Understand what our affiliate relationships mean to you and how they support our site

OpenCourser helps learners find online courses and MOOCs by cataloging and organizing data on thousands of high quality courses from top universities, schools, and independent instructors.

As you browse our courses, you may come across courses offered by providers who may compensate us. This may happen, for example, when you purchase access to a course or course subscription from, register for a membership with, or request information from a provider.

To make all of this happen, we use special links that record information that helps our affiliate partners know that you're visiting from OpenCourser. You may be able to limit how this information is collected by using ad blockers or by turning off cookies. However, if you find our resources useful, we ask that you exempt us from ad blockers.

Finally, you should know that with the exception of clearly labeled advertisements and sponsored content, we do not alter how we rank or organize the courses we list based on our affiliate relationships with course providers. Courses that appear in search, trending sections, and in recommendations appear sorted on a combination of relevance based on affiliate-agnostic factors such as a course's relevance to a set of search terms or popularity.

If you still have any questions about what this means, please see the FTC's page on this topic or email us at admin[at]opencourser.com.

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