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Cisco CCENT / ICND1 (100-105) + Bonus

The Complete Course

This course will take the student from A to Z to prepare and pass Cisco's newest CCENT or ICND1 (100-105) certification exam.

It was produced in a simplistic, easy to comprehend manner in order to maximize the students ability to digest, implement and execute the topics; not only in a test environment, but also in real world scenarios.

Please note that the CCENT certification is the first certification needed to advance to other certification within Cisco's CCNA track.

This means that students need to pass the CCENT to continue any other CCNA certification within Cisco. Unless the student is taking Cisco's composite exam.

Please read the "Course Goals" and "Basics" outlined herein, to understand what you should expect of this course and what you are expected to do and have before beginning this course.


I hope that this course meets and exceeds your expectation as a Network student and/or IT Professional.

~ Laz

It is the students responsibility to have these to practice with. The Cisco Packet Tracer & VIRAL (Virtual Internet Routing Lab) are Cisco proprietary software and can only be obtained through Cisco. But students have more options that those. They can create their own lab with real equipment, get BOSON or GNS3. It is up to each student to obtain the simulator/emulator of their choice to study along with this course.

P.S.: Wondering which book(s) I've used for this course?

  • Cisco Press Book for the Diaz called "The Only IP Book You Will Ever Need.
  • All these books can be found on AMAZON

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    Rating 4.2 based on 509 ratings
    Length 14 total hours
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $9
    From Udemy
    Instructor Lazaro Diaz
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    Language English
    Subjects IT & Networking
    Tags IT & Software IT Certification

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    What people are saying

    According to other learners, here's what you need to know

    easy to understand in 19 reviews

    He is organized, knowledgeable and easy to understand and follow along.

    thanx, Laz :) Course is great, instructor explains the material in a very clear and easy to understand manner.

    A very well-informed instructor, easy to understand and topics explained very well.

    Easy to understand, keeps up attention.

    Very comprehensive and easy to understand.

    Very easy to understand.

    The material is easy to understand once the book is read.

    Easy to understand and follow along.

    He is very knowledgeable of the content and takes complicated topics and makes them easy to understand.

    The principle of the course is ok, but the accent is hard Great Instructor Laz explains both in laymen's terms and in tech, easy to understand Laz is a great teacher.

    The information presented is great, and the way that information is relayed is decently easy to understand.

    He's engaging and enthusiastic and obviously knows what he's talking about, and he presents complex material in a way that's easy to understand.

    Just the Overview of the course layout was easy to understand and explained very thoroughly.

    He is very easy to understand Well structured, I like when Laz uses packet tracer to illustrate examples.

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    teaching style in 12 reviews

    Laz is the man Love Laz's teaching style, looks like he lifts too Laz is a passionate teacher that communicates well.

    yes it is good match for me I'm not sure yet Not the average teacher but leave out all unnecessary information and give all the good stuff Good match, effective casual teaching style I love his particular style of teaching keeps me intrigued even more than I already was coming into the course.

    Laz is very energetic and his teaching style kept me focused.

    I recommend getting videos on the same material from a few different vendors to see the same subjects from different perspectives and different teaching styles.

    Also the experience possessed by Laz play a key role on his teaching style.

    Love his teaching style and makes the material way more interesting then any other teacher for CCNA.

    Training is great and the Professor teaching style is awesome!

    Very simple teaching style & highly knowledgeable Excellent instructor !

    Recommended 100% This course uses the same teaching style that I like to use in my classes.

    Super awesome, I like this guys teaching style.

    Do not like teaching style/presentation of material.

    Read more

    recommend this course in 8 reviews

    I was able to pass my CCENT exam from this course and of course practice on my end, but 110% recommend this course.

    I would recommend this course for those who want to start a career in computer networking.

    I highly recommend this course to help bring it all together.

    Highly recommend this course over any other Laz needs to move over a give the students a clue to take a screen shot.

    I recommend this course to everyone.

    I cannot recommend this course, especially where the content is far too undetailed and lean, includes no labs to work on, and not a lot in terms of test questions (and the ones there are mostly rips from the Wendell book, you may as well just buy that for $30.)

    I definitely recommend this course.

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    packet tracer in 11 reviews

    Also, he provides packet tracer labs through a drop box portal and a few within the course, however I found that some of the labs he used were no where to be found.

    I particularly liked that he used packet tracer for his labs.

    Ideally it would be good to have the packet tracer as part of the course to configre scenarios after the section.

    I have been trying to follow on packet tracer but have to 30 minutes trying to get the lab to work.

    reason Detailing a bit more clearly about using packet tracer could have saved me a lot of time.

    Now I use packet tracer and its a whole lot easier because its the same thing as Laz uses.

    Not having the configs for the packet tracer setup really makes it hard to keep up a good pace of learning.

    I enjoy how he uses packet tracer for labs, but the explanations can be a little vague at times.

    There's no packet tracer power point to download and study.

