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Essential Google Cloud Infrastructure

Architecting with Google Cloud Platform,

This accelerated on-demand course introduces participants to the comprehensive and flexible infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud with a focus on Compute Engine. Through a combination of video lectures, demos, and hands-on labs, participants explore and deploy solution elements, including infrastructure components such as networks, virtual machines and applications services. You will learn how to use the Google Cloud through the console and Cloud Shell. You'll also learn about the role of a cloud architect, approaches to infrastructure design, and virtual networking configuration with Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Projects, Networks, Subnetworks, IP addresses, Routes, and Firewall rules.
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Rating 4.6 based on 1,048 ratings
Length 3 weeks
Effort 2 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week
Starts Jul 3 (34 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Google Cloud via Coursera
Instructor Google Cloud Training
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming IT & Networking
Tags Computer Science Computer Security And Networks Cloud Computing Information Technology

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What people are saying

google cloud platform

Good course.Unfortunately a lot of the content at the beginning overlaps with the first course (Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure) in this specialization (Architecting with Google Cloud Platform).Further the sometimes very short video clips (seconds) are annoying and break my learning workflow, I prefer a less 'chopped' up content.Overall good course, learned quite a bit of concepts.

The slides are not shared, which makes it hard to review and prepare for the exam after finishing the course Contains some really useful insights and techniques for creating, configuring and managing resources on Google Cloud Platform.

Very well created course for GCP, suits generally anyone that has interest with and wanted to explore Google Cloud Platform.Content were built in smaller bits, helps for easier digestion and understanding.The qwiklab sessions are great as well, to give a hands on for the related course content.

This course includes fundamental labs to understand instances, virtual machines, and storage in the Google Cloud Platform The QwikLabs experience was awesome.

Quite simple to follow and provides good understanding of Google computing engine and Storage services Good explanation of Compute Engine and Virtual Networking on Google Cloud Platform.

A good lecture on the basics of Google Cloud Platform very productive course and lab exercises really helps you to grasp knowledge Great opportunity to learn and expose to GCP real environment Great Lesson.

Great content around Google Cloud Platform, including Compute (VM Instances), Storage, and Networking.

Very good course from leaning perspective very insightful Excellent course on the core foundation of Google cloud platform.

this course details the complicated cloud environment in much simple way WoW Helps in getting a better understanding of google cloud platform.

GCP have a error en region europe-west2 zone c, This error, I not finish the lab The Labs sessions are good with proper guidance Some instructions are not accurate, it might create confussion, take a look at the last exercise, you need to specify sudo to run the commands instead of just copy and paste the commands as it said An excellent introduction to the Google Cloud Platform Good placew to start practical hands on lab work running VMs and connecting to them.

Very interesting course helping to understand Google Cloud Platform This was well presented with good labs.

It's a practical material to have a brief understanding of the Google Cloud platform Very valuable course.

A good tool for learning Google Cloud Platform good Very quick way to get the Networking concepts given if you are coming from AWS background.

Great Course I think this should be taken before somewhere between or before Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure I think I would have like more technical details.

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compute engine

Nice course, more explanation would be better very good course for those who are interested in GCP and basic operations on GCP Compute Engine Good review of the services and practical labs to bake in the knowledge.

This course shows all the available features of services such as Compute Engine, Networking in the Cloud (Networks, Subnets, Firewalls, Routes) , Load Balancers and Backend services.

The course is must for understanding various benefits Google Compute Engine provides over on-prem solutions and how to manage different VM instances.

Very good and comprehensive course Ayuda a entender las opciones para configurar máquinas virtuales en compute engine, estimación de costos y algunas acciones de administración.

I am strongly recommending this to whole of my dev community and making sure my teams are doing this V Good Bastion host was a little hard Muy práctico y fácil de entender Great learning experience Great but lab a bit tricky This course only contains basic of Compute Engine.

I have experience with compute engine over 1 year, this course still very easy for me.

Great introductory course Excellent course to understand the basics of compute engine various options available and impact on cost due to various choices.

Great way to get familiar with the way of working of Google's Networking and Compute Engine Services Only I wished if the video quality of practical labs can improve.. its literally paining my eyes throughout the course.

Learnt a lot on compute engines, networking, storage/maintenance One of the best course attended on Coursera so far.. core to fundamentals.

Thanks a lot great Good course for a beginner looking to master on GCP Compute Engine.

Mantappu jiwa Simple and clear explanation of VPC and Compute Engine service This is a really good one.

vibe Very Satisfied, Learned Many new things good Amazing Compute Engine에 대해서 자세한 설명 덕분에 GCP 개념에 대해서 더 친숙해질 수 있었던 강좌였습니다.

Excellent as always, very good training and support impressive course Awesome More better to exprerience Awsome Awesome course to review in deep the compute engine options for virtual machines, networking, firewall rules.

It give me more detail about compute engine Nice Foundations for the platform Fantastic Training!

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virtual machines

good course Very good This was a really great course and learned a great deal about creating virtual machines instances and working with them.

Excelent course to learn core concepts in Google Cloud such as Virtual Machines, Storage and more.

It covered a deploying a virtual machines and bastion host.Knowing about network policies and firewall rules ... Great.

good usefull good awesome a good platform to do most of the different different things in a single place Nice Course from week 2 i learned so many things aout virtual machines and VM instances.

infrastructure was explained in detail good Overall a good overview of Virtual Network and VMs on GCP A very good course for understanding networking and virtual machines for beginners.

