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What You Should Know Before Starting a MOOC or Online Course

If the idea of a course means sitting in on lectures, doing homework assignments, studying to pass exams and tests, and making the grade, then you might be missing out on the true power of the online course.

Choosing Just One: Which Online Course Should You Take?

With so many online courses available today, it can be overwhelming to find the most suitable one to take. We've gathered some helpful tips based on years of taking online courses you can use to narrow down your choices and take the best course for you.

Getting a University Degree from Coursera

Coursera's new "Degrees" programs aims to compete with on-campus offerings but at a fraction of the cost. We take a look at these programs and see how online learners might take advantage of them.

25 Free Online Programming Courses for Beginners - 2017

If you're just starting to learn programming, the number of resources to learn from can be overwhelming. In this post, we take a look at the best (and 100% free) online courses you can take to launch yourself beyond "hello world."

Getting More from Reviews

An update from the OpenCourser team about reading and writing reviews.

5 New Specializations that Teach You Future-Proof Skills

Statistics MOOCs and Online Courses that Will Make You a Data Guru

Numbers and data surround us, but how do individuals and companies use them to their advantage? This post looks at the field of statistics and how you might get a grasp on it through online courses.

70+ Free AP Online Courses & MOOCs for Advanced Placement Learners

Every year, a few million ambitious high school students sit for the AP exams. We look at why you might want to join these legions of test takers and how you can prep for AP exams through our comprehensive list of online AP courses.

Learner's Guide

New to online courses and MOOC's? We've covered all of the basics and then some about how you can get started taking them. You'll also find some helpful FAQ's in this guide as well.

Getting Started: A Guide to Online Courses for Students

Getting Started: A Guide to Online Courses for Professionals

Take These Award Winning MOOCs from MITx

Should You Pay for MOOCs and Online Courses?

We take a look at when it makes sense to pay for an online course and when you're better off going with a lower cost or free alternative.

Learn Corporate Finance from These Online Courses


Practice Taking the SAT with Khan Academy, Increase Your Scores

Getting Started with Web Development

Build Your Own Bootcamp & Break into Tech

Improve How You Learn and Study in Four Weeks