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MERN Stack Front To Back

Welcome to "MERN Stack Front To Back". In this course we will build an in depth full stack social network application using Node.js, Express, React, Redux and MongoDB along with ES6+. We will start with a blank text editor and end with a deployed full stack application. This course includes...

  • Building an extensive backend API with Node.js & Express

  • Protecting routes/endpoints with JWT (JSON Web Tokens)

  • Extensive API testing with Postman

  • Integrating React with our backend in an elegant way, creating a great workflow

  • Building our frontend to work with the API

  • Using Redux for app state management

  • Creating reducers and actions for our resources

  • Creating many container components that integrate with Redux

  • Testing with the Redux Chrome extension

Creating a build script, securing our keys and deploy to Heroku using Git

UPDATE: The entire course was updated to use React Hooks, Async/Await and better overall code.

This is NOT an "Intro to React" or "Intro to Node" course. It is a practical hands on course for building an app using the incredible MERN stack. I do try and explain everything as I go so it is possible to follow without React/Node experience but it is recommended that you know at least the basics first.

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Rating 4.7 based on 982 ratings
Length 12 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $15
From Udemy
Instructor Brad Traversy
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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What people are saying

easy to follow

It was very easy to follow except in the last two sections the file names and structures changed.

It would be good to have a little bit of React/Node going in but Brad's style makes it easy to follow along with just the basics!!

His tutorials are very easy to follow, well-organized and concise with hands-on coding experience.

It's easy to follow as Brad did a very clear job.

I'm coming from a rails/vue background, never having written code in React or Node, and this is easy to follow along with.

Very easy to follow.

Thank you Explained very simple and easy to follow.

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real world

I would find my self with errors and that gave me real world education.

If you understand how to code but don't know the MERN stack, the course takes you through creating a real world app.

Not only do you learn real world skills from this course on using current technologies which are being used by companies all over the world.

Seems like I keep finding ones that are very simple and not a real world example, where this one is much more practical.

Real world application Real tools and approach to app development, for example how do we create backend, how do we testing After fully created backend it is easy to start frontend development Almost everything is clear, minimal googling required I'll definitely save pieces from this course to use like templates or ready pieces for my further apps: for example backend authorization and authentication part, and frontend as well Great teacher!

This was a really great, comprehensive course that allowed me to grow my understanding of MERN stack development in a way thats applicable to the real world.

Learned some great real world processes from setup to deployment.

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so far so

So far so good!

so far so good ;) Learning a lot about adding a login page to my own app.

cool An excellent course for intermediate users in the MERN stack for sharp your skills so far so good.

I like what I’ve have seen so far So far its been easy to follow and understand.

So far so good i am excited and looking forward to lean some cool technology :) God and informative Brad is the best web development teacher.

teamwork mentality Very nice pace and clear So far so good!

But if u have some basic js and react knowledge, this course will definitely take u to the next level :) Content and instruction is ver clear and expectations are being set initially So far so good This course is in-depth and advanced, but Brad makes it easy to understand.

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his youtube channel

Very, very happy with this course This is great course but you should go through Crash course on his youtube channel.

Brad has many other tutorials on his YouTube channel.

I bought all his courses and have followed his Youtube channel for over a year and he never let me down.

I love Brad, Been watching his youtube channel for a while and im more than pleased with this course on your platform.

All of his courses along with his YouTube channel have provided me and no doubt countless others with a solid education in Web Development.

He gives a very nice high-level overview from the start, and his YouTube channel has provided many answers sought.

Excellent Udemy courses worth paying for, and also check out his YouTube channel "Traversy Media".

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front end

This is much better than other nodejs course that only uses template engines as the front end solution.

It gives a good real life example of how you can combine the front end with nodeJS/mongo.

My goal was to learn how to make a full application using node.js in the backend and react on the front end and I achieved it with this course.

Then the front end is of course React.

Brad does the entire backend programming first before moving onto the front end.

For example at the end of the course I ran into a bug with the comments front end and I realized it's because of a mistake I made when we set up the back end for that component near the beginning of the course.

I think if it was taught one component at a time then the repetition would build a better understanding of how to do it from back to front end.

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real life

I liked this course mainly because we built something real and practical .. Also, I appreciate the Brad is real during the course as he doesn't cut out any little mistakes he's made so it shows us that even experienced professional programmers can make mistakes and that's really just real life and keeping it real I guess Muy buen curso, explicaciones detalladas, el autor es un experto en la materia y el material está actualizado hasta llevarnos al depilo y final en heroku.

Examples and projects are real life size applications so it is worth your time.

I highly suggest you to take this course if want to learn real life full stack web applications.

If you want this kind of real life web application just GO FOR THIS COURSE !!!

Awesome, best teacher ever, explains very well, and you learn how to code in real life, amazing, best course i ever did, worths all my money, please give us more tutorials, we need you Awesome to-the-point course!

Learning a lot of real life applicable concepts.

Awesome as always Looks a really complete course with a lot of real life situations Precise, clear, professional!

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Rating 4.7 based on 982 ratings
Length 12 total hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $15
From Udemy
Instructor Brad Traversy
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Web Development Development

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