    Lazaro skips over many topics, barely goes into details on others and sometimes explains something quickly and then rushes into doing a bunch of crap in packet tracer.

    In other words after each hands on section demonstrate a lab using Packet Tracer.

    Read more

    very informative in 11 reviews

    It was very informative alot of content Great course well explained Laz does a great job of laying everything out Prof Laz!!!!!

    So far I like what I am learning Dennis Future CCNA It has been a great course so far very informative I have been trying to get these certs for a long time it is hard to balance work family and learning but this helps Just finished up I think the course will help me pass the CCENT Very good material.

    Very informative with a great teacher.

    Very informative, but not so much in an easily digestible way.

    very informative and structured study type Presents material in a great way.

    Very informative with a charismatic instructor.

    Laz is a very informative lecturer and has set up his course to teach an audience of different learning capabilities.

    Excelente contenido y explicacion Great presentation Very informative and easy to understand knowledge of the instructor He does a great job explaining everything The content seems very rushed Good lectures Pretty well explained .

    looks very informative so far and instructor seems to be engaged Amaizing course Mistakes should be corrected prior to posting entertaining, comprehensive The lesson is right on point.

    Instructor simplifies the lessons Very informative!!!

    Read more

    far so good in 7 reviews

    So far so good.

    So far so good nothing has been taught yet.

    So far so good his explanations are always on point.

    so far so good .

    Prep for the CCENT so far so good.

    Read more

    need to know in 6 reviews

    He is precise in his diagrams and provides you what you need to know on the exam.

    Sometimes his explanations can be confusing and he goes in different directions talking about something for 5 min then says you do not need to know for the exam or even this certification.

    He is able to differentiate the information you need to know and the cruft they that isn't really necessary but good to know.

    only need to know basics Do yourself a favor and spend the money on Chris Bryants course its more concise, the concepts are taught more clearly and its just overall a better value.

    Got my attention from the start and learning everything I need to know.

    Read more

    follow along with in 5 reviews

    Abstract explanations, documentation missing, lab files are not included, instructor does not create the labs on video so you're lost trying to follow along with what he's doing.

    I would recommend sharing the labs in a .ZIP format so that the students can follow along with his actual lab.

    This makes it very difficult to follow along with him.

    Hard to follow along with the books that are mentioned at the beginning.

    Read more

    cisco press in 8 reviews

    This course has just about everything that is in the Cisco Press 100-105 Official Cert Guide book.

    In my book from Cisco Press, it states that you should go back over your chapters and online materials until you become an expert of that chapter.

    I just crossed the half way mark of this course, and I'm using this as a supplement to the Cisco Press book.

    I passed my ICND 1 last week by using a combination of these videos and the Cisco press book.

    But if you're going through the official Cisco Press cert guide, his videos are great "chapter summaries", helping to lock in and understand what you've read.

    goes really well in between the Cisco press books.

    Material has been on track and helps reinforce the concepts in the books (Cisco Press) Excellent!

    Laz Definitely goes with the Cisco press book.

    Read more

    talking about in 7 reviews

    He is talking about this material like I already know it.

    I thought he was going to explain protocols before talking about it.

    As a beginner, I understand very little of what he is talking about I love this course so far and how Lazaro breaks the information down so that you have a better understanding of the material.

    Laz explains and understand every part of the course You don't need to read about what you will be talking about.

    point to point easy to learn He sounds very knowledgeable on what he is talking about.

    Read more

    looking forward in 6 reviews

    looking forward to the rest of the courses Laz takes great time to express things/elaborate even providing ways to memorize things/standards.

    Great teacher, not boring, looking forward to more lessons.

    I am looking forward to some hands on labs Assumes a certain level of knowledge that not all learners will have.

    Looking forward to starting this course after being certified in 2005.

    Other than that I'm looking forward to completing the course!

    Read more

    real world in 5 reviews

    Good to get insight on real world scenarios rather than just the exam material.

    Laz makes the subjects easier to understand and goes beyond just what Cisco wants you to know for the ICD1 exam to give the subjects better context in the real world.

    Laz helps to keep the information relatable to what you typically see in the real world and what is on the books.

    This course is designed to make us very understand and familiar with Cisco real world .

    Read more


    An overview of related careers and their average salaries in the US. Bars indicate income percentile.

    Certification Specialist Contractor $57k

    Certification Specialist 1 $59k

    Certification Analyst 2 $66k

    Certification $72k

    Various positions within the company $77k

    Various Positions within Service Organization $77k

    Certification Registrar $78k

    Structures/Certification Engineer $81k

    Auction Certification Specialist $82k

    Various positions within F&C and IT $88k

    Electrical Engineer/Certification $88k

    Product Development/Certification $91k

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    Your opinion matters. Tell us what you think.


    Rating 4.2 based on 509 ratings
    Length 14 total hours
    Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
    Cost $9
    From Udemy
    Instructor Lazaro Diaz
    Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
    Language English
    Subjects IT & Networking
    Tags IT & Software IT Certification

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