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The Complete Guide to League of Legends

League of Legends is the most popular video game since 2012 with over 100 million monthly active players and the biggest eSports scene across the globe with over 100 million viewers. Over the years, professional players have figured out the complexity of the game, making it one of the hardest games to learn and master. As League of Legends players, we all have gone through the same struggles of learning the game mechanics, roles, meta, and individual champions. However, NicoThePico is here to help.

Nicholas "NicoThePico" Korsgård has been an EU LCS head coach for teams such as Origen, Fnatic, and Ninjas in Pyjamas. In addition, Nico also has assisting coaching roles for teams like Banditos (now Misfits), and prior to that played as the Jungler for Enigma eSports. Currently, Nico is the top-rated coach on GamerSensei where he has coached over 100 people with 100% of them improving their ranks in no time. On a personal level, Nico has achieved challenger tier on 3 different roles respectively. As a player and coach, Nico will be able to show you perspectives of League of Legends that you may not have noticed or ever thought of.

NicoThePico’s League of Legends course will feature the 3 most important aspects of the game.

  • Learning Your Roles
    • Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support
    • Early Laning Phase
    • Mid – Late Game
  • Game Mechanics
    • Creep Score (CS)
    • Wave Management
    • Roaming
    • Team Fights
    • Time Management
    • Apply Pressure
    • Vision Control
  • Improving Your Rank
    • Psychology of the Game
    • Guides from Bronze – Challenger

Outside of the 3 most important aspects of the game, Nico will also go over the Rift, talking about the objectives of the game that include:

  • Top / Bot Jungle Camps
  • Rift Herald
  • 5 Different Types of Dragon
  • Baron

As an added bonus to Nico’s course, you will get a bonus lesson on how to use the Replay Tool on League of Legends. From a coaching standpoint, Nico believes the Replay Tool is extremely important in analyzing your own and others' gameplay in order to fix your mistakes.

Lastly, Nico has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics & Leadership, with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship & Business Management. This played a crucial part in Nico’s success breaking into the eSports scene. Toward the end of this course, Nico will share his secrets and tips on how you can stand out & break into the competitive eSports scene.

Please enjoy Nico’s course and hopefully you too can level-up your game.

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Rating 4.0 based on 244 ratings
Length 3.5 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $18
From Udemy
Instructors LVLUP Dojo, Nicholas "NicoThePico" Korsgård
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Lifestyle Gaming

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What people are saying

According to other learners, here's what you need to know

so far in 43 reviews

So many new things to consider and to do that I never knew, looking forward to applying them in game and see how it can affect my win rate, would love a course for each type of champs in all lanes to understand what different ways I can play with my mains, gj so far.

Overall I feel I have gained quite a bit of game knowledge so far.

So far it's very "101," hoping it ramps up Quite basic start yet for those that don't know the basics this is very good.

Excellent content so far for this newbies (levels 14 and 22).

So far just basic concepts.

So im still waiting for the more in depth parts to kick in Topics so far seem to be fairly common knowledge for experienced players, but I believe some of the upcoming topics will be really valuable.

So far so good, learning small new things and can't wait for the even more advanced stuff to come It was amazing to know what properties each roles had in the game I could also use Yt instead.

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league of legends in 16 reviews

I learned so much, so many things I didn't even know was in league of legends!

Los conceptos que explica son muy básicos, pero a la hora de la verdad aquellos fundamentals es lo que hacen que uno mejore en League of Legends.

Je m'attendais à plus d'entraînements , d'exercices proposés au lieu de parler que du théorique et des enjeux :( I expected more training routines , not only theorycrafting :( i expected an updated course of league of legends this course is outdated it explains the game in season 7 now we are at season 9 already many things have changed .

Haven’t completed it yet but it’s pretty good for new players Great in-depth knowledge so far that I did not know the times I was playing League of Legends.

I got this course being fairly new to League of Legends and I was really struggling, but not only did this course hold my hand through the basics, it also taught me how to be better at the game when it comes down to the more advanced subjects.

I love league of legends, and this is great help so far what I was looking for!

A realy usefull guide to get better at League of Legends!

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already know in 7 reviews

It was a really fun course, I already know most of the in-game info, but the rules, the notes and everything else was really helpful.

the sound isn't clear and its hard to understand (in the beginning of the course) bruh i already know this stuff.

well put together and interesting, also very basic info so far, nothing a person who has played this game wouldn't already know Yes this course is great and has a lot of info.

For now no news So far these courses are thing that I already know.

Amazing So far it's not bad, some stuff I already know but it's not useless at all Great content, great early knowledge to learn.

First part is basic knowledge of the game I enjoy League of Legends and I am using this course to increase my skill So I may climb the ranked ladder Good content for really unexperienced players, not so good to people that already know a bunch of things about the game.

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for beginners in 6 reviews

Since the last chapter of the course was mainly for beginners with no knowledge of the game, I could see a lot of people being confused.

so far its beginner knowledge and i already have most of it but some useful points Its amazing so far the course is covering the basic stuff well Its fairly straightforward in presentation and seems to hit all of the necessary points Because it contains essential information on improving you LoL gameplay Good info for beginners and experienced players.

great good stuff for beginners Too easy for now Very helpful.

Maybe oriend for beginners but every info is really good.

gg too general This course truly is amazing.The content for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced players is invaluable!

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more advanced in 5 reviews

this is awesome i love it I’m learning from this course definitely something that I wanted to get from it Basic league knowledge you got after playing some days ~ nothing special, Defoe toy not worth its price I am a d3/d2 player and i haven't learn anything so far but I'm going to check out the more advanced videos shortly.

very generalized at the moment since im at the overview but hopefully it gets more specific Not too in depth So far this course has been a little too basic for me I believe it will get more advanced soon though.

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Rating 4.0 based on 244 ratings
Length 3.5 hours
Starts On Demand (Start anytime)
Cost $18
From Udemy
Instructors LVLUP Dojo, Nicholas "NicoThePico" Korsgård
Download Videos Only via the Udemy mobile app
Language English
Tags Lifestyle Gaming

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