A Global History of Architecture

How do we understand architecture? One way of answering this question is by looking through the lens of history, beginning with First Societies and extending to the 16th century. This course in architectural history is not intended as a linear narrative, but rather aims to provide a more global view, by focusing on different architectural "moments."

How did the introduction of iron in the ninth century BCE impact regional politics and the development of architecture? How did new religious formations, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, produce new architectural understandings? What were the architectural consequences of the changing political landscape in northern Italy in the 14th century? How did rock-cut architecture move across space and time from West Asia to India to Africa? How did the emergence of corn impact the rise of religious and temple construction in Mexico?

Each lecture analyzes a particular architectural transformation arising from a dynamic cultural situation. Material covered in lectures will be supplemented by readings from the textbook A Global History of Architecture.

Join us on a journey around the globe and learn how architecture has developed and interacted with the world’s culture, religion, and history.

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Institution Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Instructor Mark Jarzombek
Length 12 weeks
Effort 6 hours per week
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Subjects History Architecture
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history of architecture

...it was almost all about anthropology and the history of early migration and culture.

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highly recommend

...I highly recommend this one if you want a well rounded background.Highly recommend this course…

I highly recommend it to everybody interested in the topic!

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