Our Disclosure to You

OpenCourser is an affiliate of several of the e-learning / online course platforms whose courses we index.

What does this mean?

When you purchase a certificate for a course, enroll in a paid course, or sign up for a paid membership, we may be compensated by our affiliate partners. To better understand what our status as an affiliate means, please see this page on the FTC's website.

Does this impact me?

No. Our mission is to help learners like you find the best possible courses for you. That means we will not alter our search or browse results to improve the rank of courses belonging to affiliates over courses belonging to non-affiliates.

Note, however, that we may display "promoted" results that are clearly indicated as such. We may also display visual banner or text ads on our site.

Thank you

Our affiliate relationships help us keep OpenCourser running and lets us develop new features. Thanks again for supporting OpenCourser.