content.

The class was very enjoyable and very easy to follow.

Was clearly laid out, easy to follow along and complete the assignments.

A good introduction to SQL and Databases, informational and easy to follow.

can not open the final task console So useful for newbie to easily understand how to use SQL to query data This courses is easy to follow and takes you from the fundamentals to quite advanced topics quickly, but with comprehension.

Very well explained, easy to follow and very useful.

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real world

Delivered in a format that would get you from no SQL knowledge to querying real world data sets in a few weeks.

More detailed information expected in this very useful the course is good but the way they teach you is not as good as other IBM courses it was bit confusing for me where to write the code etc the instructions were not as clear as they should be It was a nice course and the best part of it was interacting with real world data There is always problems with IMB Lite account, Better to show how to install any workbench and work on them.

it's good courses working on a real world database is awesome The instructions are too old, does not always goes together with changed structure of website and tools.

however, more real world scenarios could be incorporated with extensive use of SQL commands.

Course Was awsome but The Ibm Cloud On which LAb Depends And assignment depends Gives A lot of error For someone who had learnt SQL back in High School, this course provided me valuable information on some of the more advanced topics and gave an insight of working with real world databases.The basics are taught from scratch and the use of database on cloud made the learning more simpler.So if you want to learn about data science i'd recommend this course and also to those who have some basic knowledge.

Not useful in real world.Very limited and restrictive practice and assinments.For a true learning experience one needs to do a lot of external research and work to show a measureable benifit.

Great course, with nice datasets for real world project work.

Thank's Im not ble to do week 4 ssignment pls help wish it was more challenging its interesting course but need to add more practical lesson This is a great course because they use real world datasets where you can test your abilities.

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highly recommended

Highly Recommended.

Optional sections are excellent and highly recommended.

Highly recommended for new and aspiring data scientists.

Highly recommended!

Highly recommended to anyone wants to be a data scientist.

Highly recommended.

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well organized

The course is well organized and focused on hands-on learning along with theory.

Well organized for introduction.

Course is well organized for begineer.

I really liked this class, practice lab assignments were excellent and also well organized with the integration of IBM tools from the IBM Cloud Lite Suite.

I have many problems when I do my assignment, I think the class don't teach very well very good and a very helpful course to kickstart your carrier in data science Course was well organized, I found the lab exercise to be useful in learning the material.

It's really well organized course.

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real life

thank you sir Real life example was the hall mark of this course Great course!

The difficult in the SQL is very good to make you think in real life problems.

All what you need to understand DB concept (if you are new there) + real life data analysis with Python.

Great content Great Course Awesome course with the basics of SQL and real life applications.

Watson studio has updated/changed the layout since the course was created, the content and description of the tasks in many cases don't live up to the real life situation.

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relational databases

Also the non-graded sections regarding relational databases are interesting.

Excellent practice on relational databases!

It will give you an idea of what can you do with free databases resourses using sql to manipulate relational databases.

I learn SQL, relational databases.

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final project

videos for week 2, sub-queries were confusing and questions 9 and 10 on final project are very 'vague' and 'confusing' with asking questions about Area(s) when in examples and previous course work we were taught to use group by, but correct answers did not use group by.

I did enjoy the final project, and found it to be the redeeming quality of this course.

The quizzes and final project were fair and tested my knowledge of the concepts.

<3 Well explained, but both the quizes and the final project were too easy.

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without any

So clear for people without any background like me Awesome Course It was awesome, the material is so easy to use.

Perfect for beginners without any experience with data analysis.Enjoyed hands-on LABS a lot!

If you know nothing about SQL, don't take this course since it just a brief introduction without any in-depth explanation.

At the end of the course I understood many core SQL concepts and was even able to do some coding without any help.

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Adjunt Instructor - Databases $56k

SQL Deveoloper $63k

SQL Developer (Sr.) $66k

ColdFusion/SQL Developer $99k

SQL Administrator $100k

.NET Web Developer / SQL Databases Consultant $119k

SQL Developer Manager $121k

UNIX/Perl Developer / Oracle / SQL Server Databases $126k

Microsoft SQL Developer $130k

SQL Server Architect $138k

Senior Software Engineer - Databases $152k

SQL Server MVP 3 $163k

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Rating 4.4 based on 788 ratings
Length 7 weeks
Effort 4 weeks of study, 2-4 hours/week.
Starts Jun 28 (29 weeks ago)
Cost $38
From IBM via Coursera
Instructors Rav Ahuja, Hima Vasudevan, Sandip Saha Joy
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming Data Science IT & Networking
Tags Computer Science Data Science Data Analysis Mobile And Web Development Information Technology Data Management

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