This course gave me the basic skills of creating and configuring Virtual Machines and a Virtual Network also introduced me to the GCP Cloud Shell console.

Excelente Curso good experience A great course, it was wonderful being able to configure and manipulate virtual machines Es un curso bastante completo para iniciarse en el mundo de la nube, creando una infraestructura casi completa en los laboratorios que habilitan Google para aprender mejor It was nice and smooth.

habia problemas con un laboratorio "Creating Virtual Machines v1.5" nos e refrescaba el COURSERA The only problem is the test 2 failed creating windows vm: Great!!!

Labs provided are really good cool stuff way too basic Thanks Thank you, The best experience Very good course It is good course Excellent Course which provides insight into Virtual Machines and VPC's It was great GREAT great base for someone who hasn't had any experience with cloud infrastructure before Good Very good learning experience!

great course and great start to learn more about google cloud serviceshelped me better understand networking aspects with in gcloudsetting up of virtual machineshow to restrict vm from internet accessset up of bastion hostdisks, set up of persistent disks It's the in the online course h Good intro, covered key topics and provided good, detailed info.

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step by step

Itwasagoodoverview Excellent step by step input with respect to CGP Foundation A great into the basics of GCP, if you have any kind of sys-admin or DevOps background you should find all the concepts fairly easy to pick up and quite familiar.

I folled this step by step but, when I have to use the command "terraform apply" even if the file was exactly how its explain in the Demo's Lab, I had an error with this json section: resource "google_compute_network" "mynetwork" { name = "mynetwork" auto_create_subnetworks = true } The error was an invalid JSON input, I aready send an email with this error, in January 3rd, but I don't have anwser yet.Even with that error, I recomended this Lab: I have so much fun with the videos and the others Labs great Nice Course, but could be better by showing VM Migration, Start-Up Scripts with VM boot and Application Upgrade Example on VM with BLUE/GREEN or Zero Downtime Approach.Thanks for all the wonderful knowledge.

Excellent Cool Thank you Excellent coverage of basic concept and step by step labs to execute the commands and really understand the concepts in details.

Excellent course to start with, step by step videos with handson lab.

good Excellent Course good and interesting This Course is structured and easy to understand step by step.

A Step By Step learning experience.

The thing I liked most is the structure of the labs: they allow you to understand the platform step by step as well as encouraging to play with it by giving extra time (they all can be restarted, I know, but there it is as a default option).

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easy to follow

Well structured and great explanation of concepts gained overall understanding of the different options and how they fit together easy to follow and good instructions overall captivating, very good pace!

nice Quick and easy to follow, and the multiple attempts for the labs assist in reinforcing knowledge of the course taker.

But overall, the material is well presented and easy to follow.

Good course and easy to follow thanks some of the labs didn't work well excellent labs, inforamation.

Fast, hands-on lessons, with easy to follow instructions!

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minecraft server

An the last lab, "Minecraft server" loses focus of the concepts of GCP a little bit.

I really liked the labs Very complete introduction about GCP network and VM SuperB, especially minecraft server.

Very Good Organization of Video Lectures and Hands On sessions Good to see a real world example in the lab with so many elements coming together to deploy a minecraft server instance.

Very Engaging and Fun Great Completely Awesome Some of the quick labs were too short and didn't feel very satisfactory but everything came together in the minecraft server set-up.

Real minecraft server deployment was pretty nifty.

I would love to have the slides vs downloading the whole video Good Content with respect to Core Foundation Services great course lovely and informative course I like the lab that exam, how to create a minecraft server.

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so much

The video are oddly chopped up and I feel like there is so much more to be taught.

Course was awesome and interesting... i have learned so much..

Thanks so much.

Thank You so much.

Again, I like it so much !

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real world

I found the real world-ish examples to be very usefull.

Good Excellent Excellent course Great Course, ideally, i would suggest this as starting point for completing this specialisation (Architecting with GCP) as it goes deeper into each concept very well and labs and examples are so well documented and explained that you truly get feel of setting it up in real world.

Labs are very useful in understanding the concepts from real world examples t There are some subtitles not match the video.

There are no tips and tricks or real world examples topics when explaining something.

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core infrastructure

However, comparing to the Course 1 ( GCP fundamentals:Core Infrastructure), it seems this course is still in a development stage because there are still quite a few improvements needed.

loved it Much like the GCP Foundation: Core Infrastructure course, slightly more advanced, this course gave a good overview and opportunity to touch and feel GCP.

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really enjoyed

I really enjoyed the labs in this class.

I really enjoyed this course and the content was very helpful.

I really enjoyed this course.

Kept engaged through the short sessions... would appreciate a bit of more Windows based examples... Great introduction and I really enjoyed the hands on labs!

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Designer at Google $77k

Curriculum Developer, Google Cloud $102k

Head of Scaled Engineering Support, Google Cloud $108k

Head of Alliance Partnerships, Google Cloud Go-to-Market Partnerships $132k

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Rating 4.6 based on 1,048 ratings
Length 3 weeks
Effort 2 weeks of study, 3-5 hours/week
Starts Jul 3 (34 weeks ago)
Cost $49
From Google Cloud via Coursera
Instructor Google Cloud Training
Download Videos On all desktop and mobile devices
Language English
Subjects Programming IT & Networking
Tags Computer Science Computer Security And Networks Cloud Computing Information Technology

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